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Wpisz szI can't go any futher than this

  • We Can't Get Any Higher Than This - Aaron Tippin
    "Baby, we're sitting on top of the world We can fly on the wings of an eagle Take a ride on a rocket ship Drink to the bottom of a bottle But we can't get any higher than this We could tiptoe up to the"
  • Lonlier Than This - Steve Earle
    "It don't get any lonelier than this I believe my heart'll break Tonight I prayed I'd die before I wake With every breath I'm tasting your kiss And it's upon my tongue Until the bitter tears fall one by"
  • Lonelier Than This - Steve Earle & The Dukes
    "It doesn't get any lonelier than this I believe my heart'll break Tonight I prayed I'd die before I wake With every breath I'm tastin' your kiss And it's sweet upon my tongue Until the bitter tears"
  • Any World - Steely Dan
    "If I had my way I would move to another lifetime I'd quit my job Ride the train through the misty nighttime I'll be ready when my feet touch ground Wherever I come down And if the folks will have me Then"
  • It Doesn't Get Any Countrier Than This - Tim McGraw
    "Now mama I know you've always wished me the best And I've found somebody and I think she's gonna pass the test She's a country girl as far as I can see Mama I hope she's what you had in mind for me She"
  • Any Less Than This - Ruff Michael
    "I have no soul, 'til I look in your eyes There is no wisdom in my word without your listening smile My only sense of time begins when we're apart My song of love follows the rhythm of your heart CHORUS:"
  • Can’t get better than this - Parachute Youth
    "Can't get better than this Can't get better than this Can't get better than this Can't get better than this Can't get better than this I don't wanna be nowhere else I said Can't get better than this Can't"
  • Drifting Futher Away - Powderfinger
    "Don't go too deep into the flood Don't wade too long, you'll poison my love Don't shut me out,don't hold it all in Don't let my venom get under your skin 'Cause every word and every turn Every sign points"
  • Can't Stand It Any Longer - Toto
    "Standin' on thin ice Walkin' on a fine line Never seem to buy, enough for you If you're lookin' for a way out Then you're headed for the right place Givin' up is something I can't do Ooh you got sharp"
  • Any Day - Over It
    "I lost you in my desert mind I dried up in the sun when you were water, my oasis, I could not kill the thirst in time catch me, if you think you can promise you wont look back If we rinse it away, all"
  • Better Than This - Kimberley Locke
    "There's a shadow in my mind, that I'm tryin' to leave behind but it can't get me down. There are clouds in the sky, still, the sun is in my eyes whenever you're around. It's all good, like I could be"
  • More Than This - The Cure
    "For a second of your life Tell me that it's true Waiting for a sign It's all I want of you Your heart hides a secret A promise of what is Something more than this Just a second of your time Anyone will"
  • Any Emcee - Nine
    ""Any MC that disagree with me, wave your arms" -> Rakim * repeat 8X * (Nine) Rat-a-tat-tat, it's the nappy black cat with no hat Back to chat like Super Cat with my format black Attack a track like Ali"
  • Easier Than This - Ra
    "Under the boarded tree I saw you next to me Closing your eyes and looking in Clouds in the sky today Thoughts as we drift away Free from our wounds and from our sin Islands of lost turn around and bring"
  • Any Questions - Benzino
    "Yeah baby it's time to pump the bottle, baby Yeah Can you take to the re-rub off my shit? Yeah, Hangmen 3 All y'all done it, all y'all funny Shit can get ugly One man summit, always blunted, Haters"
  • Any Trick - Breathe
    "My desire for love had overcome my senses I longed for someone who could hold me An open heart lets go of all defenses Her real intentions had been there to see I believed it right to keep my devotion It's"
  • Life Doesn't Get Any Sweeter Than This - Lobo
    "(Kent LaVoie) When days come along and Everything goes wrong I lie awake at night and think About things in my life If I hadn't said some of the Things that I said If you hadn't done some of the Things"
  • By Any Means Necessary - Atari Teenage Riot
    "By any means necessary! By any means necessary! How many people like to see you dying for no other reason than this. This can't be fought in a fair way. And if you agree than: Raise your fist! Illegal"
  • I Can't Love You Any Less - Alabama
    "Alabama When It All Goes South I Can't Love You Any Less (Teddy Gentry/Randy Owen/Ronnie Rogers/Greg Fowler) My heart fell to the floor The night you broke the news Said you couldn't feel it anymore Those"
  • Any Way You Slice It - Kiss
    "I caught the tail of a hurricane and I've never ever been the same I went out on a limb, gotcha under my skin, well alright You got dirt under your fingernails What I'm thinkin' can land me in jail Well,"

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