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Will Iam this is love

  • Estu ?iam - Persone
    "En mia kelo loas viroj sen via' Mi ilin vidas nur en la mallumo Sur la tuparo pasas homoj sen kura' Sen kura', sen kura' En koridoro jen spureto: vinbotel' Ili ne ordigis bone sian ambron Mi povus tute"
  • This Love Will Carry - Dougie MacLean
    "It's a thin line that leads us and keeps a man from shame And dark clouds quickly gather along the way he came There's fear out on the mountain and death out on the plain There's heartbreak and heart-ache"
  • This is love - George Harrison
    "Precious words drift away from their meaning And the sun melts the chill from our lives Helping us all to remember what we came here for This is love, this is la la la-la love This is love, this is la"
  • Is this love - Carly Simon
    "I wanna love you And treat you right I wanna love you Every day and every night Well be together with a roof Right over our head Well share the shelter of my single bed Well share the same room, God will"
  • Is This Love - Terra Skye
    "-part 1 Is this Love? Cause I don't feel the same today. Will it be enough to take away the pain? -part 2 Is this Love? Cuz something's pullin' at my heart. I've been alone so long I wouldn't know where"
  • This Is Love - Kelly Rowland
    "Can u describe the moment When two people fall in love Some say the clouds will spin in circles And the rain will turn to dust The poor will start to laugh Even the rich will start to cry It can sneak"
  • This Is Love - Banks Tony
    "Banks Tony Fugitive This Is Love Here am I, lost in a world behind me, All alone, just like before you found me. Now I stare out on the traffic in the city, Even in the dark, And the rain falls on my window"
  • This Is Love - Demy
    "Holding on to what we had Can be so completed Could be time to move along And face it, no more debating Watch the river running dry Now it’s time to say goodbye There’s an echo in my head There’s a story"
  • This Is Love - Regina Belle
    "I've seen your face before Somewhere, somehow, I know Of that I'm sure You turned and smiled at me And started something I, never thought would be I wish that you and I could meet again, someday I've"
  • This Is Love - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter) If you ever need to hear a voice in the middle of the night When it seems so black outside that you can't remember Light ever shone on you or the ones you love in this or another"
  • This Is Love - Paul Anka
    "Good morning, yesterday You wake up and time has slipped away And suddenly it's hard to find The memories you left behind Remember, do you remember? The laughter and the tears The shadows of misty yesteryears The"
  • This Will Be - Natalie Cole
    "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Oh, oh, Ooh, oh, oh, yeh Hm, Hm, hm, hm, hm This will be an everlasting love This will be the one I've waited for This will be the first time anyone has loved me Oh, oh, oh "
  • This will be - Nat King Cole
    "This will be an everlasting love This will be the one I've waited for This will be the first time anyone has loved me I'm so glad you found me in time And I'm so glad that you rectified my mind This will"
  • Love Will Tear Us Apart - Worm Is Green
    "( Joy Division Cover ) When the routine bites hard And ambitions are low And the resentment rides high But emotions won't grow And we're changing our ways Taking different roads Then love Love will tear"
  • If this is love - The Saturdays
    "Tell me baby in the night do you think of me?(When you open up your eyes am I there?)ARE YOU standing by my window when I'm asleep(Why you quiet when you know that I'm near?)You know I love youYou thought"
  • If This Is Love - Lynn Anderson
    "(If this is love the whole world is in trouble) I've been thinking quite a lot about you and I we don't get along no matter how we try Seems to me we're always fighting always hurtin' People say that this"
  • Where Is This Love - Sergio Mendes
    "Where is the love (Where is the love) Where is the love (Where is the love) Where is the love (Where is the love) Where is the love (Where is the love) Where is the love You said youd give to me Soon"
  • This Is For Love - Wolfsheim
    "'you've got to do it... do something right now... there's no time for waiting..." "anyhow!" "you've got to do it..." "everything went wrong... something has to happen..." "somewhat strong... it"
  • So This Is Love - Korn
    "So this is love.. First i give you all my love and now whats up So i'll tell you what it feels like this time I put my whole life and soul on the rocks Trying to get jealous is just another bad experience Fuck,"
  • Is This The Love - Masterboy
    "Is this the love I got to feel the music Is this the love -Watching you, watching me- Is this the love Came in this place, and saw your face I saw you dancing, dance to trance Your body's swing,"

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