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Within Temption Somewhere

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Within Temption Somewhere

  • Within a room somewhere - Sixpence None the Richer
    "I breathe the mist Floating about the stars I can caress With velvet hands I breathe the mist Floating within, without this pen This pen between my fingers Messiah I know you are there Within, without"
  • Somewhere - Collide
    "as i look into you as you look into mine would you see right through to somewhere beyond as your life unfolds peeling back the layers somewhere beyond the surface vibrant shades somewhere beyond the"
  • Within A Room Somewhere (Radio Edit) - Sixpence None the Richer
    "I breathe the mist Floating about the stars I can caress With velvet hands I breathe the mist Floating within, without this pen This pen between my fingers Messiah I know you are there Within, without"
  • Somewhere - Within Temptation
    "Lost in the darkness Hoping for a sign Instead there's only silence Can't you hear my screams? Never stop hoping Need to know where you are But one thing's for sure You're always in my heart I'll find"
  • Deeper within - Jennifer Rush
    "Heaven knows Where I do begin To show you love that lies within Your skin Open up your heart Let the light come shining in cause Cause when everything is gone Did you ever think that youre alone Look deeper"
  • Engraved Within - Serenity
    "I wake you softly Deep in your dreams lying here alone Waiting for another day Here I go now Just find my choice in every word you say Following the game we play Time stands still when you touch my face"
  • Within Me - Embraced
    "Lost in myself thoughts goes around Floats in a mind hard to understand Paralyzed by dreams impossible to reach Far away but yet so near A burning light far within me I want to burn but it might die Disappointed"
  • Within Your Eyes - Gorky Park
    "I feel temptation As every day goes by I reach for salvation Somewhere inside Somewhere in time I drift through the people Wherever I look I take a second glance Cause I know there is a reason My only"
  • The voice within - ATC
    "Hey my dear old friend, do you remember me? You seem very sad, anything I can do? You tried to run away but you cannot hide from me There somewhere inside coming right back at you There like a sudden impulse"
  • Somewhere Not Here - Alpha
    "Wendy Stubbs : I remember when you came I can just recall that day Unexpected, undetected If I'd have known I still would have done it. So little time, so long to wait A paradise, within your eyes All"
  • Somewhere Oh Oh - Sizzla
    "Going somewhere with my empress,most delighted She take good care of me,and that is how I like it Going to Africa with black people,ah most delighted Dey take good care of me,and that is how I like"
  • Within - Apulanta
    "I don't know if I want to flow for evermore And I don't want to know how slow the time must flow And I don't want to hear no cheap apologies And I don't want to wish for anything more Within myself I"
  • Within - At The Gates
    "Feel the vibrating words of power Magick the portral, language the key As my journey within begins Once again the gates stand open before me Time has come for me to climb the tree of life And sail the"
  • Within' - Kiss
    "Cry without tears See without sight Night without day And every day's black as the night Fly without wings Feel without touch Touch without feel And everywhere nothing is real I wanna see from within I"
  • Within - Dreams Of Sanity
    "And as the dragon rises He stands so tall Waiting for the daylight To fly away He'll never fall Spreads his wings and flies away to Avalon Guided by forgotten powers He lifts up high Into the dawn Though"
  • Within - Arise
    "I feel the shivers running down my spine, it wakes the powers of my undivine. My mind betrays me I'm leaping back in time. All those memories left behind, In the torture chamber where I lived to be: All"
  • Deep Within - Within Temptation
    "Is there a place deep within A place where you hide you're darkest sins There's a strange kind of ambiance, its surrounding you lure me, towards the truth Candles die down ass you leave the room In my"
  • Somewhere - Rich Mullins
    ""Somewhere Between the lost and the found We're all hanging empty Empty and upside down But I'm hanging on Though the fall may tempt me And I believe in the dawn Though I tremble in the night Somewhere"
  • Somewhere - Barbra Streisand
    "Someday, somewhere We'll find a new way of living Will find a way of forgiving Somewhere... There's a place for us Somewhere a place for us Peace and quiet and open air Wait for us Somewhere There's a"
  • Somewhere - Zdzis
    "Jest gdzieś na świecie takie miejsce, do którego wszyscy zdążamy, tam spełnią się nasze marzenia, to będzie nasz najlepszy czas... Somewhere... Somewhere... Somewhere, somewhere We'll f ind a new"

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