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Wonder piosenka

  • Piosenka - Diesel Boy
    "Its three years gone still I rattle on This crazy world is moving fast Here I am guitar in hand I wonder how long this will last I wish you could see what this means to me It means more than I could ever"
  • Wonder - Scanner
    "Emptiness inside my purse And in my pockets too Hell, I guess there is a giant-hole Where all the cash falls through All I need All I need's a wonder I need a wonder I need a new microphone A pair of"
  • Wonder - Shawn Mendes
    "I Wonder if i am being real Do i speak my truth Or do i filter hw i feel? I Wonder, wouldn’t it be nice To live inside a world that isn’t black and white I Wonder, what’s it’s like to be my friends Hope"
  • Wonder - Lamb
    "Lately I find myself Amazed And all around me Everything I see Like all of life a blaze With love That suddenly I see Only now I see The wonder The wonder of it all Wonder everywhere More than we know Heaven's"
  • Wonder - Nine Days
    "Hidden thoughts that lie within the apathy of my own goal and dreams I cry myself to sleep with all the insecurities of love and life itself This big old rock Has fallen smack in the middle of this road"
  • Wonder - Oval Opus
    "I kind of wonder, Every now and then. What you were doing, And how have you been? It's been so long, Oh so long. I kind of wonder, Just where we went wrong? I've almost forgotten, Your body next to"
  • Wonder - Delirious?
    "Is it any wonder that my heart is on the line Is it any wonder that my words are out of time Is it any wonder that I miss you like your mine Oh sweet heart you've broken this sweet heart Oh sweet heart"
  • Wonder - Submersed
    "I wonder if there's a life, Between right and wrong I wonder which side I'm on, or if I'm strong enough I wonder why, They left me here for dead, No wonder there, Are voices in my head Standin' at the"
  • Wonder - Shakra
    "We all live on this planet Giant gentle and blue We breathe and walk and wonder A place for me and you Why is it that I wake up To a new day's light And how come the starlight Shines so bright tonight Tell"
  • Wonder - Hillsong
    "I should have been the guilty oneBut You took the blame for everythingI should have been in exileBut You became the door to freedom.I used to live in the darkness,Searching for a way of escape.Then You"
  • Wonder - Hillsong United
    "I should have been the guilty one But You took the blame for everything I should have been in exile But You became the door to freedom. I used to live in the darkness, Searching for a way of escape. Then"
  • Wonder - Chalk Farm
    "Life chases fiction With contradiction Pick yourself up It's all right Blood marks the pavement So this is where I am Well stop the car And look around We're getting nowhere I'm not looking for a miracle And"
  • Wonder - Embrace
    "All the signs were there for me to see If I cry out with fear I'll feel more afraid So beat the sense back into me 'Cos you are like forbidden fruit out of my reach And I forgot what I had sometimes But"
  • Wonder - Megan McCauley
    "Midnight workings, weather down the storyline I try to find the truth between all the lies When Bleeding is feeling and feeling ain't real Will I see you when I open my eyes? Will I see you when I open"
  • Wonder - Earthsuit
    "Speak up sir and clearly state your name Did you say you are the Son and came to save How in my right mind should I believe That a life exists beyond what I perceive Change all my fear to faith in you I'm"
  • Wonder - King's X
    "This is war this is peace Quiet roars of silent screams It makes me think it makes me deal With the situation how do I feel? There's a wall between us a partition of sorts And it makes me wonder Should"
  • Wonder - Patrice
    "We keep rising on we keep shining on chorus: you walk and you talk without love in your hert so now you wonder? upon Jah people you stare about Jah word you don?t care so now you wonder? you big up your"
  • Wonder - Dynamite Boy
    "I have a secret, but I can't keep it Cuz it's all about you And if I tell it, I'll surely regret it And you'll doubt that it's true Maybe you'll hate me, laugh and berate me say I don't mean what I say Don't"
  • Wonder - Vanessa Carlton
    "When the pressure will not fade away When the real things starts to become fake When you cant recognize your own hands Turn around and begin again When the sky starts ripping and falling And the horizon"
  • Wonder - All
    "All Miscellaneous Wonder she spent the money on a loaf of wonderbread, and a can of beefaroni italian food today, what does he think when he pours himself a drink and he looks at me that"

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