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With the wind

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With the wind

  • With The Wind - With Honor
    "Yesterday is gone my heart is singing a new day's song with the good days the bad days will come, but I'm ready to move on TO MOVE ON all my worries and all my fears I've pushed aside in a swift stream"
  • With The Wind - Julia Pietrucha
    "Blow with the wind Snow melts within Hiding in desires now Having heart Safeguarded by mind Light up inside Leave behind who i am not A mouthful of breeze Now i come back to me* * lyric wideo"
  • Dancing With The Wind - Days Of The New
    "I'm stuck in a daze, only I can save me These eyes are staring at me Children of the diseased Stuck on your beliefs, won't you sell me a reason? If joy awakened the land, time would have no purpose Dancing"
  • Running With The Wind - Dave Dudley
    "I never stop in one place long till life starts closin' in Then a night wind beckons and I'll go running with the wind Well I grew up an orphan boy no one to call my own Deserted by my family never felt"
  • Gone with the Wind - Axxis
    "I hear you crying See black ravens flying Oh, mother nature could you forgive I know we've raped you We've badly shaped you Continuously we dig our grave What we call lifetime Is just the blink of an"
  • GONE WITH THE WIND - Billie Holiday
    "Gone with the wind just like a leaf that has blown away gone with the wind my romance has flown away yesterday's kisses are still on my lips i had a lifetime of heaven at my fingertips now all is gone gone"
  • Gone With The Wind - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Gone With the Wind Just like a leaf that has flown away Gone with the wind My romance has blown away Yesterday's kisses are still on my lips, I've had a lifetime of heaven at my fingertips. But now all-all"
  • Gone With The Wind - Frank Sinatra
    "Gone with the wind, just like a leaf that has blown away. Gone with the wind, my romance has flown away. Yesterday's kisses are still on my lips, I had a lifetime of heaven on my fingertips. But now all"
  • Riding with the wind - Matt Bianco
    "You see I've got this funny feeling That all my plans and expectations Wait somewhere for me I hung around this sorry town And had my share of ups and downs And now it's time to leave Riding with the wind"
  • Gone With The Wind - Blackmore's Night
    "Twisting turning The winds are burning Leaving me without a name How will we ever find our way... Snow was falling I could hear the frightened calling Fear taking over every man Life meaning nothing more"
  • Gone With The Wind - Gun Barrel
    "I'm walking down along a desert road The black sun's coming down and I can feel the cold Look into the mirror that never lies Would it bring me back to take me to the other side, oh On my way of life"
  • Gone With The Wind - Bee Gees
    "I never knew until tonight of the danger. That any man could lose his life to a stranger . Catch me when I am falling I've been burned by the fire before And girl , I tell you no lies I don't wanna feel"
  • Gone With The Wind - Sparks
    "(Russell Mael) Burn Atlanta tonight Hey, for a buck we could stay here all night Long live the Confederate plight It's history, it drags on and on It wasn't my fault it lasted 'til dawn Your mammy's"
  • Gone With The Wind - Sesame Street
    "Monsterpiece Theatre overture, Cookie Monster seated in his chair wearing his lovely red smoking jacket. Alistair Cookie: Good evening. Alistair Cookie here, again. Welcome to Monsterpiece Theatre. Tonight,"
  • Gone With The Wind - Marty Robbins
    "In my dreams I can still feel the fire From her body, next to mine It all happened up in Washington Early in the spring of sixty-nine Now it's only a memory of some Moments I will never share again Just"
  • Roll With The Wind - Alexander Rybak
    "I won't blame the hurting on you You left in the sweetest way I won't say that it's you Making me feel this way It's the heart and the soul And the body and the brain Driving me insane But the wind and"
  • Gone with the wind - Naturally7
    "I saw you yeah you were waiting for your song One you could dance to, lift your hand up to But you've been waiting all night long But we came with somethin'different Spititual, but reminiscent Now"
  • Gone with the wind - Vanessa Hudgens
    "Hey, YeaI used to thinkBeing like youWas the key to having everythingEvery dream come trueI used to thinkFollowing the crowdWas the only thing that I could doUntil I found outI'm okSometimes you have to"
  • Gone With The Wind - Glay
    "matataki suru no mo oshindeta sotto fureru to kowaresou de setsunai yoru ni futarikiri mienai asu no doa o tataku OH MY PRECIOUS LOVE nanimo iwanaide... ima wa futari ni furenaide kamawanaide kono yoru"
  • Conversations With The Wind - Houston Calls
    "Stepping off the ledge She looks at me and says Hey Tommy can I spend the night And wake up in your eyes Of course you can, timidly answered, But beware I can't promise much Not at this time in my"

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