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XANDRIA - Nightfall

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XANDRIA - Nightfall

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XANDRIA - Nightfall
  • Xandria Nightfall
    "Here it comes, the story of mankind's final glory Into the nightfall The showdown now has come, this will be the last curtain Before the Night falls In a desert bruning childre's faces turning Into another"
  • Xandria Nightfall
    "Here it comes, the story of mankind's final glory Into the nightfall The showdown now has come, this will be the last curtain Before the Night falls In a desert burning children's faces turning Into another"
  • Stratovarius Nightfall
    "Shades of night, I'm walking through sleeping village. That is having a dream of thousand dreams. Moon is guiding my way through the land. The snow is silently falling from the sky that is lit by millions"
  • The Incredible String Band Nightfall
    "Nightfall o river of night flow through me Washing thoughts of the day on your waters away For the morrow that dawns never knew me Nightfall nightfall folding her dark locks around you Her eyes they have"
  • Blind Guardian Nightfall
    "No sign of life did flicker In floods of tears she cried "All hope's lost it can't be undone They're wasted and gone" "Save me your speeches I know (They blinded us all) What you want You will take it"
  • Jack Frost Nightfall
    "in my four walls I'm alone all the good things have gone and I drink and dream I'm waiting for the nightfall because I'm dying oh I'm dying of crying over you now life has changed I see colours"
  • Earthsuit Nightfall
    "Night falls and the day breaks Cycle through the seasons but you'll only find the future In the nightfall There's midnight inside morning's song but no one wants to face it Ambitious night is burnt and"
  • Tash Nightfall
    "Ya know we peepin' y'all Slow-motion-style Pacific Ocean-style (Wh-what?) I'm in a rowdy-ass club There's hella-bitches all around me This girl walks up She says she's glad that she found me I told"
  • Lexicon Nightfall
    "(Big Oak) My days are filled with hassles Little problems that run through me like a slider from White Castle I have to, keep my mind in line and be patient Cause all I wanna do is rock the mic to standing"
  • Paulson Nightfall
    "Lately the tension's rising; this love is not ok. Girl, honestly, I think we're both to blame. What if I let you write this, what if you had your way. I bet you'd sell me out, I'd hear you say: He isn't"
  • Black Heaven Nightfall
    "Where are you my love, Im fearing the days Useless the words I could say The rays of the sun are leaving my soul Maybe it is time to go I try to live in different ways And defeat the pain in my face Time"
  • Nebular Moon Nightfall
    "Sitting on her deathbed Narrating tales of love and pain Seems to be a cold comfort Oblivion, increasing with the time Looking at her dying eyes Closing for the very last breath Just a moment when"
  • Embraced Nightfall
    "The night is falling over the darkest souls Infinity is calling out To everyone who knows the pain of hearts broken The agony of one word spoken A story told of suffering and pain Of love and hate A lullaby"
  • Circle Of Dust Nightfall
    "(Then) deep in the darkness without form and void The hovering spirit of God Man given life soon only to die Fallen by deception (Now) dwell in the confines of morality Gripping the hand of despair Children"
  • Isole Nightfall
    "Lying here again Questions eating my mind No answers to find To why I am here What have I done? Is this my punishment? Will I spend my time on earth alone? The wind starts to blow I wrap my cloths tighter Around"
  • Mandragora Scream Nightfall
    "Blessed in the dark ... Collapse of heart... Silence of writhe... The book of my life thats risin again tonight recallin in life a death-line in my mind and livin in pain without your Black Star. Scratchin"
  • Amorphis Nightfall
    "As a rot to rape the spring sown seed A plague sprang forth of his tracks Churns ran red when cows milked blood And famine cracked poor backs Who would hear a lament sad Under the bright blue sky That's"
  • Nightfall Nightfall (The Hyper Story)
    ""The Rewakening" Teardrops from heaven decorate my pity soul With roses from the fields of the greatest lands I know The sad of the day is passing away when the night arrives to blind the day But the"
  • Gates Of Ishtar The Nightfall
    "Dusk, embrace me, enter the kingdom of light Night, surround me, cover the sky with your might Thunder, caress me, slap my face with delight Storm, revocate me, as I scream in your eye As I scream in your"
  • Sirenia Sister Nightfall
    "Every time you come around You divert my feelings, and bring me further down Would you like to be the serpentine whirls of the stream? Would you like to cope for all your dreams? Sister Nightfall controlling"

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