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Within Reason - Amphetamine

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Within Reason - Amphetamine

  • Amphetamine logic - The Sisters Of Mercy
    "Watch them do The falling over Watch them do The standing still CHORUS Nothing but the knife to live for One life all I need Give me one good reason Give me more s..... (Women) And the women come and go"
  • Amphetamine Logic - Sisters Of Mercy
    "Watch them do The falling over Watch them do The standing still Nothing but the knife to live for One life all I need Give me one good reason Give me more s..... (Women) And the women come and go (Talk) Talking"
  • Amphetamine - Superdrag
    "You're the next local superstar, Take a bow if you get this far. Nothing's real baby make a move, Some expected groove Prove it to the world. Now drink and be real This is the last time. Hard to conceal"
  • Amphetamine - Everclear
    "She came out west To find the sun She lost her name But found a new one Amy goes to school all day But at night in the neighborhood They call her Amphetamine She is perfect in that fucked up way That"
  • Reason - Europe
    "And everybody will get to play The hand they're given And everybody will deserve The space they live in And everybody will get to feel Some peace within And everybody will get Someone to talk with Cause"
  • Amphetamine Addiction - Zero Boys
    "Stick the needle into my brain dont cha know that i will go insane its a pain and its in my stomach Amphetamine addiction Amphetamine addiction Amphetamine addiction Amphetamine addiction "
  • Amphetamine Blue - The Vibrators
    "Well she up an' left me just the other day, I thought that she was foolin' an' wouldn't go away. We had our ups an' downs baby I know, I Promise never to argue if you won't go. My whole world's turned"
  • Amphetamine Girl - American Pearl
    "she only wanted to feel alive inside three years of dyin' left her less than satisfied her daddy told her "girl get out while you're young do like your daddy says and not like your daddy done" if she don't"
  • Amphetamine blue - Vibrators
    "My whole world's turned amphetamine blue,Now I'm livin' without you.My whole world's turned amphetamine blue,An' I don't know what I'm gonna do. Well she up an' left me just the other day,I thought that"
  • Amphetamine girl - Mason Jennings
    "Well she told me let's stay out lateLet's stay out lateLet's walk the worldWell she told me, it was my mistakeMy mistakeAmphetamine girlShe told me let's stay out longLet's stay out longOn top of the worldWell"
  • Reason Enough - Avalon
    "I don't know what you saw in me But I'm glad you believed In spite of my condition That your mission was to rescue my heart Don't understand the sacrifice Why you gave up your life for the sake of my soul Only"
  • Discharged Reason - Nuclear Assault
    "You always talk about yourself in contradictions Stuck in recking and verbal consciousness distinction Help yourself and try to rationalize The keys to change are held within your mind Back where we've"
  • Bleed From Within - The Music
    "the shock rings out from across the desert sky the sun is bleeding into mine eye i cant help but notice the way you talk when darkness falls there will be war im bleeding, yeah bleeding from within im"
  • Within Your Eyes - Gorky Park
    "I feel temptation As every day goes by I reach for salvation Somewhere inside Somewhere in time I drift through the people Wherever I look I take a second glance Cause I know there is a reason My only"
  • Within the Gates - Eidolon
    "Enter a world - forgotten time Born through a miracle - without reason or rhyme A fulmination - of hope and praise The chosen one put forth - to vanquish buried flames For those before you - far beyond"
  • Within - Apulanta
    "I don't know if I want to flow for evermore And I don't want to know how slow the time must flow And I don't want to hear no cheap apologies And I don't want to wish for anything more Within myself I"
  • Within - At The Gates
    "Feel the vibrating words of power Magick the portral, language the key As my journey within begins Once again the gates stand open before me Time has come for me to climb the tree of life And sail the"
  • Within' - Kiss
    "Cry without tears See without sight Night without day And every day's black as the night Fly without wings Feel without touch Touch without feel And everywhere nothing is real I wanna see from within I"
  • Within - Dreams Of Sanity
    "And as the dragon rises He stands so tall Waiting for the daylight To fly away He'll never fall Spreads his wings and flies away to Avalon Guided by forgotten powers He lifts up high Into the dawn Though"
  • Within - Arise
    "I feel the shivers running down my spine, it wakes the powers of my undivine. My mind betrays me I'm leaping back in time. All those memories left behind, In the torture chamber where I lived to be: All"

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