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Wrong Alyy Hills

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Wrong Alyy Hills

  • Piney Wood Hills - Buffy Sainte-Marie
    "I'm a rambler and a rover and a wanderer it seems I've travelled all over chasing after my dreams But a dream should come true and a heart should be filled And a life should be lived in the Piney Wood"
  • Hills Vs. Mountains - Jesse James
    "I'll start at the very beginning I've got no choice, I can see the end It's blood again Stuck in the same place for hours I thought we were done, we were moving on How I was wrong Here comes my false"
  • Green Rolling Hills - Emmylou Harris
    "(Utah Phillips) The green rolling hills of West Virginia Are the nearest thing to heaven that I know Though the times are sad and drear And I cannot linger here They'll keep me and never let me go My"
  • Over The Hills - Luciano
    "Where must I find a place to live, in this jungle created by mankind where will I lay my weary head, tell me how I'll find a peace of mind some say earth a run red man and man must insure dem head but"
  • Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma - Hank Thompson
    "EVERLASTING HILLS OF OKLAHOMA Writer Tim Spencer The everlasting hills of Oklahoma They hold a million treasures to be found Golden grain on hills of green Wave to valleys cool and clean Too bad some"
  • Right The Wrong - Prince
    "An Indian woman buried her grampa in the Black Hills When she was young he used to tell her That these hills belonged to her still And even though injustice took them hills away "One day we'll get them"
  • Wrong Direction Home - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) In a shingle covered cottage at the foothills of blue stacks Near a mountain stream that's flowing crystal clear Where the humming birds and honey bees feed on Mama's roses My mem'ries"
  • Rolling Hills - Van Morrison
    "Among the rolling hills I'll live my life in Him Oh I will live my life in Him among the rolling hills With my wife and child I'll do no man no ill Oh I will do no man no ill among the rolling hills Among"
  • Hollow hills - Bauhaus
    "Ancient earthwork, fort and barrow discreetly hide their secret abodes the most fearful hide deep inside and venture not there opon yuletide for invasion of their hollow hills that music hold, and oberon"
  • Beverly Hills - Wiatr
    "Wychodzimy mała nie zamykaj drzwi polecimy zaraz do Beverly Hills Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills i nie chce stamtąd wracać Wychodzimy mała po te Parę chwil polecimy zaraz do Beverly Hills Beverly Hills,"
  • Oklahoma Hills - Jim Reeves
    "Many years have come and gone Since I wandered from my home In those Oklahoma hills where I was born Many a page of life has turned Many a lesson I have learned And I feel that in those hills I still belong. Way"
  • Oklahoma Hills - Hank Thompson
    "OKLAHOMA HILLS Writers Woody Guthrie, Jack Guthrie Many months have come and gone since I wandered from my home In those Oklahoma Hills where I was born Many a page of life has turned many a lesson"
  • Beverly Hills - J Church
    "Beverly Hills, Century City, Everything's so nice and pretty All the people look the same, Don't they know they're fucking lame? Here she comes in her stupid suit, Leather pants and her combat boots Man,"
  • These hills - Iris DeMent
    "Far away I've traveled,To stand once more alone.And hear my memories echo,Through these hills that I call home.As a child I roamed this valley.I watched the seasons come and go.I spent many hours dreaming,On"
  • Oklahoma Hills - Arlo Guthrie
    "Words and Music by Woody Guthrie and Jack Guthrie Many a month has come and gone Since I've wandered from my home In those Oklahoma hills Where I was born Many a page of my life has turned Many lessons"
  • Oklahoma Hills - Woody Guthrie
    "Many a month has come and gone Since I wandered from my home In those Oklahoma hills where I was born. Many a page of life has turned, Many a lesson I have learned; Well, I feel like in those hills I still"
  • Beverly Hills - Circle Jerks
    "Beverly Hills, century city everything's so nice and pretty all the people look the same don't they know they're so damn lame there she goes three piece suit spandex pants cowboy boots I don't know what"
  • Hollywood Hills - Sunrise Avenue
    "No, this is not the time or the place for broken hearted Cause this is the end of the rainbow Where no one can be too sad No, I don't wanna leave but I must keep moving ahead Cause my life belongs to the"
  • Angry Hills - Iggy Pop
    "heaven it shines in the dawn's early light in a movement out in the brush far out! watering graves of the people who read in the book of forbidden content tragedy! in a gentle way hear the angry hills in"
  • Dandelion Hills - Noe Venable
    "Overripe underage spin me a whirl You with your face like a lemon in pain Moon is a coin to be spent on a girl Come to inebriate out of the rain Days i have violinned tragic and crass Weepingly bowing"

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