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Wiley Can You Hear Me On The Bus

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Wiley Can You Hear Me On The Bus

    "i didn’t look at this way but as I approach my birthday all you man are my youngest even of my youngest proud if you can’t do 10k for a suit I don’t wanna hear o chat about numbers you are my youngest all"
  • Can You Hear Me (Ayayaya) ft. Skepta, JME & Ms D - Wiley
    "I was on a path to the limelight Now I'm on another one it's a night flight When they say I'm a star I say thank you It's all due to the scenes that I ran through So I keep flyin the flags for all people No"
  • 2 Far (ft. Wiley) - Dizzee Rascal
    "You really don't have to do this, why do people jus ask for things when they dont really want it they should jus shut up Uh uh uh uh (whaaat) uh uh (im your fitness instructor) uh uh uh uh (i jus wanna"
  • Bus - Bacon Brothers, The
    "Bacon Brothers, The Can't Complain Bus Written by kevin bacon "finally broke down and wrote a road song. or is it a love song to a prevost?" kb She comes from nashville, tennessee But she's not too"
  • Bus - Bacon Brothers
    "Written by Kevin Bacon "Finally broke down and wrote a road song. Or is it a love song to a Prevost?" KB She comes from Nashville, Tennessee But she's not too country, not too me She's got a Janis"
  • The Ballad Of Skip Wiley - Jimmy Buffett
    "He's a man on a mission Wild as a ricochet Picture if you can when the Everglades ran From the Gulf Coast to Biscayne Bay He's gonna give it back to the gators Lock the tourists up in theme parks and"
  • Animal (ft. Wiley) - Conor Maynard
    "Looking for a girl that was here but now she's gone, Felt so good even though she did me wrong, She knows what I want but she's bad for me, She gets what she wants when she's touching me, I shoulda known"
  • Wiley Diss Track - Lethal Bizzle
    "Its Lethal A Bizzle Biggest Boy On The Flows And I Got Dam Nigga Tryin A Copy My Flows And I Got Dam Nigga Tryin A Copy My Clothes And I Got Dam Nigga Tryin A B Like Me (Like Me) Ok Rite Now Youll See Hears"
  • Bus Bus - Amy Ray
    "Hey Baby my baby sweet baby I'm on the bus tour bus bunk I got my headphones on and I'm listening to Elliott rock rock rock rock Rock me to sleep I got the phone on vibrate in case you call me Rock me"
  • Get On The Bus - Destiny's Child
    "(feat. Timbaland) Uh uh Hey baby how you Why your face lookin' all sad and blue Don't you like the Navigator truck that I brought you Why you trying to act a fool Don't try to say you seen me talking"
  • Can You Hear Me - Enrique Iglesias
    "Can You Hear Me! I remember that I can still feel you Sometimes I'm blind but I see you You are here but so far away The times when you wanna.. Im missing you Makes me feel like I'm spinning Sometimes"
  • Can you hear me - Renaissance
    "Morning people take the news A paper window on a world They live on undisturbed Thoughts may fly like the lonely birds And lost behind the silent words Voices are unheard Put it down to city life Oh if"
  • Can You Hear Me - Opus
  • Can You Hear Me? - Mark Schultz
    "Down on my knees again tonight, hoping this prayer will turn out right. See, there is a boy that needs your help. I've done all that i can do myself. His mother is tired, I'm sure you can understand. Each"
  • Can You Hear Me - Richard Fleeshman
    "Everybody's talking, I can't speak a word, Underneath the widedoor, How can I be heard? Full of hesitation, Afraid to breath a note, Every whisper on my lips, Catches in my throat. Can you hear me?"
  • Can you hear me - Heaven 17
    "So you send them back And I began to cry But I can let you know That I will let you go You cover up your smile And I'm afraid to move This time I get it right I'll get somebody new You've got to sound"
  • Can You Hear Me? - Evermore
    "Can you hear me? Can you hear me? The first thing that I notice, the radio went dim I feel the pressure rising as the water's creeping in Rushing through the window in a flood of images Is this my imagination,"
  • Can You Hear Me - Korn
    "it walks whit me it takes its time it sinks its teeth in one at a time it loves to feed it loves my past it’s always taunting but somehow out of grasp can you hear me? cause I am lost and I may never"
  • Can You Hear Me - Korn
    "he walks with me it takes it’s time it seems to .. one on a time love to .. loves my past .. Can you hear me cause I am lost and I am will never come back again and when my heart keep rolling down I know"
  • Can You Hear Me? - Lil' Kim
    "(Kim) Can you hear me now? (Lil' Kim) All of a sudden, everybody wan' bang with us Don't they know them Gotti kids are dangerous? Come come now, y'all need to stop Niggaz better hold they head 'fore they"

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