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  • 69 - T-Pain
    "(feat. J Lyriq) In the back of my Lincoln With The Suicide Doors Dere A Huh Hahahah T-Pain J Lyriq Nappy Boy Hit Me On My Hotline I Am So Lonely Now Oooooooo Baby That Is Alright With Me Yeah Yeah Oh"
  • 69 - Poison
    "Dick meets jane and a fire starts Jane leaves dick and it breaks his heart Dick asked jane, "why'd you leave me? " "cause you're not dangerous, rough or sleazy" Now dick's dangerous Now"
  • 69 - Deep Purple
    "Flying through the night in a beat up wagonA mike stand up my jacksyGive me a beer and Ill stand on a chairAnd slip into something sexyBlack cat woolwich, the tigers headThe cafe des artistes, the revolution"
  • 69 - TEDE
    "Ej! To miało być grzeczne i kulturalne Można powiedzieć intelektualne Ale tutaj tak nie można, mógłbyś nie zrozumieć paru wyrazów Yo! Zaledwie parę godzin.. ruro.. muszę ci po prostu naubliżać, żebyś zrozumiał"
  • 69 - Korbowód
    "God I'm sick of this My stomach's in a knot My fingers are entwined I'm running out of time It's been in all the key scenes Given all it has It says I'm just wrong for The part in which I'm cast It said"
  • 69 - SWINGER
    "ja mogę cie obnażyć bez zbędnych komentarzy jesteśmy nadzy czuje jak me serce szybciej bije kiedy ty mnie dotykasz końcóweczką języka to dla mnie właśnie najpiękniejsze w życiu chwile są"
  • Apollo 69 - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    "My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Apollo 69 Looking for a way in. Searching for a way out. Angels ride free in your mind, but you're never gonna find it if you're never gonna try. Get your eyes on the"
  • Sham 69 - Cela nr 3
    "Tu makijaż tam agrafka Ludzie skaczą, wrzeszczą, chleją To są nasi bohaterzy Wyglądają jak należy Wokalista rzyga piwem Ktoś zraniony został nożem To jest właśnie Sham Nasz kochany Sham Sham, Sham, Sham"
  • Star 69 - Common
    "Let's do it now, it's me and you Close my eyes Erotica, I'm seein' you Listen to me wishin' I could be with you To share my love and ecstasy with you Are you alone? Is your shorty sleep? Hold on. That's"
  • Psalm 69 - Ministry
    "Congregation, please be seated and open your prayer guides to the Book of Revelations, Psalm 69 Drinking the blood of Jesus Drinking it right from his veins Learning to swim in the ocean Learning to crawl"
  • Star 69 - R.E.M.
    "you don't have to take the bar exam to see What you've done is ignoramus 103 What've I got to hang my hat on You don't have a pot to pee in All this just to be your friend I was there until the end. Extortion"
  • Fastback 69 - Buckcherry
    "Dealing with the dragon And this time I'm going to be flyin I was right between the problem And siding with the race of my heart I don't want to greet the morning I don't want to fill this place on this"
  • Highway 69 - End Of Green
    "I'll be out there all the night, some drugs in my head will make me feel alright. Everynight it's just the same, I get high, I get high, I get high, yeah. Everynight it's just the same, the drugs in my"
  • 69/396 - Hot Water Music
    "He drove a 69/396 With the black stripes on the hood. It was a rag top- big block Tear it up monster. He pushed it as hard as he could. Past the red road blocks And highway signs They meant more than he"
  • 69 Ways - Trina
    "[1 - J-Shin (Trina)] You're the finest bitch I've ever seen (That's right) Looking like a ghetto queen So call it ghetto fabulous She the type of bitch I wanna bust Said baby can I drop this please In"
  • Track 69 - Tool
    "Title: Disgustipated And the angel of the lord came unto me, snatching me up from my place of slumber. And took me on high, and higher still until we moved to the spaces betwixt the air itself. And"
  • Sweet '69 - Babes In Toyland
    "Babes In Toyland Nemesisters Sweet '69 I live it high cost of livin tell me why give it all Inside you gotta head high one size fits all Head ride you decide Sweet sweet ride 1969 . I live it why ya gotta"
  • Alabama 69 - Humble Pie
    "Yep This one's called "Alabama 69" I come from Alabama and I work a ten pound hammer And my woman's picking cotton for the bossman on the hill They work us till they break our back Beat us cos our skin"
  • Lookout 69 - Pansy Division
    "Pansy Division 7" Lookout 69 (c) 1992 FEM IN A BLACK LEATHER JACKET ----------------------------- I don't like macho, put it away Doesn't appeal to me, straight or gay But I know a boy who catches my eye He"
  • 69, Ann - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Gainsbourg et son Gainsborough Ont pris le ferry-boat De leur lit par le hublot Ils regardent la cte Ils saiment et la traverse Durera toute une anne Ils vaincront les malfices Jusquen soixante-dix Soixant-neuf Anne"

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