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  • Dedicated to the Right Wingers - Ed O.G.
    "Aiyyo Florida, why ain't you more into the crime instead of sweatin rappers for the way they say a rhyme? I thought your state was straight, lots of girls and very sunny You're bein Bug-A-Boo's cause they"
  • L'union Fait La Force - TC Matic
    "On one side the left wingers On the other side the right wingers And everyone else in the middle Enjoy the game before it's too late Now is more important Than someday L'union fait la force Ici"
  • A lament to the best - Chumbawamba
    "Oh, where are you now George?Now that wingers have been laid to restAnd shirts have adverts across their breastAnd its all about whos the richestWhere are you now George?With those boots that laced up"
  • Blag, Steal and Borrow - Koopa
    "How much work does a man have to do To prove himself to someone like you? You're all a bunch of penny-pinchers! Thieving stitching petty wingers! You think you have all the powers The public listens to"
  • I'm Wrong, But You Ain't Right - Kid Rock
    "Breaking the silence Is the hardest thing in life Knowin' that you're wrong Feelin' like you can't go on I've been a victim So many times But I'm man enough to know when I'm wrong With the fresh cut mullets Back"
  • Weight - Company Flow
    "(Queen Heroin) Asides from gettin in you, the words will stain you Permanent like ink in epidermis, from tattoo artists to scar this, thought of partnership you may have fought for this position and status,"

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