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XXANAXX - Meltdown

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XXANAXX - Meltdown

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XXANAXX - Meltdown
    "AC-DC Stiff Upper Lip MELTDOWN Stiff Upper Lip (2000) (Young, Young) Now I'm gonna watch the fire (?) Night time or day Looking at a female Hey, hey, hey Gotta get up and come home And run around the"
  • AC/DC Meltdown
    "I look at my watch to find out the right time of the day I look at her libido hey hey hey I gotta get up and climb her, to roll her on the hay Makin a sweat, temperature rise all through the day Man its"
  • The Aquabats Meltdown!
    "I am just a man I do the things i can there is capacity for i am a human cars and radios television codes noisy animals jam transitions i will go to work just like captain Kirk i will hear the noise the"
  • Loverboy Meltdown
    "Chorus: We're headin' for a meltdown There's gonna be a breakdown Before we have the countdown We better have a shakedown You treat me bad, you leave me cold You got me guessin', so I've been told You"
  • Love And Death Meltdown
    "I think I’m having a meltdown I feel the tension (I feel the tension) Confessions told (Tell me, tell me everything) Insanity is taking over The fantasies are driving me mad Before Never let go Before"
  • Crimson Rockets Meltdown
    "Screaming our hopes, our anger This is the final act Hidden in your paradise you fear us For we'll take it down Our dreams are causing a meltdown We'll never let'em go /4x This is our revolution you"
  • Watchtower Meltdown
    "theres an air of urgency,the wail of sirens pierces the night the damage has already been done,irreversible accidents,security's tight this is not a drill,it's a drastic tradjedy to cope with time is"
  • Rooney Meltdown
    "but nobody sees you you're out on the edge but you're not in danger because you're only two feet above the ground you're out on a mission for recognition you're out on a mission a show to sell out but"
  • Mickey Rooney Meltdown
    "You're out on the edge But nobody sees you You're out on the edge But you're not in danger Because You're only two feet Above the ground You're out on a mission for recognition You're out on a mission A"
  • Koffin Kats Meltdown
    "The core is unstable and the lights are flashing red I think about a future where there's nothing left Sounds good to me as I'm nothing at all Just a shell of a man whose always been lost Dead to the"
  • Live Meltdown
    "like himaalan cold winter these jaws of kali yuga yeah it's a crazy kind of cold a lifeless slumber in a stranglehold yeah tibet, she can't even touch this I'd rather freeze in her forests we're in a spiritual"
  • Ash Meltdown
    "Revolution, we're the solution We're gonna take it to the overload Rebel radical retribution We're here to get what we are owed I think my head, my head is gonna explode I think my head is gonna explode I"
  • Bruce Dickinson Meltdown
    "Hey you wait... cringing in the dark you create what you always fear a puppet of hatred dishing out poison you use me, for bait, your begging bowl of lies chain letters of snivelling compromise I can smell"
  • Shaggy 2 Dope Meltdown
    "Industrial wasted the whole hood is Toxic smoke for all ya little kids Bring the family, come down to delray Where the nuclear air will microwave your brain Straight dogs get fat like wild boars Attackin"
  • GrimSkunk Meltdown
    "Hundreds of people gathered around In a trance they dance when the vibe is really happenin' The rhythm and the beat of the music take control Just like primitive pagans worshipping idols of pleasure and"
  • Missy Elliott Meltdown
    "Bet it, bet it taste like candy [3X] I broke up wit my ex I couldn't take his sarcasm Everytime we bone I had to fake an orgasm Moanin and groanin tried to make him feel manly I'd rather use my toys,"
  • Rin Kagamine Meltdown
    "Machi-akri hanayaka ETHER masui no tsumetasa Nemure nai gozen niji Subete ga kyuusoku ni kawaru On gire no LIGHTER Yaketsuku youna ino naka Subete ga sou uso nara Honto ni yokatta noni ne Kimi no kubi"
  • Marika Tabletki (feat. XXANAXX)
    ""Łykamy garściami te, Tabletki na sen" (Marika poinformowała na swoim koncie na Facebooku o premierze nowego singla. Będzie nosił tytuł "Tabletki", gościnnie pojawi się w nim warszawski duet wykonujący"
  • Judas Priest Metal meltdown
    "Something's calling In the night Electric madness Roars in sight Heat is rising Blazing fast Hot and evil Feel the blast Out of control About to explode It's coming at ya Here somes the Metal Meltdown"
  • Stardog Champion Mindshaker Meltdown
    "That old viscious screaming within The talk of the building with the crash about And broken glass it slides across his skin They both cry till exhausted and wind up in each other's arms It's a mindshaker"

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