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Wschd intro white 2114

  • 2114 - Bedoes & Lanek
    "Moje życie to jawa na śnie, mogę pokazać jak staram tu sie Staram się biec, mogę tu rzec, wpadłem by zgarnąć ten jebany cash Na razie za darmo dajemy w sieć, pare mixtapów tu sprzedało się Ta muza daje"
  • Intro - Fall
    "We are northern white crap that talks backWe are the fall we were spinning we were steppingCop out, cop out as in from heavenThe difference between you and us is that we have brainsCos we are northern"
  • Intro - The Fall
    "(fragment of "Up here" or "Appear") We are Northern white crap that talks back We are The Fall we were spinning we were stepping Cop out, cop out as in from heaven The difference between you and us is"
  • Intro - Kid Rock
    "Our lesson begins in the small town of Romeo, Michigan... 1985. Several years ago Deep on the West side of Detroit I rank souly with old and new school rules of hip hop Don Balaw, Wes Chill and my DJ"
  • Intro - Aitch
    "Yeah On your marks you ain't ready for my Yo, I said I'm Sick with it fucking rip it till the beats finished I spit an image when I pay the mic a visit Got an evil sort of spirit but I'm classy like a"
  • Intro - White 2115
    "Jak odsłuchasz tę wiadomość to weź do mnie oddzwoń, okej? Ostatnio trochę gorzej u mnie jest, a zawsze potrafiłaś mi doradzić, nie? Podnieść mnie Martwię się wiesz? Strasznie się kurwa stresuje tym wszystkim Bo"
  • Intro, Electro, Ghetto - Sonny Black & Frank White
    "....Ich lebe in einer Welt voll Scheisse.... Ey ihr Homos warum seid ihr alle so scheisse ihr mchtegern-Berliner? Glaubt ihr ihr knnt rappen? Glaubt ihr wirklich ihr knnt rappen? Verpisst euch aus unserer"
  • Thy Intro - Insane Clown Posse
    "Jumpsteady: (Green Wind and Pearl White Grass - Lightning Flashes Deep within Dark Red Forest - Star Showers, Book 4 - Chapter go, Love 4 Once) A presence can be felt by those who have followed the epic"
  • Lloyd (Intro) - Lloyd
    "Ladies and gentlemen (Lloyd) You know I, I love the people Cuz the people love me (hahaha) Dats right, this Young Lloyd And Uh, this goes out to that special girl You know who you are (love the people) Sing"
  • Intro-Inspection - Osymyso
    "1. "Rivers of Babylon" - Boney M 2. "Wild Thing" - The Troggs 3. "Hello" - Lionel Richie 4. "Fairground" - Simply Red 5. "Hey Jude" - The Beatles 6. "Vienna" - Ultravox 7. "Unchained Melody""
  • Intro (WWIII) - KMFDM
    "Welcome back, here we go again A beautiful girl and some dirty old men Before we continue the task at hand Lets go ahead and introduce the band From the land of volcanoes The lovely Lucia Her voice will"
  • It Gets Lonely In The White House (Intro) - Perry Como
    "No . . . not the Roosevelt's, not the Truman's, not the Eisenhower's no, this is not that kind of show! Not the Kennedy's, no not the Kennedy's, just a family of four, so it couldn't be the Kennedy's"
  • White Horse - Kilo
    "(Intro) I have a dream today That one day this nation will rise up And little black children And little white children Will hold hands (Verse 1) I'm a black man living in this white man's world"
  • Wschód (Intro) - White 2115
    "nowoczesna patologia czemu wtedy unikali mnie jak ognia też byłem człowiekiem, tylko ze w niemodnych spodniach słabo widoczny dla nich jebany hologram żaden ideał bycie nikim kurwa miałem wpisane w DNA stary"
  • Isesha Poem (Intro) - Lupe Fiasco
    "They thought it was cool to burn crosses on your front lawn as they hung you from trees in your backyard They thought it was cool to leave you thirsty and stranded, Katrina! He thought it was cool to carry"
  • Baby Girl Intro - Missy Elliott
    "(feat. Mary J. Blige) Eh yo Mary, i need you to vibe wit me on this one, uh Uh Check it As i grab my pad and pen and begin to talk from within Oh God im hot as the water like a preacher whos sinned Im"
  • Ghost Unit Intro - The Game
    "(KID) Whos under there? (50 Cent) Its 50 Cent (KID) Mom theres ghosts under my bed!! (50 Cent) G-Unit! G-Unit! G-Unit! G-Unit! (Shut the fuck up!) G-Unit! G-Unit! (Aww shit never mind its just the Ghost"
  • Ghost Unit Intro - The Game feat. Josh Moor
    "Whos under there? [50 Cent:] Its 50 Cent Mom theres ghosts under my bed!! [50 Cent:] G-Unit! G-Unit! G-Unit! G-Unit! (Shut the fuck up!) G-Unit! G-Unit! (Aww shit never mind its just the Ghost Unit,"
  • Southern Fried Intro - Ludacris
    "Hey, yeah! I want all you proud sistas to stand up I want everybody to stand up and be counted tonight Brothers and Sisters if you know you got your thing together I want you to stand on up, now I got"
  • Intro/Rhyme Pays - Ice T
    "A child was born in the East one day Moved to the West coast after his parents passed away Never understood his fascination with rhymes or beats In poetry he was considered elite Became a young gangster"

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