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Wudz tan klan ostr

  • KLAN - Mahmood
    "Ti dico che l’amore Come il crimine non paga Fai scene poi rovini la serta Się il palo quando arriva la retata Te quiero si me mata Ti bruciano le tende Se la famiglia mente Ti chiedono le perle Ma non"
  • Your Friendly Liberal Neighborhood Ku-Klux-Klan - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "Is there a klavern in your town? (In your town) If not, then why not have us down? (Have us down) You'll never recognize us, there's a smile upon our face We're changin' all our dirty sheets and a cleanin'"
  • Ova Da Wudz - Outkast
    "Something's gotta give! Yeah, you know what I'm sayin? Uhh Herring homes, unh, martel homes, carver homes, tekwood Martin luther king, bankhead Under-cover, over da hills and thru tha woods I go Like"
  • The klan - Theatre of Hate
    "The last reel of the film The final scene of the dream Inside the cinema (of the blind) The audience are twisting and screaming Racing out over the plain As the sun goes down Horseflesh, seating and streaming The"
  • Uliczny Klan - Zbeer
    "W spodniach wytartych o krawężniki W zniszczonych butach idziemy przez świat Z kluczem na szyi, dzieci ulicy Ulica to piekło, ulica to raj To tu dorastałem, to tu był mój świat Pustych butelek i straconych"
  • The Klan - Gil Scott-Heron
    "Countryside was cold and still There were three crosses on the hill Each one wore a burning hood To hide its rotten core of wood And I say father, father I hear an iron sound Hoof beats on the frozen ground And"
  • Manson Klan - Righteous Pigs
    "6 years in a hole Caged up like a fuckin' rat Prisoner under criminal law There ain't no turning fuckin' back Punish you for what you've done You better run for shelter Wrathful thinking has begun It's"
  • Tan - Kult
    "Czekanie Nowy dzień Wstań To znowu nowy dzień To poranne podróże - raz krócej, raz dłużej W obie strony, przygarbiony, pochylony w obie strony, przygarbiony, pochylony W obie strony... Pracujesz dla fabryki"
  • Ku Klux Klan - Steel Pulse
    "Walking along just kicking stones Minding my own business I come face to face, with my foe Disguised In violence from head to toe. I holla and I bawl (Ku Klux Klan) But dem naw let me go now To let me"
  • Vatos locos klan - Karramba
    "1.Tu się wszystko zaczęło lat temu kilkanaście -Kraków terytorium zero dwanaście kumple, osiedle, piłka i muzyka , szkoła, wagary stary to klasyka przecież wiesz, wiesz jak to jest pierwszy wypity alkohol"
  • Ran tan tan - Don Omar
    "Sientan el rantantan de los rifles reventando caraYo por voz cargo un AK y por letra balaSientan el rantantan reventando caraBambino,Matalo en la rayaSientan el rantantan de los rifles reventando caraYo"
  • Johnny Joined The Klan - Skrewdriver
    "Way down in Louisiana close to New Orleans Way back up in the woods among the evergreens Was a log cabin made of earth and wood Where lived a country boy named Johnny B Good Didn't like muggers taking"
  • Taya Tan - Pink Martini
    "Taya-tan, taya-tan, taya-tan Watashi no tokimekiyo Taya-tan, taya-tan, taya-tan Kokoro ga utau-no yo Anata no mune, yorisou toki Ai-no uta a kanaderu watashi Taya-tan, taya-tan, taya-tan Watashi wa guitar"
  • Tan Pinga Ra Tan - Tuatha De Danann
    "Give me your hands - please leave here your fears Let's fly away cause the past await us Forget your name and open your eyes The magic is done Here in the woods the elves dance and sing Sing to the birds"
  • Tan Vac - Carlos Baute
    "No me olvido cuando te quite la ropa, sin saber que era por culpa de las copas no supiste como decirme que no estabas sola, me dejaste abandonado y ahora estoy vaco... y ahora estoy vaco... me tienes tan"
  • Tan Lejos - Buitres
    "Llevo las uas de tu calor / eso quiero la vi y supe que alzó / para calmarte y aun as recuerdo bien / el avión frentico deberias matar a todos / y no cobrarles nada Tan lejos / la suerte no he sabido /"
  • Tan Cerca - Jd Natasha
    "No me quiero ir de este lugar Donde los sueos son real Por la primera vez tengo paz Y ahora se me escapa No tengo nada ms que hacer Pero llorar No tengo nada ms que aguantar pero la almohada Y no quiero"
  • Darque Tan - Gravy Train!!!!
    "His life was a breeze Just one thing left to appease Wanna give that bottle a squeeze and look just like Charlize? But these times are so hard Must do more than lay in the yard To look like a Belize postcard or"
  • Tan Vacio - Ricardo Andrade
    "Te espero y casi sin pensar Me envuelvo en una decepción Pues sin querer, mi corazón Depende de lo que quieras... Y as me siento un tonto, ves? Pues sueo lo que no ser Y es que no eres para m Y quiero"
  • Red Tan - The Raveonettes
    "Valentine I adore you Her eyes tearing when I say I love you My brass knuckles you know them well The pale moon licks my valentine Uh, uh, honey it's all mine You'll always remember the very first time Walking"

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