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Will you be there

  • Will You Be There - Skillet
    "As I fall to sleep Will you comfort me When my heart is weak Will you rescue me Will you be there As I grow cold Will you be there when I'm falling down Will you be there When I'm in retreat"
  • Will You Be There - Blackhawk
    "(robert lange) I'm lying beside you just thinkin' 'bout us Too tired to go to sleep I'm too much in love I know I'm crazy but I can't close my eyes I'm scared you won't be there in the morning when I"
  • Will You Be There - Heart
    "I'm lying beside you, just thinking about us To tired to go to sleep, I'm too much in love I know I'm crazy, but I can't close my eyes I'm scared you won't be there, in the morning when I rise Will you"
  • You Will Be There - Guided By Voices
    "Let me tell you something I don't need you I don't have to have anything to do with you And if I could be real Do you think I would even try? And if the night would change Do you think that I would cry? And"
  • Will You Be There - Jackson 5
    "Hold me like the river Jordan and will then say to thee you are my friend carry me like you were my brother love me like a mother will you there instrumental ( Hmmmmmmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm"
  • Will You Be There - Michael Jackson
    "Hold Me Like The River Jordan And I Will Then Say To Thee You Are My Friend Carry Me Like You Are My Brother Love Me Like A Mother Will You Be There? Weary Tell Me Will You Hold Me When Wrong, Will You"
  • Will You Be There - Celebrate The Nun
    "I know when I think of you then Everything I feel You cannot describe is it wrong is it right but, I don't want to be alone I like your innocent smile way to reconcile I hope you won't take me for a ride Will"
  • You Will Be There - Jeremy Camp
    "I begin the day with the faith you fashion my ways, And I cannot escape for your hand it leads. Your right hand holds me. When I wake, you will be there. When the sun goes down in the night, You"
  • Will you be there - Cindy Morgan
    "I do not want to walk through Heaven's gatesand not see your faceAnd I do not want to dance beside the streamsWithout you with meOr See the angels fill the skyThe Heaven's sing and all creation criesHosanna,"
  • Will you still be there - Howard Jones
    "How many lives have been shaken Cos a few simple actions were not taken There will be a time, time for the next world Can't let the feelings be left unsaid Chorus Will you still be there when the night"
  • Will you be there (deutsche) - Michael Jackson
    "Halte mich Wie der Flu Jordan Und ich werde dann sagen Du bist mein Freund Trag mich Als ob du mein Bruder wrst Lieb mich wie eine Mutter Wirst du da sein? Wenn du mich trgst Sag mir wirst du mich halten?"
  • Who Will Be There? - Modern Talking
    "Who will be there Who will be there The rain is getting stronger, I listen to the rain And I can't wait no longer, oh please come back again If I could live forever, baby I will live with you If we can't"
  • I Will Be There - Skylark
    "whenever you feel all alone whenever you feel there is no reason to go on when there is doubt in your heart when there is no one in this world that you can find who will give you support in everything"
  • Who Will Be There? - Ziggy Marley
    "So I pop the question Who will be there Who will be there, hey could you tell me who Who will be there Who will be there We need each other more than we ever did or will We got to get together We got"
  • I Will Be There - Curt Smith
    "Holding rightly on to something you believe It's getting harder when we practice to deceive But you know when night falls I will be there I will be there I will be there to hold and guide you Dark is"
  • I will be there - Kyla
    "Whenever you feel all aloneWhenever you feel that there is no reason to go onWhen there is doubt in your heartWhen there is no one in this world you can findWho will give you support in everything you"
  • I Will Be There - Kiss
    "Each and every day People turn away Change the things they feel Change the things they say We can never know Where our lives will lead Wherever you go Whenever you need I will be there Wanna be there I"
  • I Will Be There - Rachel Stevens
    "Round and round we go Round and round again Then I got to thinking I want to be more than your friend Round and round we go Here we go again Can we be together I'm going to carch you if I can Is it okay"
  • I Will Be There - Bee Gees
    "This is the life you saved laid out before you Everything that I think I have been and what I am now Nothing can change the way I feel about you Better we go on our separate ways Nothing is left but the"
  • I Will Be There - Michelle Wright
    "Sometimes you worry about the future of your and my life And what the days may hold farther down the line But you can rest assured that things will be just fine Baby take a look at me CHORUS: I will"

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