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Without Love Walkers

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Without Love Walkers

  • The Walkers - Lipali
    "walking on the empty streets alone have no name and have no face. Your Love ... Heaven is burning time is burning out have no name and have no face. Your Love ... somebody's on your side somebody knows"
  • Sleep Walkers - Insane Clown Posse
    "Welcome everyone Nate it's good to see you back People we have a new member today I'd like you to meet him He's gonna stand up and tell us What's going on with him and What he wants to change about himself If"
  • Wing Walkers - Pollen
    "Paul Stine sits dead in his cab his head is blown away and a flap of his bloody flannels missin will they find it? I don't think so. cause its been sent to the press and you know how they are into the"
  • Without - Sweet Noise
    "learn to live down here without you learn to live without my friend learned to love you learned to hate you I learned to live here on my own head against man I found guilty of taking you away from me here"
  • Without - Jack Savoretti
    "I've Been Walking In This Road Time Passing Me By Letting Go Of What I Couldn't Hold Finding Places To Hide I've Been Watching You Closely Every Move That You Make And All The Things You've Showed"
  • Without Love - Johnny Cash
    "Without love I am half human without love I'm all machine Without love there's nothing doin' I will die without love Without love I am an island all by myself in a heartbreak sea Without love there's no"
  • Without Love - Jon Bon Jovi
    "She wasn't young, but still a child There still was innocence In painted smiles She called to me as I past her by Lady of the night looked into my eyes She said: I have been through some changes But one"
  • Without Love - Elvis Presley
    "I awakened this morning, I was filled with despair All my dreams turned to ashes and gone, oh yeah As I looked at my life it was barren and bare Without love I've had nothing at all Without love I've"
  • Without Love - Donna Lewis
    "Think of me like I think about you Give me a sign, show me you care Am I so far away in your thoughts not there forget what you told me, it's what didn't get said It's not much to ask, come down off"
  • Without Love - Jon B.
  • Without Love - Hairspray
    "LINK Once i was a selfish fool Who never understood I never looked inside myself Though on the outside, i looked good! Then we met and you made me The man i am today Tracy, I'm in love with you"
  • Without Love - Bon Jovi
    "She wasn't young, but still a child There still was innocence In painted smiles She called to me as I passed her by Lady of the night looked in my eyes She said: I been through some changes But one"
  • Without love - Ray Charles
    "I awakened, whoa this morning, And I was filled with despair All my dreams, turned to ashes and gall, And as I looked back on my life It was barren and bare And without love I have nothing, I have nothing"
  • Without Love - Stacie Orrico
    "If I speak in the tongues of angels But have not Love I'm only a resounding noise If I have the gift of knowledge And if my faith moves mountains high But have not Love I am nothing CHORUS: Though I know"
  • Without Love - True Vibe
    "If diamonds could buy love, if laughter could buy the stars If wishes were more than what they are What I wouldn't do just to buy the dream I had with you And give it all up, you know it ain't much"
  • Without Love - Mindy McCready
    "Bobby got down on his knees Said Becky would you marry me He slipped that ring upon her hand She ran home to show her mom Said looky here what I've got on And that diamond sparkled on the band She looked"
  • Without Love - Hildegard Knef
    "How little I knew Until very lately You altered so greatly My point of view, You opened my eyes To joys which had missed me And since you kissed me To my surprise, Yes, since you kissed me I realize, I"
  • Without love - The Veronicas
    "Did I say something wrong? Why are you mad at me? Is there something you don't like about me? Maybe it's the way I think. You go behind my back Telling all my friends that you hate the way I look You really"
  • Without Love - Tom Jones
    "What's new Pussycat oh What's new Pussycat oh Pussycat Pussycat I've got flowers and lots of hours to spent with you So go and powder your sweet little Pussycat nose Pussycat Pussycat I love you yes I"
  • The Summer Walkers - Runrig
    "Sometimes when you journey Through the pages of a book You're taken places beyond words You let them speak the truth Today I've opened treasures That my eyes could scarce believe They're the words of confirmation Everything"

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