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Wolves against the world

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Wolves against the world

  • Wolves - Machine Head
    "Unleash the wolves Carnage has no rules Comparison, competition Well bury one and all Look in the eyes of rage A loyalty bred of suffering The first inside it burns eternally, victory Look in the"
  • Wolves - One Direction
    "I hear them calling for you I hear them calling for you I feel the waves getting started It’s a rush inside, I can’t control Your eyes keep pulling me in I know, I know, I know Your friends all talkin’"
  • Wolves - Dead Prez
    "I'm not a hunter but i am told, that, uh, in places like in the arctic, where indiginous people sometimes might, might, hunt a wolf, they'll take a double edged blade, and they'll put blood on the blade, and"
  • Summon the wolves - Battlelore
    "Full circle summons the servantsThe gathering of the hauntedHowls in the nocturnal mistCalls for the hauntI have seen the shape of the fallenThe guardian of the gatesI have seen the darkest one behind"
  • Against The World - Clödie
    "They will chain us, Humiliate us, Change our fortunes, Darkness awaits all. Fearless army, Growing numbers, They have their answers, But we won’t take it. It’s time to arise,"
  • Against The World - Unleashed
    "He was alone against the world An outcast ever since birth On and on night and day They told him to behave You must fit into society Oh, how he tried but could not agree Be like us and follow trends No,"
  • Against The World - Robin Thicke
    "These days it'shard to find someone to love once you find them you don't want to give up And now I know that we're both alone in this it's just me and you against the world And there's me and there's"
  • Against The World - A Tribe Called Quest
    "(Intro: Phife and Tip) Back at you, Right back at you, (Verse 1: Tip and Phife) Drove around the block, drove a lot, Lookin' all around, don't see no cops, Whispered in your ear, a ghetto star, Sittin'"
  • Pedestrian Wolves - Oingo Boingo
    "Raised by pedestrian wolves, out in the forest Raised by pedestrian wolves, out in the forest I was left to fend for myself I was left in a basket, just like baby Moses To float down that muddy river"
  • Howling Wolves - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust f/ Black Knights, ShoGun Assason Album: Smugglin' Booze in the Graveyard Song: Howling Wolves Typed by: Cno Evil (movie sample) We're arriving, there's a weird bloody air hovering"
  • Lords & Wolves - Underminded
    "oh, you! shiver when i cut, i cut your lucid eyes. and it's so painful yet peaceful.. just like you. like you, beyond naked tides. but it made for good convo, baby. good convo, baby. sucked. sucked. sucked. me"
  • Wolves - The Accidental
    "There were wolves lying in the dark As she was raining sparks into the room like that She was dancing in a neon cave with a tilted smile and a lover's laugh Embossed upon her in the darkness Like a light"
  • Wolves - Eddi Reader
    "You got a peaceful mind and that makes me glad Something I can't afford, something I've never had Is that all I'm here for ? Is it all I'm here for ? Can't be all I'm here for Keeping the wolves from the"
  • Wolves - Eddie Reader
    "You got a peaceful mind and that makes me glad Something I can't afford, something I've never had Is that all I'm here for ? Is it all I'm here for ? Can't be all I'm here for Keeping the wolves from the"
  • Wolves - Garth Brooks
    "January's always bitter, but Lord this one beats all The wind ain't quit for weeks now, and the drifts are ten feet tall I been all night drivin' heifers closer in to lower ground Then I spent the mornin'"
  • Wolves - Phosphorescent
    "ama there's wolves in the house mama they won't let me out mama they're mating at night mama they wont make nice they're pacing and glowing bright their faces all snowy and white bury their paws in the"
  • Wolves - Marduk
    "Wolves Many miles they went To reach this point They went here to seek what they lost What they lost before time Before the first rays of light In the worst torment of all Despair They dedicated their"
  • Wolves - Kittie
    "It crawls along the floor subdued ... Nothing amounts to Nothing realizing Nothing afraid of Nothing act upon Nothing stopping at Nothing consider Nothing consequence Nothing ... Hydra head times six cowering"
  • Wolves - Lola Ray
    "I started my walking with control of my feet. And I don't give a damn about the people I meet. 'Cause I'm hurt, and I'm tired, and I'm sick of the life that everybody wants; it's just taught me to spite."
  • Wolves - Ego Likeness
    "Go on and throw them to the wolves my sweet angels. Go on and lead them to the woods and run. You say you're not afraid when the bright sun falls away. But I know you're a liar you tend to give it away. And"

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