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Wont go home without you

  • Wont Forget About You - Natalie
    "Hey baby, you know I havent forgotten about you. You know I always dream and think that were in the same place too Damn its just not the same without you I need your touch At midnight we went out with"
  • Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon 5
    "I asked her to stay but she wouldn't listen And she left before I had the chance to say The words that would mend, the things that were broken But now it's far too late, she's gone away Every night you"
  • You Wont See Me Cry - Wilson Phillips
    "From funga@ecf.toronto.edu Tue May 26 15:36:11 1992 Subject: YWSMCry: Lyrics & Liner Notes From: FUNG Alexander Yok-Wai To: wp@cs.unca.edu Date: Tue, 26 May 1992 15:24:01 -0300 X-Mailer: ELM (version"
  • Wont You Come Home Disraeli - Sherman Allan
    "+Won't You Come Home, Disraeli When Benjamin Disraeli was Prime Minister of England, And good old Queen Victoria was the Queen, Whenever she would need him for official palace business, Disraeli, he was"
  • Wont it be nice - Hank Williams
    "Won't it be nice to see you again seems i've been gone since i don't know when.I've had lonely nights and bottles for friends and it'll be nice to see you again.Babe i've been down since you've been goneIts"
  • We Wont Go Quietly - Superchick
    "superchick in the house tonight it's been one of those days for a lot of days now i need a day where the world can take care of itself this isn't what i wanted how i thought my life would turn out and"
  • Your Mama Wont Like Me - Suzi Quatro
    "I wear my jeans too short and my neckline is too low I'm sit and stared at wherever I go I wear my jeans too tight and I stay out all night When you turn me on you see how I can bite And now my preoccupation"
  • I Wont Cut My Hair - D-A-D
    "I got hair in my ears I got hair in my nose I got hair on my back And between my toes When the time comes and my hairwash is due I'm gonna use one ton of shampoo But don't give me those sentimental eyes 'Coz"
  • Baby, Wont You Please Come Home - Cab Calloway
    "Baby, won't you please come home, 'Cause you've left your daddy all alone, I have tried in vain, Never no more to call your name. Since you left, you broke your daddy's heart; That will never make"
  • I wont cha - Black Eyed Peas
    "will I am] one two three.. like this..... ba ba duh, ba ba, yea yea, ba ba ba baduh check this out darlin I got something to say, say we could shovel love like all day, day instead of all this lonliness"
  • Sun wont shine - Sentenced
    "The candles have been blown out by the wind don't be scared, my love, I'm right by your side I still remember the times I walked alone...dead until you woke me up and made me come alive With her love she"
  • I Wont Make You - Something Corporate
    "I'm under attack again my dear, I'm in the way Got no resolutions, no clever anecdotes to say And still if I yell at the top of my lungs will it be the same? I'd fly you a flag, I'd bury this pen into"
  • Without You - Lizz Wright
    "So you roam, and you roam You say that no place is your home. So I will roam, too I don't wanna stay without you. There's nothing here, nothing here. It's time for me to disappear If love won't come through. I"
  • Without You - J. Holiday
    "It's crazy how I'm seein u cuz i just told your lil cousin the other day i need to speak to you girl how u doin, how u been lets get all of that all the way i got so much to say I heard u had a baby on"
  • Without You - Sisqo
    "(featuring Dru Hill) intro dru hill, pajam, without you, def soul verse1 im free to fly like a bird over the earth far away seeing where beauty's entailed places unveiled take me away when b section when"
  • Without You - Pietasters
    "Got some books but I got no brain, I said I try my heart it's far too vain Got my house, but I lost my home, I said without you I'm all alone Got my bed, but I can't sleep, because your love I just can't"
  • Without You - Y'AKOTO
    "When I saw you the night was blue. I pursued by with my eyes. Hypnotised by your smile, by your grace, by your style. I wanted to be close to you and I could tell you wanted too. Cos I can’t go home"
  • Without You - The Cure
    "Without You Anything at all But you know I cant stop Its life on the moon All this talk of giving up Life is too short For it not to be true The best idea I think Is for me to go my way Anything at all But"
  • Without You - The Feeling
    "Winters come and summers go Last time round for all we know Wonder what the time is in London As they tear this world apart Step by step it breaks my heart Wonder what the time is in London Well I know"
  • Without You - Waterdeep
    "Daddy, I don't know what to do So, Daddy, now I'm looking straight at you I just don't want to try it on my own again Cause I'll just end up all alone again Right now I don't know where to go And no one"

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