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Wymowa angielskiego tekstu piosenki ive for a head

  • Ive Got A Feeling - Ivy
    "Oh yeah Baby, what can i do? I've been, out searching for you. I've got a feeling all i need is a love thats true Baby, what can i say? I know, this wont go away I've got a feeling all i need is to"
  • Tekst - Płomień 81
    "To nie jest kiepskie bla bla, to zabije cię jak Kain Abla Klasyczne jak Duck Down rap propaganda Znamy kilka miejsc niebezpiecznych jak Bagdad Znamy wielki stres z nami dobry tekst, dobry panczlajn Ty"
  • Acidland (wersja angielska) - Myslovitz
    "No, don't give up and take life as it isThink there's no chanceThat you would live againWhy so much stress?Don't you have gains to get?We all do, even you!And the more you seekThe more you find, thenLove,"
  • Ślizgam się tekst - Zelo PTP
    "Nastał czas surferów Ślizgam się przez to życie cały czas ziom Płynę po bicie Tak jak płynę przez świat I tak Ślizgam się przez to życie ponad 11 lat Raz bywa gorzej a raz bywa lepiej Co ma być ot będzie Żyję"
  • Back Where Ive Stayed - Choclair
    "You dont have to worry cause Im comin YEAH I see your hammer, I see your car, We see you Mr Norm Back to where I still have always stayed I see your circle, I see your figures, I see your paranorm You"
  • Ive Heard That Song Before - Harry James
    "I've Heard That Song Before Artist: Harry James, with vocal by Helen Forrest Sung by Frank Sinatra in the movie "Youth on Parade" Charted at # 1 for 13 weeks in 1943 Words by Sammy Cahn and Music by Jule"
  • Ive Never Been In Love - Suzi Quatro
    "Oh no I can't write my name Oh - don't you know I'm so blasted. How this revelation it is hotter Than a matchhead And I'm ready to go Ready to fly away with you And I may lose everything But I don't"
  • Where Ive Been All Day - Luniz
    "I'm spoilin' all bitches!! Uh, if ya wanna, side to side, let me get some, side to side, let me get some, side to side, let me fuck, side to side, let me fuck, let me fuck. It's like front, back, side"
  • Ive Learned - Andy Griggs
    "Ive learned that sex can sell anything on TV Ive learned that what you get aint always what you see Ive learned that politics and acting are the same profession And the soul gets mighty sick when it goes"
  • Ive Gotta Get A Message To You - Moxy Fruvous
    "These lyrics represent the original version of the song as closely as He can't stand a loss He's always cross His name is Ross... I love my boss I love my boss He isn't full of fluff and gloss He gives"
  • Nie rozumiem tekstu - mati topur & mateusz produkuje
    "czarne krople deszczu na szybie zapisałem kilka kolejnych wersów a ty, mała, się nie stresuj nic nie byłem i nie jestem zły wchodzę najprościej jak mogę nic z tego! potykam się o pierwszy stopień moje"
  • Bright Lights (wersja angielska) - Doda
    "Do you know? You have a better like it's 'N I don't wanna say goodbye 'N everything goes better like home 'N everything you wanna up high For the life stand up on my feelings 'N I still wanna do you right? I"
  • Paranormal sun (wersja angielska) - Paranormal
    "I hang around between two worlds every night I close my time in a single point to have my sight My senses dive in a silent sounds of memory To get across my thoughts to not to hope for sleep Dancing barefoot"
  • Head - 10 Seconds Down
    "I always thought you could be down like that You're my girl, yeah baby you're all that The moment I saw you I felt it coming on Oh my god, you're a real blonde By the way you move I can tell you have class"
  • Angielski Trip - KaeN
    "Jeden do siedem na karku ja mam, dorosłe życie mi puka do bram Wredny, niedobry, ten młody to cham, dwójka ziomali, doskonały plan Żegnamy Sanok, lecimy po kasę, kochana mamo, wyruszamy w trasę Dajcie"
  • Ive Never Seen Anything Like You - Lisa Ekdahl
    "I've seen a million works of art But nothing on canvas Can capture my heart I'm looking for something Even Rembrandt couldn't do I've never seen anything like you I have a million photographs Of sages"
  • Parę tekstów - Wierni
    "Mam parę tekstów do zarapowania I od chuja pomysłów nie do wyjebania Teraz kto? ja tu Fauda i Crack Ale zostaje parę spraw do sprostowania Ja mam parę tekstów do zarapowania I od chuja pomysłów nie do"
  • Ive Been Waitin For Tomorrow - The The
    "****************** I watch the sun go down on London town I wait for the night voices to sound I smell the pain upon the breath of the lost & lonely I hear the thoughts that whisper in the hearts of all"
  • Ive Had Enough - Wings
    "Give Ireland back to the Irish don't make them have to take it away give Ireland back to the Irish make Ireland Irish today. Great Britain you are tremendous and nobody knows like me but really what are"
  • Head Looking' For A Bullet - Bride
    "I was born into this world no identity of my own So, I believed every word that my sweet mother told When I was a child, I learned the devil ways I could fight with the best of them I could resist the"

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