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Xxxnx hours

  • Hours - Lengsel
    "(Words: Ole Halvard, Music: Ole Halvard and Lengsel) I will never sleep again I will go to my world Where I always can change Everything How could things end up like this? All this hatred I am a part"
  • Hours - Apulanta
    "The night I'm all fucking fucked up The night when all the stars fell down The night is nails back in my skin So goddamn true, there's just too much time The night is all eternity The night that burns"
  • Hours - TV On The Radio
    "You walked around Thought yourself beautiful Just too bad they stare, just too bad they stare Broke up your crown Called you unusable See how well you fare Stole underground To kick your heart around Banished"
  • Gardening Hours - Pile
    "Utwór 'Gardening Hours' z albumu 'All Fiction' od Pile (premiera 17 lutego 2023r.)"
  • Scary Hours - Drake
    "Drake 'Scary Hours' taki tytuł będzie nosił album rapera, którego premiera została zapowiedziana na 5 marca 2021 roku."
  • Three Hours - Nick Drake
    "Three hours from sundown Jeremy flies Hoping to keep The sun from his eyes East from the city And down to the cave In search for a master In search for a slave Three hours from London Jacomo's free Taking"
  • After Hours - Dianne Reeves
    "After hours While the whole town is sleeping I find my heart keeping a rendezvous With the ghost of you After hours Haunting all the old places I ask the same faces For any news It's the same old blues Someday"
  • 24 Hours - Andrea Corr
    "I see your eyes remember You know this song And I try to see your picture But that's your song with somebody else You know I love inside your head Cos I can't be there You're a mystery Intrigueing me great And"
  • Fading Hours - Rage
    "Who tells sader stories? Tears in broken eyes telling 'bout the worries, search for cure from whys. A something to believe in, not leaving, still living. There must have been a reason for all, she said. Fading"
  • After Hours - Swing Out Sisters
    "After Hours Day time surrenders And the shadows fall You're cigarette lingers You spent the night alone With no one at all Another mellow mood And the silence calls Another fleeting glance Another call"
  • 24 Hours - Real McCoy
    "24, 24, 24 hours The city doesn't sleep, 7 days a week 24, 24, 24 hours We're leaving on a fast plane 24 hours, 24 hours 7 days a week 24 hours, 24 hours I'm leaving on a fast plane Dowtown, entertainment,"
  • 48 Hours - The Clash
    "friday or saturday, what does that mean short space of time needs a heavy scene monday is coming like a jail on wheels 48 hours needs 48 48 hours needs 48 48 hours needs 48 thrills 48 thrills so tell"
  • 24 Hours - Domestic Problems
    "24 hours a day, I'm in my head 24 hours a day, I'm in my head Do you? I don't think so Have you ever thought? Only once but I was just a boy - God said no and Do I have the faith to keep it going *Chorus* Everything"
  • Sweet Hours - Beth Rowley
    "Hours please be kind to me today Pass by quickly let my mind drift away But when in a lover's arms I fall I ask that you will tick no more 'Cause these are the hours I've been waiting for So, please, my"
  • After Hours - Pam Tillis
    "(Verlon Thompson/Suzy Ragsdale) In the after hours Slowly shifting down Last call is over The sign is turned around The chairs are on the tables The drinks are on the house The talk is on the level The"
  • Idle Hours - Anacrusis
    "Repeat this habitual course To lift this weight which drags me under Treading in my remorse I must stay above the surface longer Shattering... Shattering needed rest Awakened reality I must confront"
  • 24 Hours - Alexz Johnson
    "I've been sitting in the dirt (for 24 hours) I've forgotten what im worth (for 24 hours) Said that you'd be here last night I'm trying to shake you from my skin (for 48 hours) Clean up this mess i've"
  • Painting Hours - Just Jinger
    "And surely I have learned my lesson A lesson there was sure to learn And lessons only make you stronger So strong that they can burn And slowly it all fades to nothing While nothing really fades away And"
  • 24 Hours - Tom Jones
    "Salty skin on my back Sweat that pores like rain I can feel the attack But Im numb to pain The cold is creeping in and it chills my veins Ive got one more minute, twenty four hours to go No redemption"
  • Other Hours - Harry Connick Jr.
    "Who are you in the other hours When your hair's undone And your guard's let down When you're all alone in your all nightgown Are you the life of the party then? Sitting by yourself, again Where are you"

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