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  • Xerox - Waterdown
    "i suffer for my sanity every night but i wont know i forgotwhere i come from the record spins with the beat of a vague fragility or my memories moving on into no direction moving on are you there all this"
  • Dżem - Tulinki
    "Ja uwielbiam dżem i gdy go jem On w brzuszku tańczy Bo ten słodki dżem Smaczniejszy jest od pomarańczy /2x Oooo Oooo Oooo Bo wszystkie dzieci bardzo lubią, lubią dżem Jego jedzenie sprawia im przyjemność Kiedy"
  • Dżem (Truskawkowy) - Łukasz Chmiel
    "Kiedy znów wstaję znowu rano i śniadanie muszę zjeść Rozmyślam co tu chwycić, może jajka, może chleb Nie widzę naleśników, ani płatków, ani nic Mam nerwa coraz bardziej, przecież jakoś muszę żyć Muszę"
  • Słodka Jak Dżem - Malibu
    "nie lubię garniturów wyrzucam je za szafę nie chodzę w mokasynach nie chodze pod krawatem bujam sie w addiadasem najlepiej na 3 pasach i wtedy jest rakieta rakieta tak jak nasz .. powiedz mi gdzie a"
  • Bananowy dżem (ft. Piotr Rogucki) - Jan Bo
    "Nie boimy się Politycznych roszad Na koszmarne sny Zalecamy dźwięk Gitarowy bit I owocowy koktajl Weź głęboki wdech Wszystko to, co cieszy Dzieje się nie w głowie Ale weź drugi wdech Życie wokół ciebie Słodkie"
  • Bo Manera - Carlos Santana
    "Bem explicam bo manera Dzem o k, ke bo ta pensa Bem tentam dzem tudo kem kr sabe! Um motivo pra k kem ta olh Se tudo kel kem ta pensa era igual Ka tem ningum sima bo Ka tem ningum ke ta pode Tratam des"
  • Madingwa - Yannick Noah
    "Madingwa le sourire des enfants dans la rue Madingwa les coutumes et les bouts de tissus Madingwa le soleil, les glises et les choeurs Madingwa les femmes et les ventilateurs Yaound Wa Ding Yaoud Wa Woo Yaound"
  • Slow Worm - Archers Of Loaf
    "There's a worm in your head, Squirming over on me. Leaves a paper thin scab And you're laughing. It's too crowded With the skull cap on. (?) When you're amplified. And everybody's tired of the noise"
  • The Wrong Hands - Jens Lekman
    "I still wear these worn out jeans I have to wear long-johns undeneath Down by the harbour there's a cool cool breeze Have you ever wondered if oceans can freeze Strings on my fathers old guitar the position"
  • Call Me Alice (Life 101) - Rasputina
    "Can't you see, gravity is pulling down on me See the sky a sickened lie just made to pacify me Going through the motions Feeling the explosion in my face A, B and C abandoned but controlled M can't"
  • Call Me Alice - Rasputina
    "Can't you see, gravity is pulling down on me See the sky a sickened lie just made to pacify me Going through the motions Feeling the explosion in my face A, B and C abandoned but controlled M can't you"
  • S.O.S. - Oblivion Dust
    "In Album: RADIO SONGS ~ Best of Oblivion Dust These are words that you say to me You're confused and you're so empty Everyday you're part of me Never fading out of me And I'm so bored again Don't listen"
  • Last Day On Earth - Marilyn Manson
    "Yesterday was a million years ago In all my past lives I played an asshole Now I found you, it's almost too late And this earth seems obliviating We are trembling in our crutches High and dead our skin"
  • Dance yourself to death - Gabriel Mann
    "My Liberated Parents Theyre Going Out Tonight They Read the Happiest Magazines Theyve Loosened Their Uptights Dads Wearing Real Tight Levis And Some Gucci Tennis Shoes Hes Got a T-shirt Custom Made For"
  • Methadone Pretty - Manic Street Preachers
    "I am nothing and should be everything You're methadone pretty, surrender in pity Intentional destruction germ Eats your thoughts and make you happy They wanna piece of your skin Pump it safer than, than"
  • Sugar Wolf - From Autumn To Ashes
    "Less of a singer, you are more More of a prostitute With aspirations for a life of sex and drug abuse When did the music turn into a beauty pageant Lately my sense of pride has been chronically absent"
  • It's All Gonna Come To Be - Beck
    "(spoken: this is sort of a...a...i got these chords from bob's kind Of a heartland feeling...sort of approving...) When all is said and done Wanna clip my toenails down, down, down, down, down And"
  • Sanddollars - Why?
    "Your illegal name in watercolor on a piss-stained Frisco truck hoping some camera'd catch your face when the rain comes down and the fat worms show up like seared shut half clotted blood vein sections, fast"
  • Light & Magic - Ladytron
    "The kids are freed, now all they need is a gift from their mum and dad They heard the tones, of Spanish phones stranded in the sand. You left on the lights, is there somebody home You left on the lights,"
  • Snowball In Hell - They Might Be Giants
    "Avalanche or roadblock I was a snowball in hell Avalanche or roadblock A jailer trapped in his cell Money's all broke, and food's going hungry If it wasn't for disappointment I wouldn't have any appointments Side"

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