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XXNX Anjali Anjali Vegas

  • Vegas - Calvin Harris
    "I've got my car, and my ride, and my wheels When I go to Vegas, that's right I've got my drugs, and my stuff, and my pills When I go to Vegas, alright I've got my girls, and my boys, and my girls"
  • Vegas - Ellen Ten Damme
    "Am I weak or am I strong I can't resist 'cause I want to belong to you, to you, to you How this will end I don't know but I can't stand the thought that you might say no when I when I when I I see"
  • Vegas - Sara Bareilles
    "Gonna sell my car and go to Vegas 'Cause somebody told me That's where dreams would be Gonna sell my car and go to Vegas Finally see my name upon the Palace marquis Gonna quit my job and move to New York 'Cause"
  • Vegas - A New Found Glory
    "A New Found Glory Miscellaneous Vegas It doesn't take much to keep holding someone's hand You have to keep your eyes open as wide as you can You never know what could come along... Sometimes"
  • Vegas - Popek X Stitches
    "jade do Las Vegas chill nagrać z moim bratem klip chore ziomki jadą ze mną Grubek, Mroczek, Szwed i Nyk limuzyną czy karetką to nieważne, ważne z kim z wami mogę przejść przez piekło czując sie jak w niebie"
  • Vegas - Agata Gołemberska
    "Składam na twoje usta Ostatni już pocałunek Niby po papierosy Inaczej wyjść stąd nie umiem Licznik nabija mile Żałuję tylko przez chwilę Boje się Może się mylę To w jedną stronę bilet Las Vegas Nie"
  • Vegas - Sleeper
    "He lives on his own The tv's on loan He watches old movies He lives in a flat The lino's all cracked But he's got plans bingo He sings like sinatra with more feel Plays with his pocket roulette wheel"
  • Vegas - Pastor Troy
    "This A Story Nigga, This Asoga. It's lyke me, mii nigga Portis, Mii nigga goddamn Dee,Mii nigga Santan, We out there in Vegas goddamn kickin it right, nigga out there waitinOn a limo and shit, it's a bad"
  • Vegas - Nico
    "The road that leads you to Vegas Remains so free Where men have lost a perfect set Within so much regret The turning wheel on every table Have they told you yet A formula, a winning scheme More than you"
  • Vegas - All Time Low
    "Tonight, we lie awake Remember how the coffee made us shake on those long drives? One more long night Another seven days Heartbeat racing The interstate, my home tonight For one more long night I'm sure"
  • Vegas - Sparkle
    "Background Rap: Strings Background Vocals: R. Kelly One, two, three, four I be's, I be's I be's the baddest in the business Givin' you more than Demi, keepin' Stevie Superstitious No shit, I'm vicious Hot"
  • Vegas - Terrorvision
    "Put your shoes on, Put your coat on, Put your hat on, Put your scarf on, Pick yourself up, Pick your moment, And let's go, Snow flake was in love with Dewdrop, But Dewdrop had an eye on Lake, Well lake"
  • Vegas - Doja Cat
    "Hey, I get it Hey, I get it Hey, hey, I get it Hey, I get it Hey, hey, I get it Hey You ain't nothing but a Dog? Player, I get it Fraud? Player, I get it I understand, I understand You ain't the man,"
  • Vegas - New Found Glory
    "It doesn't take much to keep holding someone's hand You have to keep your eyes open as wide as you can You never know what could come along... Sometimes people think that they are so in love When it's"
  • VEGAS - Screw
    "ougon ni yurameku fuyajou wa nemuru koto sae wasureta mama ichido kagiri no sei ni sakasu tomi to yume to yokujou no GAME I'M "9732" WINNER! YOU'RE "4321" LOSER! kouun ga ore wo michibiku DO YOU LOSE WHETHER"
  • Your Vegas - Your Vegas
    "Watch her run, watch her run Watch her run Red Leather rides her bike to the sun, Blue Planet shoots herself with the gun Oh Karma guide me home So don't cry Tonight This is your Vegas, this is your"
  • Aint No Friend - Anjali
    "So many people tried to stop me Doing what i wanna do Cause i put my faith in everyone And now i can see right through Cause each one of you took a part of me And tried to put me down But i'm gonna rise"
  • Space Lust (In The Space Dust) - Anjali
    "Touchdown, we land on this moon Red storms and space dusted you Here we are, heat and tides Like the planets we seem to align Electric storms, swirling skies And that's just the way you make me feel I"
  • Arabian Queen - Anjali
    "Arabian queen right on the scene Riding along in her cinematic dream I am the queen of this harem I got my veil on and I'm feeling serene Arabian highs, hear the sundown sigh Let's gather round the hookah Blowing"
  • Dusk - Anjali
    "Who are you and where you from And why does life go on and on ? Through it all, I have to say I couldn't live another day And everything I touch turns to dust It haunts me I'm falling in the sea of saturnine It"

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