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  • Wymarzony - Dżem
    "Obrzuceni fałszem Pozornie mądrych słów Wspinamy się na palce Wspominając myśli O tym co nadejdzie I nadejść nie ma szans Jacy jesteśmy A jacy bylibyśmy Gdyby nie to... Gdzie Ten wymarzony świat Gdzie"
  • Men - Herbert Gr
    "Men will open their arms men assure security men will cry in their beer if you don't treat them tenderly so vulnerable, here are the men whatever in the world would the world become without them? men do"
  • Men - Charly McClain
    "(Ronny Scaife/Jerry Hayes) Some men treat you just like a lady Others treat you just like a child And they can drive you so far away Or they can drive you wild Some you wanna show to your mama And"
  • Men - Monster Blomster
    "Livet byr p muligheter Det gr som det gr S lenge det gr Livet er en prvelse & kampen for rettferdiggjre 1 eksistens Ens eksistens p jorda Men Langt nede i jorda Der bor Faan Der har han gjemt seg S ingen"
  • Men - The Dodos
    "This is the sign I use to wear This is the line It says I care I found a reason I found a tear Last year I am a boy You are a man I am indifferent You want a plan I'm getting out I'm getting there Next"
  • men - Alesha Dixon
    "i like girl poliszmen"
  • Hey Men - Men Without Hats
    "Hey! Somebody told me to live is a lie But I know better got a woman inside Tells me things that I should understand 'Cause I know better even though I'm a man So many things go in so many ways Every"
  • Wymarzona - Mig
    "Wymarzona, tak jak z mojego snu Taka śliczna, że aż brakuje tchu Ta jedyna, która coś w sobie ma Zjawiskowa Dlatego kocham ja mocno Ja wiem, ze nie liczy się nic Oprócz niej Ona buzie ma słodką To ta,"
  • Monkey Monkee Men - Men, Women & Children
    "We look just like you We run just like you, too Though we are not as quick Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh We're catching on So let us sing along It's time to swing our sticks Give me your right hand But keep"
  • Few Good Men - Few Good Men
    "Have i never, told you i love you? Have i never, told you i care? Have i never, told you how much i need you? Have i ever, ever not been there? If i never, told you i care Girl i swear to you, it's not"
  • Men Will Be Men - Suzanne Vega
    "Men will be men and they'll call me the governor I'll walk through the bar and I'll buy the next round Because this is my ship and I say it's my destiny And we'll all go up and go down, we go down, go"
  • Men & Women - Tanita Tikaram
    "You give More than me And you live like Men and women In the shade More than me Yes, you hide like Men and women Men and women Jealous, born And young at heart And these walls like Men and women Men and"
  • HOMENS (MEN) - Chao Manu
    "Chao Manu Proxima Estacion: Esperanza HOMENS (MEN) Men I like them all Brunettes, mulatos, whities, blondes, blacks But they have to be men There are suckers, short men, fat men ungrateful men, smartasses,"
  • Prominent men - Velvet Underground
    "Through all of the highways, the byways I've travelledthrough all of the sidestreets and alleys of sinThrough all that's been heard nothing sinks quite as lowas the prominent statements of prominent menProminent"
  • Quiet Men - Ultravox
    "Waiting, we were waiting As the traffic moved through all our hearts and our heads But things were different then For the quiet men Shifting, things were shifting Through the walls and hall, there were"
  • Ten Men - Morcheeba
    "Vacations in Europe Sensational sins We made the most of Your inheritance Come, you son of a gun How can it be done We're still on the run Ten men All rode into one (Ten men... In one) Ten men In the"
  • Wo Men - Zhao Wei
    "wo men wo men wo men wo men zai fen li fei xiang bu pa yu lu feng shuang yong bao zhe tai yang he yue liang xun zhao bai yun de gu xiang bu zhi tian gao di hou wo men xiao kan ren shi cang sang lang ji"
  • Wo Men - Vicki Zhao
    "wo men wo men wo men wo men zai fen li fei xiang bu pa yu lu feng shuang yong bao zhe tai yang he yue liang xun zhao bai yun de gu xiang bu zhi tian gao di hou wo men xiao kan ren shi cang sang lang ji"
  • Ready Men - Big Black
    "We got some unions All I got are these molls And I want to use them What do you say, boss? Your boss, my boss You are my job I am a gun thug You are my job You've got your principles I've got bills to"
  • The Men - Sloppy Seconds
    "Don't play football We play Fenders We chop fish in kitchen blenders We're a disgrace to our gender We're the men! Always together night and day It makes our girlfriends think we're gay But who needs"

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