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Xzibit Inside Job')

  • Inside Job - Xzibit
    "Mr. X to the Z (who am I?) M-m-m-mr. X (who am I?) X to the to-the-to-the Z M-m-m-m-mr. X-x-x to the Z (yeah, yo) M-m-m-m-mr. X-x-x to the Z So it's one fifteen in the mornin I'm comin up, a hard day,"
  • Inside Job - Don Henley
    "(Don Henley/Mike Campbell) While you were sleeping They came and took it all away The lanes and the meadows The places where you used to play It was an inside job By the well-connected Your little protest Summarily"
  • Inside Job - Mudhoney
    "I'm always watching From outside I've been living like this All my life I've changed my mind That I want in Take you by surprise When you do my in Takes an inside job to make it easy When it's hard Takes"
  • Inside Job - John Hiatt
    "'''Inside Job''' You Took It To Heart That Is My Love And I Thank Heaven That I Found You I Thank The Stars Above The Way That It Happened Well It Might Sound Strange But After The Hurting Is All Done There"
  • Inside Job - Pearl Jam
    "Underneath this smile Lies everything All my hopes, anger, pride and shame Make myself a pact, not to shut doors on the past Just for today,... I am free I will not lose my faith It's an inside job today I"
  • Getcha Groove On (Featuring Xzibit) - Limp Bizkit
    "Xzibit: Yes, millenium shit Limp bizkit, x to the z ,yeah Bringin' it live to you and yours Ladies and gentlemen My homeboy, yo get at 'em, dog Chorus : You don't wanna fuck with me today 'Cause"
  • Boob Job - Keller Williams
    "She had some extra money, she wanted to buy time her friends said it was dangerous, but could not change her mind. she did it for her mirror, for her oceans, summer sand she just laid down to that scalpel"
  • Bank Job - Barenaked Ladies
    "It was an upset in two minutes flat We were back on the freeway, foot to the mat I can't understand it; we had it down pat It's very upsetting, could we leave it at that? We all had positions; we each"
  • Blow job - Pigment
    "I make a rod for my own back wanna escape tonight give me your love if you feel sorrow my touch is a hope but last strow too You`re alone to the backbone pictures are sight for sore eyes give me your hate"
  • Xzibit Freestyle - Xzibit
    "You are now tuned in to the golden state To all my niguhs on the streets and behind closed gates Continue to maintain daily and carry the weight And all my folks on the outside continue to rise Finally"
  • Inside - Van Halen
    "(All band members rambling together) Man, what kinda crap is this? I don't know. I, I thought it was really gonna be different this time. (It is) Ah, yeah. (Ha-ha-ha!) Yeh-hey I don't know man. We're dyin',"
  • Freestyle - Xzibit - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Xzibit) You are now tuned in to the Golden state To all my niguhs on the streets and behind closed gates Continue to maintain daily and carry the weight And all my folks on the outside continue"
  • Job - Foxy Brown
    "(feat. Mya) Ughh, gimme some Ughh, yeah, yeah, yeah, heh Ughh, get sticky wit it Ughh, get your name back Not that, ughh Nigga wanna lay up on my couch, watchin' cable Hands all in his pants, feet"
  • Job - Swans
    "No We Have Never Been Here And We'll Never Be Gone I Saw Your Voice Rise Up And Cut Into The Heart Of The Sun I Kissed The Lips Of A Girl She Took Her First Breath When The World Was Young I Felt The Cold"
  • A Job For Real Men - Adhesive
    "Somewhere inside your empty head you think you're working-class but you corrupt the whole idea with your "white aryan pride" Solidarity to you, the word is just a curse An illusion in your world where"
  • Sick Inside - Aaron Sprinkle
    "I only spoke to you that way To get it through your haggard brain That I could be so much more I could be someone that someone would adore (chorus) Seems like a long time since I felt good Good enough"
  • Inside - Inside Out
    "I want you to stay with me. To spend every day with me. I want you to be more than just a friend. I want you to let me in. Although you're above me. I want you to love me. I want you to need me. Take my"
  • Xzibit And Tash Freestyle - Tony Touch
    "(feat. Tash, Xzibit) "I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that" >From now till forever it's the Likwit MC X to the Z, you get Banned From TV Fuckin wit me, Likwit"
  • And We Run (ft. Xzibit) - Within Temptation
    "t burns into your heart, the darkness that you fear. You were never free, and you never realized. And love is a word you've never heard. Your heart is cold cause it burns, the desire to leave the mind. Take"
  • Turnin' Inside Out - Krokus
    "Round and round I'm' gettin' dizzy Get me off this carousel yeah! Don't think don't smoke Don't laugh don't joke Gonna take my woman Drive down the coast (You can take this job 'n' shove it down to your"

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