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Within Temptation - Tell me why

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Within Temptation - Tell me why

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Within Temptation - Tell me why
  • Within Temptation Tell Me Why
    "I've been losing myself in anger So much broken by the rage Nothing could take my mind off How to make them pay Killing myself for nothing Then the pain will go away Losing myself to madness And the game's"
  • Bee Gees Temptation
    "There she was She dragged my heart around No desire to hurt you girl I gave it all before I found The damage had been done Burning love I was too weak to fight Searching fingers in the night I should have"
  • Danny Temptation
    "3:30 and I wanna leave early Tryin' to survive really, this 9-to-5 is killin' me Contemplatin' on taking a quiet drive to Philly When I got this text message on my cell, what the hell Now I'm scratchin'"
  • Nasty Boy Klick Temptation
    "yeah check it out all you need to do is trust me everythang gonna be aright I know u love me so u can trust me dont listen to your friends spying the ones just tryin to bust me not to say bust like im"
  • Semisonic Temptation
    "I went to see temptation yesterday In a fourplex on the old high drive Cause something in my life was runaway Or maybe to prove that I am still alive Temptation lives alone and she works all day So I"
  • Bon Jovi Temptation
    "Place my missing picture on my beer I'm running away from home Sam, I'm just a man, a rusted bucket of flesh and bone Someday I'll seek forgiveness for the sweet smell of her breath She touched my hand"
  • Elvis Costello Temptation
    "Who's this kid with his mumbo jumbo Living in air-conditioned limbo Though they treat him just like a guest He's living under threat of arrest Now that he's finally trying to make some sense He drinks"
  • Swollen Members Temptation
    "Yo, I'm talking about Temptation things that run through your head Like I wonder what my friend's girlfriends like in bed Yo, I bet sometimes she thinks of me instead Greed, That has to do with more than"
  • John Waite Temptation
    "When you tell me that you're leaving And that you've got to be alone Sometimes you seem to me like you're far away In some different danger zone I couldn't stop you if I wanted You found somebody else"
  • Trik Turner Temptation
    ""Temptation" How can you stare into my face- Knowing what you've done with my trust you've misplaced- With your selfish needs you appease- It brings you down to your knees- Begging please forgive for"
  • Guitar Guitar Temptation
    "There's trouble in front of me That's wearing a smile If I give myself an inch then I mine as well take a mile That look that you fix me with Ooh ooh These intermedistances ooH Ooh temptation has my I'm"
  • Lilith Temptation
    "Why your shadow walks alone? Why your heart beats no more? Why your soul flies away? Why your lips kiss the grave? I`m sorry for my weakness And pain I`ve caused Till now I`m carrying your reflection Hidden"
  • Leaves' Eyes Temptation
    "In my head I hear your voice, Is this the voice of my master? In my chest I sense a spear, Are these the looks of my mistress? In my head I hear your voice: Why do I suffer? In my chest I sense a spear: Why"
  • Tiger Army Temptation
    "Down on my knees I look up at the sky Here I am again although I don't know why Life is pain I know this in my heart I guess it's always been that way from the start This contemplation sets my"
  • Genesis TELL ME WHY
    "Mothers crying in the street Children dying at their feet, tell me why, ooh tell me why People starving everywhere There's too much food but there's none to spare, Tell me why, oh tell me why Can"
  • Fat Joe Temptation 2
    "[27 second skit opens song telling Pablo his sister is dead] Joe Crack's that nigga I'll crack that nigga, hold THAT lil' nigga I'm from the, BX borough, you ain't gon' miss tomorrow If you know like"
  • Ice Queen Within Temptation
    "When leaves have fallen And skies turned to grey. The night keeps on closing in on the day A nightingale sings his song of farewell You better hide from her freezing hell On cold wings she's coming You"
  • Within Temptation Deep Within
    "Is there a place deep within A place where you hide you're darkest sins There's a strange kind of ambiance, its surrounding you lure me, towards the truth Candles die down ass you leave the room In my"
  • Sweet Noise Lost Within
    "I won't be dead tomorrow If we could only touch our minds today If we could touch our "deepest me" We won't be sittin' here anymore We're tied between the earth and sky again We watch the nations dyin'"
  • Orphaned Land Of Temptation Born
    "I feel the touch of my demise See the dark begin to rise And I feel the rage, the endless wrath Of the one I served before My love for a mortal being Here it is of temptation born I left the God to witch"

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