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  • Royal Police - D.O.A.
    "1-2-3-4 we're down at the station royal police they're bloody fools royal police with their stupid rules royal police kick'em out royal police beat'em about i don't know why i say it today, if i don't,"
  • Royal Oil - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "Royal Oil, come on bubble and boil Stabs like dagger, make you stagger On a hot tin foil Mind your mind or it will surely spoil Then you sleep down in the soil Nothing comes from nothing, come on Royal"
  • Royal Cafe - American Music Club
    "How do you live traveling like this You laugh too much Like things used to be funny And now it's all a big state of bliss We had a little party Somewhere outside Memphis We hid a six-pack under the seat It's"
  • Man Royal - Beenie Man
    "Intro: Yeh man, mi know she mek yu sick man Yu see how she a mek yu a vomit, laugh... Yu see it a das why mi tell yu nuh Brethren Yu see me Beenie Man mi a go tell yu something Hear mi Chorus: Mi"
  • Royal Vibes - Ky-Mani Marley
    "Royal Vibes - Ky-Mani Marley She say And she say And she sayyea, yea, yea She say And she say And she say AND SHE SAY Shes never been loved like this before Shes never been touched like this before Shes"
  • Royal Priesthood - Killah Priest
    "Ugh, Emperor's music Ugh, ugh, ugh, Priesthood, uh huh, Royal Emperor In my time, ya know, my time, went through a lot of things Yo, yo, yo I write the realest, only my true niggas will feel it Though"
  • Royal Flush - Canibus
    "Yeah! Bar Exam 2! I landslide you to the lava below Kata Stance nigga flow, How many bars? how far can you go? only as far as the mind, Canibus and Royce 5'9" Bar Exam 2!! SPIT A RHYME! A miniature version"
  • Royal Hearing - Salamandra
    "Here we come Come when our homes are burning Here we come Come gather round For our land We will go fighting bravely For our Queen We shall fight We all shall fight We all shall fight We all shall fight Fight"
  • The Royal Albert (Joey 2) - Rheostatics
    "Martin Tielli Joey died in his room last night, They took him down in a shit splattered elevator. Ended up in the hallway this morning. I must have been wasted happy. Sometimes I get so down That I soil"
  • Amazing royal shaft - Darkbuster
    "123 Dont laughIts not as funny as it soundsMy girl fucked the singer of the Royal CrownsDont laughIts not as funny as it soundsMy girl fucked the singer of the Royal CrownsAnd I know its kinda hard to"
  • Fuck Royal T - Knightowl
    "(Verse 1) Now its time for me to put it down Knightowl from the wildtime crazyiez A hootie bar's bangin so the rest ain't hangin Im bring drama to the streets of southern cali So I'ma drop this track and"
  • Pain - Jhene
    "Ooohhh oh baby baby How could you lead me all this way and then cause me so much pain... Ooh Ah (Verse 1:) After all of the days and all of the nights that we had shared I could have swore that you would"
  • Pain - Puff Daddy
    "(feat. G-Dep) Uncle Puffy? Can you read us a bedtime story, please? Huh? Please? Alright check this out right here Woke up smoked up, broked up What I had left and rolled up, lit it Had a shorty"
  • Battle of the Royal Halls - Stormhold
    "When our story started, our hero was a boy, so young and lost Now he's marching like a man, a king, where he was born His fathers kingdom once so glorious Must slay the beast that ruling over us The long"
  • Pose Ode 2 - Pain
    "Pose, Pose, nobody knows Just what we go through we go through for one of these shows. We have sweat on our... Pose, Pose, nobody knows Just what we go through we go through for one of these shows. We"
  • Pouring Pain - Ima Robot
    "We're playing games I'm not your man All this romantic shit I can't understand You say you love me Well you should know I got a history of playing it touch and go Yes, we are friends and we can f**k And"
  • Game's Pain - The Game tf. Keyshia Cole
    "CHORUS See ever since the day I got the chance to make a change I been in this game it's a new day and I'm makin' it known I just want the world to know I'm paying my dues And I got the upmost I just wanna"
  • Royal Correspondent - Manic Street Preachers
    "You've been this way since school Dysfunctional, translucent Royalty on your wall So desperately mundane They're inbred baby just like you But you'd love the chance to eat their food Even though"
  • Royal Infirmary - Eurythmics
    "I have a dream about a lazy river after a drink or two I see myself in the water like a mirror but I don't see you so I'll meet you at the royal infirmary we can be together have some fun at the royal"
  • Crown Royal - Jill Scott
    "Your hands on my hips Pull me right back to you I catch that thrust Give it right back to you You're in so deep I'm breathin' for you You grab my braids Arch my back high for you Your diesel engine I'm"

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