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Willie Nelson Crazy

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Willie Nelson Crazy

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Willie Nelson Crazy
  • Clutch Willie Nelson
    "Blackjack booted demons Have surrounded my home Got dogs and 'copters and keep ringing my phone Well I don't know if I'm coming or going If it's them or me Oh, but one things for certain Willie"
  • Plus One Willie Nelson & All
    "America the beautiful Willie nelson and all O beautiful for spacious skies For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties Above thy fruited plain! America! america! God shed his grace on thee And"
  • B.B. King Night Life (With Willie Nelson)
    "When the evening sun goes down You're gonna find me hanging 'round The night life ain't no good life But it's my life Many people just like me Dreaming of old 'used to be' Night life ain't no good life But"
  • Cat Power Willie
    "Willie Deadwilder and Rebecca They knew that they loved one another Gonna have a real good time No more sad bad times It's all they've been waiting for Someone to knock at that door Willie was shot once"
  • Lee Ann Womack Mendocino County Line (Duet With Willie Nelson)
    "(Willie Nelson) Counted the stars on th 4th of July Wishing we were rockets bursting in the sky Talking about redemption and leaving things behind As the sun sank west of the Mendocino County Line (Lee"
  • Loretta Lynn Crazy
    "(Willie Nelson) Crazy crazy for feeling so lonely I'm crazy crazy for feeling so blue I knew you'd love me as long as you wanted And then some day you'd leave me for somebody new Worry why do I let myself"
  • Tanya Tucker Fire To Fire (Tanya Tucker With Willie Nelson)
    "{Sharon Rice/Bill Rice/Mike Lawler) There's no such thing as perfect strangers So I come to you the way I am If you call on me to sacrifice I won't promise that I can We're fire to fire Flame to flame Pure"
  • Ray Charles It Was A Very Good Year - Features Willie Nelson
    "When I was seventeen It was a very good year It was a very good year for small town girls And soft summer nights We'd hide from the lights On the village green When I was seventeen When I was twenty-one It"
  • Willie Nelson Crazy
    "I'm crazy crazy for feeling so lonely I'm crazy crazy for feeling so blue I know you'd love me as long as you wanted then someday leave me for somebody new (bridge) worry why do I let myself worry wondring"
  • Willie Nelson Sorry Willie
    "See her dancing see there Willie see how reckless she is She's a wild one as everyone knows Why what's wrong Willie why you're cryin' what have I done Sorry Willie I didn't know you didn't know And I wouldn't"
  • Willie Nelson Shotgun Willie
    "Shotgun Willie sits around in his underwear Bitin' on a bullet, pullin' out all of his hair Shotgun Willie has got all of his family there You can't make a record if you ain't got nothin' to say You can't"
  • Willie Nelson Country Willie
    "You called me Country Willie The night you walked away With the one who promised you a life of joy You thought my life too simple And your was much too gay To spend it living with a country boy I'm"
  • Willie Nelson Crazy Arms
    "Now blue ain't the world for the way that I feel And the storm's brewing in this heart of mine This ain't no crazy dream I know that it's real And you're someone else's love now you're not mine Crazy"
  • Adam Sandler Toll booth willie
    ""Welcome to Worchester. Dollar twenty-five please." "Hey, how ya doin' Toll Booth Willie?" "Good! Thanks fer askin, pop!" "Aww, that's great, you know, considering yer a fuckin' idiot!" "Go fuck"
  • Erick Right El Strip Club (Nelson Remix)
    ""... Look how she's movin, The way she dances the clubs under her spell, Knows what shes doing, She sees you fallin oh you goin to need some help... This girl right here is drivin me so crazy hardly is"
  • Willie Nelson Crazy Old Solider
    "I've had fame and fortune Women come knock on my door I've live to the limit maybe a little bit more There are so many stories of how I got out of control Some say it's a woman Some say it's my trouble"
  • Willie Nelson I'd Have To Be Crazy
    "I'd have to be crazy to stop all my singing and never play music again. You'd call me a fool if I put on a top hat and ran out to flag down the wind. I'd have to be weird to grow me a beard just to see"
  • Cliff Richard Willie & The Hand Jive
    "Way back when in fifty eight We had a move that move was great We could walk and stroll and susie q We could do that crazy hand jive too Remember a cat called way out willie A cool cat called rockin'"
  • Willie Nelson Be That As It May - Paula Nelson
    "Be That As It May Oh, oh it's cold outside And the hardest part Is I Can't take away the chill in the night And I've been pining on and on How everything is wrong As if to throw away everything I own And"
  • TC Matic Willie Willie
    "I couldn't touch his body I couldn't touch his mind He left a scarf on my right hand That I don't think I'll ever forget Oh Willie is on his own now Willie Willie is on his own now I'm not a good"

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