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Wolfheart- the hunt

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Wolfheart- the hunt

  • Hunt - Sons And Daughters
    "One year in five we'll stay alive it's a reason to behold When it's just another fear to fry within this sacred fold I am innocent The sweat pours in like an ancient grin and laughs like a suffering"
  • The Hunt - Grand Magus
    "He's alive -- the stories were right And now there's a lesson to learn Took his land and curse him as damned But now he will make them all burn Tonight the grey one's arrived To reveal all the lies,"
  • The Hunt - Aceyalone
    "The hunter and the hunted They hunt for you they hunt for me The hunter and the hunted They hunt for you they hunt for me The hunter and the hunted They hunt for her they hunt for him The hunter and the"
  • The Hunt - Atrocity
    "Sinful I have taken life by life mortality a gift you have to make Blood and sweat is the nourishment bloody victim the hunt is your painful end Nervously your skin is turning wet merciless I stab you"
  • The Hunt - Fiurach
    "-(The Six Warriors)- Ride black steeds toward the enemy, that in flight they won;t seek escape and safety, the humiliation and torment during the exile, have sharpened our blade awaiting for this hour. And"
  • The Hunt - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "Now you look away. Onto the horizon. Kneel and pray. You better pray for your life. Piece by piece. It all becomes clearer. Now the chains are off. And the demons are here. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak"
  • The Hunt - Ahab
    "Flat and silent the ocean lies Pequot's captured in a lull no gentle breeze blows in the sails heated by a salty carpet from above the crew's emaciated,survival tough Giant billows bear a mighty whiteness Screams"
  • The Hunt - Sepultura
    "We Went Into Town On The Tuesday Night Searching All The Places That You Hang About We're Looking For You In The Back Street Cellar Dive Drinking Clubs In The Discotheques And The Gaming Pubs We're Looking"
  • The hunt - New Model Army
    "We went into town on the tuesday night Searching all the places that you hang about We're looking for you In the back street cellar dive drinking clubs In the discotheques and the gaming pubs We're looking"
  • The Hunt - Tyr
    "Hideaway, I can stay Mountains cover my way back One door in each direction from my hall, my waterfall Let them come, how come they never Wonder why I defy Wish to see them all die black They do not see"
  • Billy Hunt - The Jam
    "If it's not you moaning, then it's someone else, Jumping down my throat, every chance you get, If it's not you crying, then it's probably me You're a little dog messing up my tree - Billy Hunt is a magical"
  • Witch Hunt - The Church
    "People 'round here say you're a witch They're intrigued in seeing you roast They really intend to burn you my friend I think that's the bit they like most Wake up baby, the mob are on their way Howling,"
  • Witch Hunt - KMFDM
    "Bolts of lightning - out of the blue Without forewarning - the heat is on you Watch what you say - the phone maybe tapped Under heavy surveillance - looks like you're trapped Under investigation - whether"
  • Witch hunt - Misfits
    "Wipe out the weak and dying I've got no use for you Sent from Hell, I know they're lying Just another sacrifice We are on a witch hunt Hunt her down, for will she sink or float? We want independace from"
  • Helen Hunt - Hank Green
    "The first time I saw you Was the day that I hit puberty You played a beautiful girl Shunned by society It wasn't your fault You just smoked one laced doobie That after school special Made me wanna never"
  • Witch hunt - Stratovarius
    "The witch is worried Which is bitch? Take both of them in And do a spin Experimenting with fingers spreading Lips concealing the secrets of the joy The witch-hunt is coming to town You better look around"
  • Witch Hunt - Onslaught
    "The sound of horses riding by The riders fists raised to the sky Burning torches the flames of death The suspects being put to the test In a different time religion's the same The witch hunt is on as"
  • Witch Hunt - Jack Off Jill
    "dead girls dance they burn and twirl witch cunt witch hunt burn this girl dead girls dance they burn and twirl witch hunt witch cunt burn this girl dead girls dance they burn and twirl witch hunt witch"
  • Witch Hunt - Cancer
    "Branded with a reward on his head Ash flees through the night Scattering words of unholy sin Down trodden in mankind Punished through humiliation Against the religious type Now it's time to pay the price As"
  • Witch Hunt - D.O.A.
    "if you're scraping by on spuds or rice on the budget of a mouse or you room inside a house that should be condemned then the strangled cries as the dollar falls that echo through the town mean that if"

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