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Wishbone Ash Lorelei


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Wishbone Ash Lorelei

  • Lorelei - Wishbone Ash
    "You shone out of the darkness The light in your eyes. I could not help myself I did not want to try. Like the singing of the Lorelei Your voice rang clear and true Mystery and danger was all I got from"
  • Wishbone - Clutch
    "For Thanksgiving we had 'tatas, succotash and rudebagas. Then came turkey from the oven. Broke the wishbone. Covenants were sealed and set. On the losing end of a wishbone, and I won't pretend not"
  • Wishbone - Stealers Wheel
    "(Rafferty/Egan) Kill a chicken, get it with a spike, You can cook it any way you like, Tell me now if you'd like a taste, On this old rooster nothing goes to waste. Wishbone, wish for anything you want, That"
  • Wishbone - Gerry Rafferty
    "Kill a chicken get it with a spike You can cook it anyway you like Tell me if you like the taste On this old rooster nothing goes to waste. I'll take the wings and you can have the breast Never mind the"
  • Wishbone - Dropbox
    "Ride out her open road Fell to the waste side Dinned on her dirt soul Ain't willing to pass it by Went down by the loads Told time by the moon and sun Hide'n out in my abode Said i'm the only one I'm"
  • Wishbone - Eleni Mandell
    "He's older than the hills, boys, winking the night away, Jack He's a punk, rat, cat guts, your tongue, my man your time is up No good, rotten, I told him get lost! For bragging 'bout the tricks that he"
  • Wishbone - Art Garfunkel
    "A wishbone was broken I'm left holding the smaller part With words left unspoken They rattle round in my empty heart Help me start to lay this burden down On the solid ground How many people hold the"
  • Wishbone - Architecture In Helsinki
    "Choke, choking on a wishbone in the firing line of lovers who will never slow down And I won't let you steer, comandeer the atmosphere, since you suggested running away (Romantic) Hit the redial, maybe"
  • Lorelei - Tom Tom Club
    "Lorelei Maybe you like a little melody It's not the words that move me Lorelei Lorelei Lorelei Maybe you like a lullaby Now I can't remember why Lorelei Lorelei Lorelei Intuation's leading us where I"
  • Lorelei - Lovin' Spoonful
    "Lorelei, come rest a while Ill give you rings and sympathy Comb your hair and paint your smile Stay a while with me Lorelei I have seen your face before Have you heard me call your name Drowning far from"
  • Lorelei - Styx
    "(Dennis DeYoung and James Young) When I think of Lorelei my head turns all around As gentle as a butterfly she moves without a sound I call her on the telephone, she says be there by eight Tonight's the"
  • Lorelei - The Pogues
    "(Philip Chevron) You told me tales of love and glory Same old sad songs, same old story The sirens sing no lullaby And no-one knows but Lorelei By castles out of fairytales Timbers shivered where once"
  • Lorelei - Pogues
    "You told me tales of love and glory Same old sad songs, same old story The sirens sing no lullaby And no-one knows but Lorelei By castles out of fairytales Timbers shivered where once there sailed The"
  • Lorelei - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Back in the days of knights in armor There once lived a lovely charmer Swimming in the Rhine Her figure was divine She had a yen for all the sailors Fishermen and gobs and whalers She had a most immoral"
  • Lorelei - Theatre of Tragedy
    "Frie dearest, was it loe soothfast or a faade; A serenade siren'd to lure - Zounds! not to court me? A mnad, yet the sweetest colleen - Certes didst thou me unveil meekly life pristine. Lorelei, A poet"
  • Lorelei - David Gray
    "At the Lorelei Sing it sweet for me tonight All my dreams to long tonight If only i could be the one Hold on tight I need ya son Wouldn't even fire the gun If only I could be Tie your heart and soul To"
  • Lorelei - Cocteau Twins
    "Get off the car Kick his chain, Kick his pride Get him soaked hit run Lift up your toes In my mouth And we can make love And we can go We're covered by the sacred fire When you come to me, you come to"
  • Lorelei - Nina Hagen
    "Ich weiss nicht was soll es bedeuten Aber irgendwas stimmt mit den Leuten nicht Ich glaube da wir in Snde leben Und Gott lt bald die Erde beben Scheisse hier scheisse da, es verschissen Jahr fr Jahr Und"
  • Lorelei - Comeback Kid
    "You told me I better walk away. Just like to me to never hear what you say. Tempting fate. The story unfolds. Should have seen it. You told me I better walk away. And just like me to never hear what you"
  • Ash - Arcwelder
    "(w graber) They borrow words for thoughts and steal what they feel from fools who choose to feel For every black and white for every ash to ash shades of grey will clash For every dream there's a fool"

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