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Wiley - Sippin

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Wiley - Sippin

  • Deira City Centre - Night Novell
    "Trippin' on back from the last say summer Never tell a pack that I never stay runnin' Sippin' on facts, damn know I got stacks In the lab, takin' bitches straight for another cat Make shit when I never"
  • Dolce & Gabbana - RiFF RAFF
    "Seven butt-nakeds sippin' drank in my sauna (yeah) Only fuck with hoes who rock Dolce & Gabbana (where?) Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce-Dolce & Gabbana (oh) Only fuck with hoes who rock Dolce & Gabbana (yeap) Seven-seven"
  • Diamnonds Dancing - Drake & Future
    "I'm able to, uh The stage in my life where I'm Where I feel like I can conquer anything and everything (Metro Boomin want some more, nigga) Sippin' on Dom Pérignon for no reason Poppin' tags, upper"
  • Alrtight - Logic
    "Hold up Let me get my mind, let me get my mind right, yeah Let me get my mind, let me get my mind right You know everything is alright You know everything is al- Just ride with a mothafucka Keep it"
  • Lights - wifisfuneral
    "Bad yellow bitch Ride me just like Kawasaki Okay deuce up in my Faygo Red drop that kept me drowsy I just need a rack in the sack Throwing hundreds change the climate Okay I'm the weatherman Aye Flexing"
  • Sippin - Yung Lean
    "I'm sippin', over 100 degrees Posted with my boys, sippin' Hennessey I'm trippin' shawty down on her knee's Everything be okay I feelin' good in the breeze I get it lit man, you know we overseas Fly to"
  • I Got You (ft. Busta Rhymes) - Trippie Redd
    "Hahah, no cap I am the one One the 2 Haha Yeah! Fiedin’ for you love every damn day Put my love above Drive me insine A little Hennessy A lotta d’usse Baby, make a movie with me Blu-ray Could’ve saved"
  • Gucci Coochie - Die Antwoord
    "Yeah, I know, she's so hot right now But look out for that one She'll fuck up your whole life with that little Gucci coochie Ooh ah She grab the mic and go 'da da da da da dan' here I come She like"
  • DAZED & CONFUSED - Die Antwoord
    "Jissus, this is hard shit, aye Aye, let's go back... let's go to the Caribbean! Ah, my Ninja! I miss you, baby love, I'ma see you soon Fuck it, I've been so busy, spinning 'round in a whirlwind Can't"
  • We Have Candy - Die Antwoord
    "Come to the dark side, we have candy Yes, but do you have coffee? Sure we have coffee, how do you take it? Black, like my soul He likes his coffee black, like his soul He drinks it scorching hot, like"
  • Long Live A$AP - A$AP Rocky
    "I thought I'd probably die in prison, expensive taste in women Ain't had no pot to piss in, now my kitchen full of dishes Nose bloody from that sniffin', your heroin addiction Trigger finger itching fuck"
  • Mind Your Manners - Chiddy Bang
    "Bababababa there is no one like me th-th-there is no one like me, (Chiddy Bang) like meee ma-ma-manners take a second look and you'll see(we pretty much amazing there is no one like me x2 (mind your manners) And"
  • Rascal (Superstar) - Tinashe
    "All my bitches look like money in the bank When they see us They got nothing left to say Out the bottle Sippin’ on some Dom Perignon I look forward to the shit you’ll never know I'm a superstar, bitch I"
  • Nasty Girl - Notorious B.I.G.
    "The Biggie duets (Uh) Jazze Phizzle (phizzle phizzle) Jagged Edge Biggie Smalls Ladies and gentlemen... I go, on and on and on and Don't take them to the crib unless they bon'in Easy, call em"
    "o! Wiley man, I am still disappointed Aigh, one more dub then it’s back to business I am a real G and your dad’s a witness Boy’d your bro, then your sister begged it I told that little bitch Don’t ask"
  • Mai Tais - Train, Skylar Grey
    "i’ll be sippin mai tais looking back at my life remembering the highlights thinking how the times flies I’ll be watching sunsets and I won’t have one regret hard to see it at the moment but in the end"
  • Money 2 Fold - Bad Azz
    "(feat. Kurupt, Snoop Dogg) (Kurupt) Yo what's up? (Eh yo what's up Kurupt?) A nigga been so low that I can't come up Dippin' down the 101 blazin' smoke A trunk full of beat and a jar of the doe (Bad Azz) Kurupt,"
  • Bust It Open - Lil' Wil
    "bust dat, bus dat pu**y open then I tell her bring it back bust dat, bus dat pu**y open then I tell her bring it back bust dat, bus dat pu**y open bust dat, bus dat pu**y open bust dat, bus dat pu**y open then"
    "i didn’t look at this way but as I approach my birthday all you man are my youngest even of my youngest proud if you can’t do 10k for a suit I don’t wanna hear o chat about numbers you are my youngest all"
  • Sippin' - Tulisa
    "Sippin' Sippin' Sippin' all now Sippin' Sippin' Sippin'all day long ready, steady let me do this! coz we got the perfect sign"

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