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Wonder Land c-bool

  • Winter Wonder Land - Animal Collective
    "Mold of the fall I have been frozen there for days With headlights reflecting in my face I'm iced and cold on your lawn But inside I'm okay I can live without your dime (?) Where snowmen never melt Instead"
  • Land - Tyr
    "Homeland we're leaving, we are retreiving Our right to stand alone, we cannot stay here Fear not what must be, we must cross the sea On our own Standing alone Always we got by on our own Under stormy skies"
  • Body & Show (vs. C-BooL) - PeWeX
    "Czy czujesz to? Power na maxa ziom! Gruby melanż, PeWeX! Hi Łi Goł! Na mikrofonie KaRRamBus daje szoł Dyskdżokej C-BooL miesza za konsolą Najlepsza muza w mieście i ja ją mam Najlepsza muza i ja Ci ją"
  • I Wonder - Pit Bull
    "(Oobie) every time i see you ya tryna take me home and it makes me wonder if we were to get it on would u take tha time 2 touch me and take me into ecstasy (yeah) (Chorus) And i wonder if i took"
  • C Land I.A. - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "We still from good old Cleveland I.A. (Blast away, fuck scrappin.) We still from good old Cleveland I.A. NNNNasty. (The original Thugs.) in madden where ya find me slanging me lello, daily, oh. Cleveland"
  • C land I.A - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "-Intro (Bizzy)- We still go ol' Cleveland I A (Na-na-nasty, blast away fuck scrappin') If we must we must, we must. We the original thugs. In balance makin' money, swangin' my lello daily oh/ Cleveland"
  • Wonder why - Faydee
    "Are you serious? How the hell are you gonna cut me any deeper, when im still bleeding? From the last time you messed up Verse I: I dont understand you How can you be so cold No I dont believe you"
  • TV Land - Superchic(k)
    "So life is different than what they show us on TV Do dreams come true for everyone Or just for Barbie and I've been waiting here so very patiently Well it's been so long It's been too long I wonder what's"
  • TV Land - Superchick
    "So life is different than what they show us on TV Do dreams come true for everyone Or just for Barbie and I've been waiting here so very patiently Well it's been so long It's been too long I wonder what's"
  • Rockets land - Rockets
    "There's no time to wonder, I'm coming down to thunder,We are the Rockets wrecking galaxies apartThis time people is for conquering your town,With the law of the Rockets I will put your planet downWould"
  • Promised Land - Narcoze
    "Driftin'in streets that have no life Calling people I don't know Hoping someone to catch my fall I'm trapped inside my own world So i'll fly away ...stay here wait for dawn the tears I've been shedding have"
  • Wchat Land - Djedis Peons
    "(C. Ackerman) Woke up in the morning, loaded it on my computer. went into the channel and cussed out a newbie with a little bit of AW. I got no clue which nick i will use today.. Just know everyones's"
  • Promised Land - The Game
    "Sometimes I wonder Man, how long is it gon' be for my people to come out Man we strugglin, it's hard sometimes, but Tomorrow's better than yesterday, uhh (The Game) I was, born in the slums, struggled"
  • I Just Wonder - Artefact
    "There are days when I can't give a damn If the sun will shine or there is rain again And sometimes I don't even care That I am here and you are there My vision gets distorted and I'm finding ways to"
  • Sometimes I Wonder - Nas
    "QB the whole NYC We gonna bounce to this To all my niggaz (yeah yeah) To all the ladies Chorus: Sometimes I wonder Will a nigga go under because of his hunger This game is risky If a nigga slips"
  • 9th Wonder (Blackitolism) - Digable Planets
    "Ah yea Whole world Mcs Whose slick We lounge stay phat notice our G limp A natural flair with our fresh ass hair Style baggy out clouts slick creamy and fresh east coast to west Brooklyn uptown to"
  • The Promised Land - Hanover Saints
    "Look at the knuckleheads standin on the corner Tonight there won be any drama No fights, no threats, just havin fun This time has finally come The streets that are made of Gold This is what I surrendered"
  • Village ghetto land - Stevie Wonder
    "Would you like to go with me Down my dead end street Would you like to come with me To Village Ghetto Land See the people lock their doors While robbers laugh and steal Beggars watch and eat their mealfrom"
  • The Promised Land - Final Fantasy Series
    "Now here I stand Oh, in the morning sunshine, Dreaming only of the promised land. Somewhere, they say, beyond the great horizon, Lies a beautiful island. Everyone says he longs at heart for Shangri-La, But"
  • The Promised Land - Band, The
    "Band, The Moondog Matinee The Promised Land G I left my home in norfolk virginia C California on my mind D I boarded that greyhound, G Rode in into raliegh on across caroline G Stopped in charlotte to"

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