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Wiley sprays his bars! March

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Wiley sprays his bars! March

  • 100 Bars - Canibus
    "Yeah, that's the beat right there I'm about to black out with 100 bars On some professional shit So don't try this at home, yo, yo, yo, yo My style of rhymin' is ancient like Aztecs an' Mayans Because"
  • March - Jackopierce
    ""A daughter born the day they walked the moon Somewhere on the edge of the Age of Aquarius In the year her mother Would have otherwise forgotten July was very hot in North Carolina So she left for Buffalo"
  • 2 Far (ft. Wiley) - Dizzee Rascal
    "You really don't have to do this, why do people jus ask for things when they dont really want it they should jus shut up Uh uh uh uh (whaaat) uh uh (im your fitness instructor) uh uh uh uh (i jus wanna"
  • The Ballad Of Skip Wiley - Jimmy Buffett
    "He's a man on a mission Wild as a ricochet Picture if you can when the Everglades ran From the Gulf Coast to Biscayne Bay He's gonna give it back to the gators Lock the tourists up in theme parks and"
  • 200 Bars and running - The Game
    "What the fuck is all this noise? He from Cali he can't rap He ain't better than this nigga That's my favorite artist Fuck y'all hear the breakdown No detox I'm comfortable dog Like the solo Reeboks right"
  • 50 Bars - 50 Cent
    "50 bars of pleasure 50 bars of pain When I'm dead and gone niggaZ gonna remember my name 50 Yo black is flashy like Alpo gun happy like Pappy Sneaky muthafucka remind me of nigga that crack me He ain't"
  • 80 Bars - Wyclef Jean
    "80 bars, 80 scars Yo, engineer turn me up, yo I started off in the underground From mono to stereo, now I'm surround sound Blowing through your tubes, leaving holes through your speakers Cracking"
  • 60 bars - Miss Nana
    "Holt Miss Na... 60 Bars,Newarkilly,Questionmark,Souldiggaz listen Ladies Walk With Me, Kids Talk To Me, Fellas Its A New Beginning Part In Me. i Never Curse In A Verse,My Style Clean Im Not That Tall B-Ball"
  • 360 Bars - The Game
    "Hey, Skee, tell 'em I'm goin' away for a while (A Million) Motherfukka's wanna see me dead (A Million) Motherfukka's wanna see me in the fed's (A Million) Bitches wanna give"
  • Behind Bars - Slick Rick
    "(warren g) Check this out, this warren g, y'know what I'm saying Chilling wit my man slick rick, you know And we gonna give you all a little tale about this jail stuff You know, so rick, why don't you"
  • 120 Bars - The Game
    "Baby this is real shit my record sell slow I'm show you my dick Hit a breakdown No 400 bars yet, I don't need that I'm gas, your whole click is ass, I mean that G-Unot cocksucker, better believe that I"
  • Hot Bars - Murs & Slug
    "(Chorus: Slug and Murs) I spit hot bars, I spit on cop cars I spit game to the chicks that belong to rock stars I got the goods from uptown to Hollywood So what you don't like us? Your girl probably would... (Slug) Havin"
  • Chevy Bars - Wiz Khalifa
    "She always in the latest It gotta be something about her, I can't do no basic Need us annihilate then, that's just to keep it player Been getting money, don't be stupid, can't do me no favors I got this"
  • Cheeky Bars - ArrDee
    "Aa-ha, ArrDee, ArrDee, ha-ha-ha Ay, remember when Arrdee couldn't stay home? She wanna stay, I don't want no bae though 'Nuff gal, go low when I say so Why would I make you my main hoe? Hold up, my new"
  • 70 Bars - Lloyd Banks
    "The Name's Banks! The Boy Wonder Man Stack And A Rubber Band, Gat In The Other Hand These Lil Niggas Dont Move Me, Go Watch A Movie Im Too Smooth, White Prada Shoes With The Dooey I Spin Ya Fuckin Neck"
  • 94 Bars - Chris Young
    "It's young C youngest from State P All the thoroughbreds roll your la, la, la And all the girls wanna spend the night tonight Get right tonight, tonights the night Its Young G's thats Young Neef Thats"
  • March On - EMPYR
    "March on little soldiers March on little sinners Reaching for the end again March on little brothers March on little sisters Can you reach the light again And I broke my fingers one by one Just to see"
  • March On - Scapegoat
    "The country is FUCKED! Weve got a maniac running the lines, Writing the headlines, Keeping the fire burning Incessantly fanning the flames Flames of fear the end of the world is near Lets try and tax their"
  • Gloryland March - Kitty Wells
    "(Glory hallujah we are marching on as we sing this song and it won't be long The man of Galilee will set us everyone free so get in the gloryland march) There is an army that is marching onto victory"
  • March On - Running Wild
    "Out in the park where they gather in the dark It's a scaring atmosphere Wide open eyes which are following the sign It is soiled with blood and fear One by one they're casting the unholy spell A promise"

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