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XXXTENTACION - Jocelyn Flores (Audio)

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XXXTENTACION - Jocelyn Flores (Audio)

  • Jocelyn Flores - XXXTENTACION
    "I know you so well, so well I mean, I can do anything that he can I've been pretty... I know you're somewhere, somewhere I've been trapped in my mind, girl, just holdin' on I don't wanna pretend we're"
  • Audio - 2cztery7
    "To dla audio chwili Koneserów jak nut w pięciolinii Niech bas dudni w tej skrzyni Weź graj tu też niskimi Dymi się z kolumny aż skwierczą Stary jamnik, mini-wieża to przeszłość Wzmacniacz rozhula kolumny"
  • Audio - LSD (Sia, Labrinth & Diplo)
    "we got a ride we got the night I got the bottle you got the light we got the stars we got audio we’re gonna fly we’re getting high you got the moon dust I got te sky we got the stars we got the radio make"
  • Flores - Proyecto Verona
    "Como un alien que habla una lengua extraa y est buscando a sus pares entre espinas y flores an cerradas, mi canción nació del silencio. La dirijo a aqul que me escucha: "No te conozco y te pido: hagas"
  • Flores - Ivete Sangalo
    "Ja me feri no espinho daquela florJ lhe dei beijos que marcaram nosso amorQueria ser Romeu e Julieta no passadoUm sonho pico que eleva o ser amado meu bemLhe dei amores, venci rumoresDessa moada caretaQue"
  • Flores - Banda Eva
    "(Davi Sales) Eu j descobri Que a minha vida E a sua vida uma só Sou seu ursinho, Sua gatinha, Seu xodó Só durmo agarradinha com voc meu cobertor Nas noites de frio E nas de calor Tambm sinto frio Me"
  • Audio World - Audio Adrenaline
    "People everywhere have something to say From the East to the West From here to Bombay Save the whales save the planet Save the eagles today From the mountains to the valleys To the rich and the poor Everybody"
  • Again (ft. XXXTENTACION) - Noah Cyrus
    "you just made the worst mistake and you’ll regret it darling Cuz once you give and then you take you always end up wanting was everything not enough? Cuz one day you’ll wake up and the you’ll say I want"
  • VOICES (feat. XXXTENTACION) - Skye
    "girl, why you tryinna save me you should just save yourself if I said that we can make it out I’d be lying to myself wishing I icould hit reset bad decisions, I regret now you talking to your ex I am sad I"
  • Audio Whore - Blue Cheer
    "(Dickie Peterson) See 'em in the late night Underneath the street light Sink into it all like the Audio Whore. Drivin' fine cars & makin' all the bars You need more call an Audio Whore Audio Whore! You"
  • Fuck Love (feat. Trippie Red) - XXXTENTACION
    "XXXTENTACION - Fuck Love (Audio) (feat. Trippie Redd)"
  • Audio Blood - The Matches
    "Every Friday At Three Shadows Escape From The Factory. If You Can Go To The Show, Hurry Up And Get Back To Me. Tonight We Meet Underground Where The Air Is Thick Like Mud, And The Bands Make Noise That"
  • Audio Illusions - Radon
    "Track 5, "Terror" -The sky is high with the living breath, and there's a little bit of luck between alive and death. The words I sing, they're very plain. lt's an eagle on a wing. Hey, we play audio illusions. And"
  • Audio X - Cypress Hill
    "(feat. Barron Ricks) "T-Minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6.. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. zero!" (Blast off!) Come inside, hello everybody, welcome Think you better be ready for the battle when the shit goes down Cause we warring All"
  • Audio X - Touch And Go
    ""T-Minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6.. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. zero!"(Blast off!) Come inside, hello everybody, welcomeThink you better be ready for the battle when the shit goes downCause we warringAll you fuckin yellow comets"
  • Audio delite - Black Eyed Peas
    "Ever since I was a little younger I always had a rhyme that I flung up In any situation that you brung up Black Eyed Peas would shake a party like thunder Now everybody wanna ask and wonder How the Black"
  • Audio Geography - Sundowner
    "The bright lime green walls watched me sit in silence. And everything that had happened faded into nothing. Four a.m.-concrete bed. Rented car-thoughts in flames. I didn't know what I was even doing there. Afternoon."
  • Audio Whore - Archers Of Loaf
    "Audiowhore, sucking on sound, Sucking my voice, dragging me down. Audiowhore, taking up my time. Why can't you make up your mind? Running on and on about nothing. Sucking from a pump, but it fails to"
  • Audio Hideo - Zeus
    "patrze na muze się jak mysz na górę sera"
  • Don’t Cry (ft. XXXTentacion) - Lil Wayne
    "don't Cry don't Cry don’t go won’t lie I fucking love you woah! you’re staring into the clouds am I rising or they coming down I see death around the corner and the u0-turn sign’s looking like a smile what"

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