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With the Merylin

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With the Merylin

  • With The Wind - With Honor
    "Yesterday is gone my heart is singing a new day's song with the good days the bad days will come, but I'm ready to move on TO MOVE ON all my worries and all my fears I've pushed aside in a swift stream"
  • Fly with me - Fly with me
    "Fly with me to the stars tonight to the palce behind the sky. Fly with me to the stars tonight music take us high. Fly with me to the stars tonight to the palce behind the sky. Fly with me to the"
  • Dogs With Jobs - Dogs With Jobs
    "When you wake up you don't wanna go Your head's like lead on your pillow but you get up and do it anyway On the ride to work you sit and skulk Your tail between your legs you sulk Dogs like sheep in cattlecars,"
  • With God - Salvador
    "Looks like stormy forever And you'll never see the light of day Paul and Silas kept on singing, believing Their deliverer was on the way For they knew With God, I'm protected With God, I'm set free With"
  • Just To Be With You - Aaron Neville With Yakira
    "I'd travel any day (to be with you) Realize how much I care (to be with you) With you in my life, there's no way I could go wrong (to be with you) Every night and day I pray (to be with you) Someway, somehow"
  • With You - The Subways
    "I live my life walking down this street I meet the faces of the people I see All the time I see your reflection All the time I see your reflection It's okay to feel alone It's okay to be alone All the"
  • With Everything - The Sunstreak
    "To realize what we do, what we've been through, such a battle to look at nothing like its gold and by the way, here's a thank you for giving the chance and not turning your back on the hole you saw in"
  • With The Quickness - Bad Brains
    "(WE) we're on location and (WE) we're gonna let you tell it (YO) crib can be crabit... (HOT) hot standings with the quickness Well dem call it Hip Hop while others chuckin' Be Bop They rushin' Go Go I"
  • With The Funk - Aaron Carter
    "One, two three Yeah, yeah, yeah Oooo ohhh Yeah, yeah, yeah If I threw a party would you be there Would you bring your friends too 'cause why should we stay at home With something better to do Let's started"
  • With The Stars - Wave
    "There is a place In outer space I wanna go No crime scenes No magazines or TV shows Jump in the car Right where you are The best is yet to come Right off the ground Speed of sound And we're gone Chorus: Now"
  • Run With The $ - Lita Ford
    "Gettin' chased by a cop He's got nothin' to say Stop Hey, you'll never get away Breakin' the law Quick on the draw It's a stick up I'm gonna kick down your door I'm gonna take the money and run"
  • With The Sunshine - Shelby Sifers
    "We saw annabelle wandering around at a crazy house. Into the flower-bed, in the dirt and rolling all around sheep hurts in arid sand and into the sunlight instead. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. Well it's true"
  • With The Dark - They Might Be Giants
    "Like a ghost Writer's ending She will send you down She's in love with her broken heart She's in love with the dark She's in love with her broken heart She's in love with the dark I'm getting tired of"
  • With The Feather - St. Thomas
    "My girl has gone away For the summer The tunes are out now I don't know why The last thing I heard Was from my mother I'm fading out I don't know why I'm going down With the feather I'm going"
  • With The Wind - Julia Pietrucha
    "Blow with the wind Snow melts within Hiding in desires now Having heart Safeguarded by mind Light up inside Leave behind who i am not A mouthful of breeze Now i come back to me* * lyric wideo"
  • With The Wonder - Rich Mullins
    ""Down at Johnson's Creek The trees grow tall Like a man who feeds his soul on Your word And I can look in the water I can see the stars fall Hear the fires crackle And the crickets chirp And there"
  • With the pride - Spandau Ballet
    "Just leave me with the pride that I worked for now they've taken the reason away just leave me with the pride that I worked for today build on rock, or build on sand, they're never gonna lend a hand so"
  • With The Fire - Fozzy
    "You said that I'd never make it But here I am And it don't take long to figure out Who's the man Pre-Chorus: And it's hard to believe that a man like me Has the courage to take a stand I hear the roar"
  • With The Flow - Twilightning
    "Is it too hard to comprehend? There's no need for a helping hand Can't keep the monkey out of shame Out of blame and lies Wipe that grin from your face Let me hide my own disgrace Dogs lead the chase you"
  • I'm in love with you - Erykah Badu with Stephen Marley
    "And she says she needs more than a friend That's all I ever been yo Well one day you gon' overstand yo And I remember the first time that we met yo How could I forget ya? When you smiled And I turned and"

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