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Women For Hire Time To Waste

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Women For Hire Time To Waste

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Women For Hire Time To Waste
  • Elvis Costello Soul For Hire
    "Hang my head and shut my eyes What kind of justice is this? Fool I was, I thought that you fought fire with fire Got to me more than just a soul for hire Speaking for myself I wouldn't take the fame,"
  • Rez Band Souls For Hire
    "Yeah, well, well. You toy with the truth, dilute it with water, You hate your wife, but you say you love your daughter, Envision, if you will, a world on fire 'cause of flaming sin, We're souls for hire. You"
  • Nature Murder For Hire
    "Yeah, this how we get rich, for all the mothaf**kin' thug niggas, niggas Get bodied, some niggas snitch, knowwhatimsayin'? throughout the world It's the thugs, the laws of nature, this is how we eat, don't"
  • Daisy Tripping Bandaids For Hire
    "Some bleed too much Some things are touched Take the time to fix yourself all up Taking time helps with your luck You can bleed on the other hand Talking' makes an easy chair a friend Crawlin' places just"
  • Phish Waste
    "Don't want to be an actor pretending on the stageDon't want to be a writer with my thoughts out on the pageDon't want to be a painter 'cause everyone comes to lookDon't want to be anything where my life's"
  • Good Riddance Waste
    "Who will be their voice Who will hear their cries The ones who cannot speak As we dehumanize Incarcerated innocents Their sentience ignored Slaughtered by the millions For the pseudo-carnivores"
  • Gretchen Waste
    "(verse 1) In my effort to be real You have often had to peel Away the solid layering of bitterness and spite Then I'm left with nothing more Than the child I was before Unpretentous wandering to the truth (chorus) So"
  • Big Wreck Waste
    "So I knew you weren't faking About your dreams Because when you're waking Everything's what it seems I know you got roses You want to throw on my grave But all the time you You can't seem to stray Oh,"
  • Abramelin Waste
    "Trying to breathe, gasping for air Each breath shot, with needles of pain The darkness is creeping, your vision is blurring Jaws of death clamping tight on your life Withering flesh, leathery and slack Disgusting"
  • A Day To Remember My life for hire
    "Somebody give a sign, that everything's going as planned.And that everything floats away, into the darkness of this shallow place.The detail is striking.The room's cold and foggy.You'll kick and you'll"
  • Koffin Kats For Hire
    "You came to me looking for all the answers This killer for hire you found The story seemed weak But your pockets were deep And I can't turn a pretty face down Close your eyes Turn your head You don't"
  • Alkaline Trio Time To Waste
    "There's someone down below blowing you a kiss. They watch from their windows as all arms fall to their sides, and all eyes fix on the death of tomorrow. And you found everything you need to make a life"
  • Talib Kweli For Women
    "(Spoken) Yea, so we got this tune called "For Women" right Originally, it was by Nina Simone She said it was inspired by, you know Down south. In the south, they used to call her Mother Antie She said"
  • Grace VanderWaal Waste My Time
    "Runnin' with you it's like we're in a memory That we'll try to forget when you grow up and leave Walkin' slow because the time's been running far Maybe I should grow up, leave you with a scar You say"
    "AC-DC Flick Of The Switch GUNS FOR HIRE Flick Of The Switch (1983) SINGLE: Guns For Hire/Landslide (1983) SINGLE: Who Made Who/Guns For Hire (1986) (Young, Young, Johnson) The word is out That I'm about And"
  • The Unseen Waste of time
    "you want to think I have a problemwell think again it lies within youyou act so rude and immaturewell I'll act the same I won't acknowledge youbut yet you still wanna run your mouthwhy even waste the timeI"
  • D.O.A. Liar For Hire
    "you lie, you love to lie. bull and brag, screw around chorus: liar for hire-do anything. liar for hire-use anything. liar for hire-do anything. liar for hire. get out, get out, gotta get you out. get you"
  • Swing Out Sisters Heart For Hire
    "(Swing Out Song) Every face you see is you My memories just fade to blue When I think of you My disillusionment is past Dreams never meant to last Now there's nothing left to hide I've disregarded foolish"
  • Cory Lee Waste My Time
    "Take my time Take my heart Friends are telling me I lost my mind When I hooked up with you Maybe that's true They say that I'll wake up one day Asking what did I do Maybe that's true too But when I'm with"
  • Blu Cantrell Waste my time
    "I gave you all my love It was never enough You took for granted That I cared so very much I made your house a home Please tell me why you did me wrong Why do I waste my time on you Giving you loving that"

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