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XxxNx. ViXxxdeo animals ViXxxdeo animals sex with girls

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XxxNx. ViXxxdeo animals ViXxxdeo animals sex with girls

  • Animals - Nazareth
    "I know what I need I need you I can't see nothin else all I can see is you I don't care what they say about my state of mind I know what's good for me and you are just my kind We are animals We are animals"
  • Animals - Oingo Boingo
    "lie down and close your eyes hey now, hey now, hey now, hey you may be in for a little suprise hey now, hey now, hey now, hey (??? over here something moving on the floor here) hey now, hey now, hey"
  • Animals - Robots In Disguise
    "She's a creature in her birthday suit, Dirty - preening, for a night's breeding, He sees a stray beast in the mirror, Hairy - shaving, to go out on the mating Such a cool cat in his skintight jeans Horny"
  • Animals - Nickelback
    "I, I'm driving black on black Just got my license back I got this feeling in my veins this train is coming off the track I'll ask polite if the devil needs a ride Because the angel on my right ain't hanging"
  • Animals - Gravenhurst
    "they descend upon the city like flies spraying their eggs into a dead dog's eyes it's England on a Saturday night I wish I could be like them and I try but I find it more rewarding to walk along the river picturing"
  • Animals - Funker Vogt
    "The character which we need They live all in common And without self-interest But we kill them to get the cash Don't you think that is trash? We respect the cunning of a fox But our weekend trip is it's"
  • Animals - Pink Floyd
    "Pigs on the Wing (Part I) If you didn't care what happened to me, And I didn't care for you We would zig zag our way through the boredom and pain Occasionally glancing up through the"
  • Animals - Cocorosie
    "Now that I'm alone I feel the lonely brokennessOf all the wicked avenues I've ever sold my love onAll these moments of meekness and trembling subsidedI'm the outright abandon of this orphan childHome is"
  • Animals - Sonic Youth
    "Talkin' to a punker priest Just doggin' the breeze Bout bein' in a tree (he says it's free now) Along comes Mary Christ Skatin' light on ice Says let's go on high (later, priestoid) Gotta go, I got a"
  • Concrete Animals - Shonen Knife
    "Generally speaking every park has them Commonly they are at the sand box Occasionally they are vandalized by someone They are painted many colors Elephant, Raccoon, Tiger Concrete Animals, Concrete Animals Can"
  • Small Animals - Mudhoney
    "Give me Give me Just get tough Hey, man would you like to go over to the candy store with me and get some sticks of candy? Some candy and shingles, please Sorry I sound so different eighty-five cents? Hahaha eighty-five"
  • Vehicles & Animals - Athlete
    "It's the simple things like the robots Stevie G draws And the ease with which we seem to pull those tricks There are moments of escape for every one of us And the beauty in the times that we create I"
  • Animals Insects - The Stills
    "I stumble out of a night club thinking, "Animals and insects don't do drugs." I think I'll go out and act like I'm celibate Jingle bells and a Christmas choir I softly kick a dog in the teeth But he can't"
  • Little Animals - The Raveonettes
    "My girl is a little animal She always wants to fuck I can't find a reason why I guess it's just my luck So at night when she's sound asleep I head out in the rain to meet All the things she never gave"
  • Machanical Animals - Marilyn Manson
    "We were neurophobic and perfect The day that we lost our souls Maybe we weren't so human If we cry we will rust And I was a hand grenade That never stopped exploding You were automatic and As hollow"
  • Dangerous Animals - Arctic Monkeys
    "Been fighting with my sheets And nearly crying in my sleep Yes, I'm battling that well taught gripe The most restraining type You should have racing stripes The way you keep me in pursuit Sharpen the heel"
  • Freaks & Animals - Rishloo
    "Under this canvas he hides a dream A trick of the type to cheap to be free Makes your bourgeoning inquiry More easily answered Oh a sight they have come to see We shan't disappoint they've paid for a scene And"
  • Animals - Martin Garrix
    "We're the fuckin animals! We're the fuckin animals!"
  • Speech With Animals - Palaxy Tracks
    "Kathy I want you at home "Now I know I was wrong," said the man to his wife "I learned that I just can't pretend that I know it's because you were bored right from the start." I'm talking now to the old"
  • We are all animals - The Rakes
    "We are the animals, who have lost our hair. Retained some of our teeth, and gained a choice... We'll chase food, money and sex, until satisfied. And when its time to rest, ask 'whats next?'... We are all"

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