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XXNX khmer

  • Smoke Weed - Khmer Kid
    "blazin up on them indo, for my, khmai empire to ride spit my rhyme about my life on this M, I C tonite rippin through this show u know til all of ur speakers blow bass sticcin up so high like me we need"
  • Nokoreach - Hymn Kambod
    "Som pouk tepda rak sa moha khsath yeung Oy ben roung roeung doy chey monkol srey soursdey Yeung Khnom preah ang som chrok Krom molup preah Baromey Ney preah Noropdey vong Khsattra del sang preah sat thmr Kroup"
  • Warchild - Blondie
    "I need city lights defense and weaponry No way of knowing my life expectancy I learn resistance like I learn to see A living witness A lonely refugee I'm a war child I'm a war baby and that's the difference"
  • War Child (Extended Version) - Blondie
    "I need city lights, defense, and weaponry. No way of knowing my life expectancy. I learn resistance like I learn to see. A living witness. A lonely refugee. I'm a war child. I'm a war baby, and that's"
  • If i could talk i'd tell you - Lemonheads
    "Half past 9, quarter to ten 10:15, and we're coming around again hold off, are we going soft? Flushed my Zoloft, and we're comin' around again Found out, and i almost drowned Walked back down, and we're"
  • Same Old Pain - Crashdog
    "Six million next of kin Ghost pale bone thin Six million yellow stars Holiday in cattle cars Tattoo blue no more name A different number but the same old pain Now it's rolled it's way through Vukovar To"

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