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Xzibit Eyes May Shine Remix

  • Eyes May Shine (Remix) - Xzibit
    "Eyes May Shine (Remix) f/ Mobb Deep (*Havoc in the background: "No doubt" - repeat 8x*) Yea like this, rest in times, +Infamous+ Crew yea +Infamous+ Mobb Deep, bring it down Once again bring it live,"
  • Eyes May Shine - Xzibit
    "Yeah yeah Look, you could've got away but your response wasn't quick enough Can't preserve life 'cause the best wasn't thick enough Teflon, Napalm, Homicide scenes These are a few of my favorite things! But"
  • Shine - Average White Band
    "Average White Band Miscellaneous Shine Nothing in this world Seems to function without tears You oughta' know There's no need to pull yourself apart Nothing you can do seems to matter without love You"
  • Shine - Take That
    "You, you're such a big star to me You're everything I wanna be But you're stuck in a hole and I want you to get out I don't know what there is to see But I know it's time for you to leave We're all just"
  • Rework The Angles (feat. A.G., Defari & Xzibit) - Dilated Peoples
    "* also featured on Sway and King Tech's "This or That" Check it out now I work the angles like, off the cushion in the sidepocket Electrifying like a live socket Hit em with all flavors, yup We tryin"
  • May - Duct Tape
    "Sorry if u burned them sorry if u let it drown but all i was doing was bringing you down i didn't mean to hurt i thought you wanted this right being happy just us was always just alright with"
  • May - The Story So Far
    "Might as well pack up all your stuff and move into my head I wish I could dispose of all these thoughts and just be numb instead I wish you'd stop running from your problems and run to me instead Black"
  • Getcha Groove On (Featuring Xzibit) - Limp Bizkit
    "Xzibit: Yes, millenium shit Limp bizkit, x to the z ,yeah Bringin' it live to you and yours Ladies and gentlemen My homeboy, yo get at 'em, dog Chorus : You don't wanna fuck with me today 'Cause"
  • Even You May Shine - The Mission
    "Some crazy holy roller trying to sell you Jesus Trying to sell you helter skelter He sells you genocide, he sells you kingdom come Now watch the little piggies run for shelter Cease to exist, just come"
  • Every may you shine - The Mission
    "Sone crazy holy roller trying to sell you jesusTrying to sell you helter skelterHe sells you genocide, he sells you kingdom comeNow watch the little piggies run for shelterCease to exist, just come and"
  • Eyes Of May - Sinamore
    "Through this nothingness I see your face Craving for truth Rain colours the sky above you I'll paint it blue, I touch your name And feel the pain of loss Take me away with your eyes of may My everything"
  • X (Chirs Vrenna/Tweaker Remix) - Xzibit
    "Yeah, ladies and gentleman Broadcasting live to you and yours It's Mr. X to the Z, Xzibit Yeah, bounce it Come on The first day of the rest of my life (X) Stand behind the mic like Walter Cronkite Y'all"
  • Shine - Joni Mitchell
    "Oh let your little light shine Let your little light shine Shine on Wall Street and Vegas Place your bets Shine on the fishermen With nothing in their nets Shine on rising oceans and evaporating seas Shine"
  • Shine - Bare Jr.
    "I forget dreams and lies I try and I try Think you should know Just what I like You should by now, somehow, Be living without I would rather shine in your eyes Hold me up, I'm coming down Headfirst for"
  • Shine - Everclear
    "Shine Shine Open up your life and shine your light Shine Open up and show the freak inside Words don't mean nothing His words don't mean nothing He has no shame He will say anything Just to get what"
  • Shine - Cyndi Lauper
    "Shine I'll stand by you Don't try and push me away 'cause I'm just gonna stay You can Shine I won't deny you And don't be afraid It will all be ok Do you know my name? Well I Ain't gonna take that big"
  • Shine - Orange Goblin
    "Dream on, dream on baby, let it go Dream on baby, let it go Fly so high, fly so high baby, let it go Fly so high baby, let it go You light my soul, you light my soul baby, let it go You light my soul baby,"
  • Shine - Paddy Casey
    "you may say you're crazy and you're lost in your mind but i say they're just to lazy to lazy to find the place where you shine the place where you shine what was stolen from books, kah and lay their wings"
  • Shine - Joshua Kadison
    "Hey, Sebastian, don't be blue It ain't up to you Sometimes this world just has a way of goin' astray And hey, Sebastian, look around It's a crazy lost and found We're all tryin' to find a place in this"
  • Shine - Julee Cruise
    "Maybe I am not in lineMaybe this is not the timeBut I've taken such a shine to youI know you are hers not mineI know I am out of lineBut I've taken such a shine to you'Coz in my eyes you glow you shineI"

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