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Willy William ego

  • Goodbye (feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William) - Jason Derulo x David Guetta
    "time to say goodbye but don’t leave me alone just stay for the night (I need you I need you tonight) ohh it’s 3 in the morning when you want some you phone me one word in Espanola babe and I come and"
  • Englishman In New-York (ft. Tefa & Moox, Willy William) - Cris Cab
    "I don't take coffee I take tea my dear I like my toast done on one side And you can hear it in my accent when I talk I'm an Englishman in New York See me walking down Fifth Avenue A walking came here at"
  • Solo (feat. will.i.am & Lali) - Willy William
    "Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely I have nobody for my own Willy is French No estás a mi lado Te pienso y me sonrío El mundo da vueltas Malas y buenas, te quiero devuelta Si me dices otra vez Seré mejor que el que"
  • Willy - Joni Mitchell
    "Willy is my child, he is my father I would be his lady all my life He says he'd love to live with me But for an ancient injury That has not healed He said I feel once again Like I gave my heart too soon He"
  • William - Relient K
    "My life's been torn apart, stripped down and going nowhere. I don't know where to start, and where to go from there. It gets tough to follow you where I get scared. That I might take a spill me in faith."
  • Ego - God Machine
    "Ego is beast and ego is evil Ego is beast and ego is evil Ego is beast and ego is evil but ego knows best Ego is beast and ego is evil But ego knows best at least she says so I am one and I am all but"
  • Ego - Kelly Family
    "Stranger walking through the night I can't be seen 'cause I will fright You got it wrong I got it right Or else we get into a fight Well I know that I'm not fair 'Cause I want more and I don't care Come"
  • Ego - The Kelly Family
    "Stranger walking through the night I can't be seen 'cause I will fright You got it wrong I got it right Or else we get into a fight Well I know that I'm not fair 'Cause I want more and I don't care Come"
  • Ego - The Sounds
    "I've been dying to say this to youAnd I don't know what else to doI've seen your fucking attitudeWell I've been doing someone that you knowIt's not a secret to anymore'Cause I've seen you blowing around"
    "Ladies and gentlemen, Sekken Thaughtz on the beat (And you know how I feel) Big up to Lace Cadence Good lookin' out for this one, man I love hip-hop music, I just hate the ego The politics that follow"
  • Ego - Rafał Mroczek
    "dis moi qui est le plus beau quitte a davenir megalo viens donc chatouiller mon ego allez allez allez laisse moi enter dans ta matrice gouter a tes delices personne en peut m’en dissuader allez allez allez"
  • Ego - Beyonce
    "Hey baby how you doing? You know Im gonna cut right to the chase Some women were made But me, myself I like to think I was created For a special purpose You know, whats more special than you, you feel"
  • Ego - Boyz II Men
    "Hey man...you know sometimes you've got to Listen to your self or not listen to yourself That's how it is As you get a little older you start realizing things Realize it's your ego It's your ego that's"
  • Ego - Pride And Fall
    "Place yourself upon my throne Set all your frantic fears aside Feel the power, which in it sleeps It will fulfil your darkest dreams Theres no need for you to know Youll learn the satisfaction in no Every"
  • Ego - Mutabor
    "Endlich mal wieder so richtig verunsichert Was ist Schein, was Sein, was rede ich mir ein Was fr eine Welt hab ich mir da wieder zusammengebastelt Es gibt keine stehenden Bilder Ich verbinde Gegenstze"
  • Ego - Nieznani
    "Jak statek który nie chce przepłynąć na drugą stronę, nie słyszę co do mnie mówisz i tylko płonę, ze wściekłości która ogarnia mnie całego, myślę już tylko o moim porzuconym ego, o porzuconym ego-oooo"
  • Ego - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde All the time I try to reason with you But I just can't seem to make you understand Nothing seems to ever really get through Can't you feel emotions like any other man You"
  • Ego - Tove Styrke
    "I've been watching you as of lately Walking around like you're something to talk about Like you bought into your own hype It used to be just you and me baby Running around like we had it all figured out There's"
  • Ego - Darren Hayes
    "I have been contemplating Letting go of you ego Thought I'd let you know You're getting old It was so irritating saving face When I fell from grace Thought you'd won a race Without a trace But you stayed But"
  • Ego - Urban Dance Squad
    "I excel with high fidel, like an Amp, made by kenwood Droppin' bombs, wreck these comps Like only a man could Mc troll stay so small, flair go stare to the Metaphore-junkie I was funky from the day my"

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