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Wiley feat Skepta,Jime

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Wiley feat Skepta,Jime

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Wiley feat Skepta,Jime
  • Wiley Can You Hear Me (Ayayaya) ft. Skepta, JME & Ms D
    "I was on a path to the limelight Now I'm on another one it's a night flight When they say I'm a star I say thank you It's all due to the scenes that I ran through So I keep flyin the flags for all people No"
  • Wiley Reload (feat. Chip)
    "We’re gonna make the stars come out tonight So why don’t you reload reload re-reload the music Reload reload re-reload the music Just throw those hands up Show them you don’t care I want you to reload"
  • Headie One Back To Basics (feat. Skepta)
    "bring out the dots get back to basics if I get stopped it’s back to basic bad b lost out my waps and laces ting set good no, she can’t be basic feds ask questions I get evasive, that’s “ no comment” up"
    "i didn’t look at this way but as I approach my birthday all you man are my youngest even of my youngest proud if you can’t do 10k for a suit I don’t wanna hear o chat about numbers you are my youngest all"
  • Wiley Lights On (feat. Angel & Tinchy Stryder)
    "Even though you don’t know Even though you don’t know Even though you don’t know my name Me and you bleed exactly the same I smile and come across I’ll tame A hundred volts take your life ain’t no game I"
  • Lethal Bizzle Wiley Diss Track
    "Its Lethal A Bizzle Biggest Boy On The Flows And I Got Dam Nigga Tryin A Copy My Flows And I Got Dam Nigga Tryin A Copy My Clothes And I Got Dam Nigga Tryin A B Like Me (Like Me) Ok Rite Now Youll See Hears"
  • Conor Maynard Animal (ft. Wiley)
    "Looking for a girl that was here but now she's gone, Felt so good even though she did me wrong, She knows what I want but she's bad for me, She gets what she wants when she's touching me, I shoulda known"
  • Dizzee Rascal 2 Far (ft. Wiley)
    "You really don't have to do this, why do people jus ask for things when they dont really want it they should jus shut up Uh uh uh uh (whaaat) uh uh (im your fitness instructor) uh uh uh uh (i jus wanna"
  • Wiley Grim
    "(feat. JME & Ears) Grimb!, Grim! bell me grimble,.. grimble u find a choong girl u thinks it all blessed okay, shes got bumper and breats okay, I don't rush tings when it's buff tings but fuck it they're"
  • Wiley CAN‘T GO WRONG
    "My team's got a lot of dons And we're doing this ting, go check out the songs Man Don't Care, we shut down the park You can see us onstage like "what's going on?" BBK got a lot going on Skepta, that's"
  • Jimmy Buffett The Ballad Of Skip Wiley
    "He's a man on a mission Wild as a ricochet Picture if you can when the Everglades ran From the Gulf Coast to Biscayne Bay He's gonna give it back to the gators Lock the tourists up in theme parks and"
    "Zawsze bądź sobą dzieciaki Nie próbuj być taki jak ktoś Droga nie tędy Różnica pomiędzy nami Z każda sekundą się zwiększa Ty stoisz w dresie jak wieśniak Ja chodzę w dresie jak Skepta Ja chodzę w dresie"
  • Will Sparks Ah Yeah So What (Ft. Wiley & Elen Levon)
    "We skinny dip when the sun comes up Gonna play it hot cause I don't do love Gonna feast all night on the open bar and we talk crap so what? (a, yeah?) /3x humpin thumpin foot on the gas bumper to bumper"
  • Skepta Duppy
    "Wedddd wedddd wedddd doin it again wedddd we dddd wwe kkkk kickin it again it again x4skepta) I'm I'm I'm doin it again they tried to stop me but I'm doin it again skepta yeh I'm doin again boy better"
  • Taco Hemingway Pokédex (feat. Otsochodzi)
    "profesor oak, kiedy robię flex nie znam twoich ulubieńców, sprawdzę Pokedex myślę o snach, które mogę mieć myślę o snach, tak że odejdź precz profesor oak, kiedy robię flex nie znam twoich ulubieńców,"
  • Wiley Treddin on thin ice
    "Ill Be Treading on thin iceright about know Yo I can feel 'em gettin closer to me I heard they're searchin for me High and low they wanna know me now OK, I can feel me gettin closer to them I've got that"
  • Wiley Chasing The Art
    "Who ate all the pies? It was me, Wiley Top boy riddims, yeah, made by me But I didn't have any riddim in the tank though That's why man had to phone up G I sold vinyl, now I sell MP3s And along with them,"
  • Gorillaz How Far? (Ft. Tony Allen & Skepta)
    "yeah, wagan brother time to hustle for the money give the change to your mother change them sheets you got stains on the corner better look sharp now your face on the cover like a chameleon, see a change"
  • Eric Destler (feat. feat. Franka)
    "Napisy na ekranie"
  • Wiley Feat. Daniel Merriweather Cash In My Pocket
    "Won't waste my money No, i see a new path Making new money now i got a new laugh (ha) Music is playing me well, so i aint gunna be the one to find a new craft If it aint for you find a new path If you"

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