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Wintersun Live Chat with Teemu

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Wintersun Live Chat with Teemu

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Wintersun Live Chat with Teemu
  • Insania The land of the wintersun
    "A long time ago in the night: Many men dressed in white, ready to fight, For their land and to be free. Driven by hatred and fear, and love to a land in despair, which they had to bear. Oh their hearts"
  • Dillinger Four Fired-Side Chat
    "Did you hear the latest one About the footprints on your back About how they lied About how they stole To keep each other in the black I really wonder when it all comes down Who will be dancing at the"
  • Eminem Back chat
    "Back when Cain was ableWay before the stableLighting struck right down from the skyA mother ship with fate said let's give it a tryConscience was relatedMan he was createdLady luck took him by surpriseA"
  • Booty Full I Wanna Chat
    "(Voice) Welcome, you've got a mail (Boy) Ha, haha, haha I wanna chat Ha, haha, haha I wanna chat with you (Girl) screen boy!!! I wanna chat with you (7 times) Chat, chat with you... (Girl) You wanna"
  • Closterkeller Chat
    "J'avais beau ouvrir mes mains Elle en voulait plus J'avais beau ouvrir mon corps Elle en voulait plus J'avais beau lui pardonner Toutes ses erreurs Un matin elle m'a piege Elle a pris mon corps Elle m'a"
  • Alain Bashung Chat
    "J'enfile des perles rebours Capitaine prend le nemo C'est pas uniquement un bruit qui court Souris dansez, notez greffier Le chat veut en finir en beaut Ballerina cache une ride Lzard premier degr Mona"
  • S.E.S. Ae In Chat Gi
    "SES put it down for this (yo) comin' out with the party hits (uh!) And 1999 the world is ours Let's get us stars heavy metal and wretchs and cons 99.9 check a me and you gonn wihl (you gonna wild) It's"
  • La Chat Ghetto Ballin
    "(Intro) Awe Yeah Hynotize motherfuckin' Minds in Here and we ghetto motherfuckin' ballin nigga you know what that means that means you might walk up in the projects in the south and see a 2,500 motherfuckin'"
  • La Chat Peanut Butter
    "(Verse 1) Mayn the pitty process always tryin to dynamack All the (?) chickens wishin they can be La' Chat Ain't no way that you can be me, I got thuggin' in my blood Cookin' pork chops and that rice,"
  • Queen Back Chat
    "(Deacon) Back Chat Back Chat You burn all my energy Back Chat Back Chat Critising all you see Back Chat Back Chat Analysing what I say And you always get your way Oh yeah see what you've done to me Back"
  • Vanessa Paradis Chat Ananas
    "Un ananas La a la nage Revient vers moi Dans l'orage Mon petit chat s'endort Ananas aux yeux d'or Un ananas Plein de courage Dans son sirop Flotte et nage Mon petit chat s'endort Ananas aux"
  • Claude Nougaro Le Chat
    "Chaque fois que j'ai affaire aux sourisJ'ai envie de donner ma langue au chatLes souris, vous l'savez, je les chrisJe les adore mais ds que j'avance lPat pat pat pat patatrasLa dernire en date qui m'ait"
  • Mc Vapour Simpsons chat
    "1,2 out to the sleepy sleepy crewIn springfield u'll find a family of marge bart lisa and maggieand in the front room on the seteeu'll find a father watchin t.vit's homer, the king of the showdrinking"
  • Wynonna Judd Live With Jesus
    "Seen a lot of trouble At my door I've never known a day when I ain't been poor But I'm gonna live With Jesus in the end Hard times Is all I see I've lost the ones That are dear to me But I'm gonna"
  • Humble Pie Live with me
    "In the midst of all my sorrow The one I love has left my side And for me there's no tomorrow No time for laughing If I could, I would have tried Live with me, yeah Baby, will you live with me Yeah, live"
  • Live Dance With You
    "sittin' on the beach the island king of love deep in fijian seas deep in some blissful dream where the goddess finally sleeps in the lap of her lover subdued in all her rage and I am aglow with the taste of"
  • Warren Barfield Live With Us
    "Lord of all You left Heaven Stepped into our broken world Holy child, our salvation All of God in a Mother's arms Jesus, Jesus, all our hope is Resting in Your gift of love Precious Savior, friend forever You"
  • Sugarland Live With Lonesome
    "Hear the train in the distance Such a lonely sound it makes When its gone there is silence you can hear the sound of my heart break See these arms, now they're empty Because they used to hold onto you I"
  • Massive Attack Live With Me
    "Written by Robert Del Naja, Neil Davidge and Terry Callier It don't matter Where you turn Gonna survive You live and learn I been thinking 'bout you babe By the light of dawn And midnight blue Day and"
  • Little Big Town Live With Lonesome
    "Hear the train in the distance Such a lonely sound it makes When it's gone there is silence You can hear the sound of my heart break See these arms, now they're empty 'Cause they used to hold on to you I"

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