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Wje��d��am, Valentino

  • Valentino - Years & Years, MNEK
    "i think i must have met him yesterday he waltzed in from the outskirts of east L.A. He seems to be the name on everybody’s lips so I told myself I wouldn’t fall for it, but than… Quicker than a flash,"
  • Valentino - Cyndi Lauper
    "When I was young, Way back in Sicily You should have seen me My hair then was long There was this one young man Who always came around And gave me this ribbon of velvet brown Waiting for Valentino His"
  • Valentino - XL
    "Siano wpada cały czas i leje na nie wino Podaj mi mój kanał dla mnie działa to jak kino Pij to Duble Cup i Gin z kodeiną Szmata chciała żebym kupił jeansy Valentino Siano wpada cały czas i leje na nie"
  • Valentino - Bowling For Soup
    "She got a valentine from Gary I opened it up it said, "Would you please be mine." I gave her flowers and some candy, YEA! She opened them up and said, "You're trying to make me fat." Now I just want"
  • Valentino Vale - Mina
    "Valentino vale pi di te Balla bene il tango Valentino m'ama pi di te Piange quando piango E poi e poi non ne ho Finch tu ne vuoi Ad esempio c' Wolfango che Pensa solo a me. Per stasera ho capito che Mi"
  • Lenny Valentino - Auteurs, The
    "Auteurs, The New Wave Lenny Valentino There were mourners on the street Of every shape and size The motorcade came down from redondo Assassins on the corner tried to throw you a line You dirty-mouth comic"
  • San Valentino - Gigi D'Alessio
    "Strapperei quel calendario che segna gia'quel giorno inutile senz'e te febbraie che vene a fa' ce vuo' tu pe festeggia cu me quanti baci perugina t'aggia regalate fin'e n'anne fa' me leggeve e bigliettine"
  • Waiting For Valentino - Cyndi Lauper
    "When I was young, way back in Sicily you should have seen me My hair then was long There was this one young man who always came around and gave me this ribbon of velvet brown Waiting for Valentino His"
  • Right Before Your Eyes("rudolph Valentino") - America
    "America View From The Ground Right Before Your Eyes("rudolph Valentino") Every day i sit beside you On the bus to madison avenue Work in the big gray store With the revolving doors You don't even know"
  • Don't Wake Me Up - Bobby Valentino
    "(Tim And Bob) (Bobby Valentino) (Its Another One) (I Think Im Dreamin) You Make Me Weak You Strengthen Me You Do Everything In Between Your So Much More Than What I Wished For So Glad That I Belong"
  • I wonder - Bobby Valentino
    "Sometimes I Wonder Is She Tha Girl For Me Shes Always Open There In My Time Of Need But I Wonder Does She Think Of Me Deep Down I Love Her And I Hope She Feels Tha Same For Me..For Me..For Me..For Me Sometimes"
  • Only human - Bobby Valentino
    "Baby girl i wish you knew How You helped me make it through Every single morning of the day Dont ever let go of my hand Cause on your love i truly depend From the bottom of my heart These words i say "
  • Brand New - Bobby Valentino
    "noooo noooo nooooooooo (so fresh and good, just wanna lay back with you and ah, just kicking it now, this is how is going) She's the type of girl that when you meet you'll do right And she will only"
  • Give me a change - Bobby Valentino
    "Let this be the day that you change ya life Let me show you what a day without pain is like Lets toast, come close baby I dont bite Plus I know you want a man thatll treat you right Let this be the day"
  • Here We Go Again - Bobby Valentino
    "Verse: 1 It's a sexy night cause rain drops are fallin outside, I'm lookin through my rolodex and come across your name, I'm dialin up your digits glad your number the same and Here we go again, be careful"
  • Vai Valentina - Ornella Vanoni
    "Ohi, valentina Gambe lunghe per ballare Oh, valentina Ogni ballo un grande amore Cocca, polpa di albicocca Che ti da con tutto il cuore Oh, valentina Che prima gioca e poi ci muore valentina Tutta occhi"
  • Cara Valentina - Max Gazz?
    "Cara Valentina il tempo non fa il suo dovere e a volte peggiora le cose credimi pensavo davvero di avere superato il momento difficile ed ancora adesso non mi chiaro lo sbaglio che ho fatto se il"
  • Valentina Way - Al Stewart
    "Find another lover tomorrow Go find another lover today You've been so long on lonely street That you're surely falling into decay It's time to reconstruct yourself Time to test the water again Well it's"
  • D(I am)ond - Stick To Your Guns
    "I am a brave man, I am a coward I am the tiger, I am the flower I am honest, and I'm a liar I am vital, I am tired I am a free man, I am caught From where I am, I see the top I am, most importantly never"
  • Cara Valentina - Parte Seconda - Max Gazz?
    "Per esempio Valentina io speravo di essere pi forte, e non vero, che l' orgoglio serve per cucire pezzi di dolore stare bene con idea di libert Tu sei stato un importante prova di destino il mio cammino, stando"

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