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  • Y - Zug Izland
    "Don't ask us Y! We do the things that we do Don't ask us Y! We feel the same as you Don't ask us Y! Life can be so damn cruel Don't ask us Y! It's all been decided for you Pure soul first breath is filled"
  • Y - Nicole (FI)
    "Lpi silkkisen huoneen kuljet kuun siltojamme rikkoen Yn sametti peitteen kiedot ymprillemme Kaupunki kulkee yn aamuumme Tunnen jokaisen hetken luoden kuin ikuisuuden Kaupunki kulkee yn aamuumme || ==English"
  • Y? - The Pharcyde
    "Verse 1 I wasn't sleepin I was creepin slidin' hidin' I would love the girl behind me roll up a fat ?tyme? thinkin' mentally sinkin (precousicly) brinkin two decades n a half waitin' for the path of mine"
  • Pu**y - R. Kelly
    "Intro (Man) Pusssy! Is A Whole Different Aspect Of Life Wars Don Started From Country To Country Over They Women Pussy! Is One Of The Most Powerful Things In The World And A Lot Of People Dont Understand"
  • Now Y - La The Darkman
    "(Intro: La The Darkman) Yeah. Yeah. Yo. Yo. Yo. Trapacanti. Yo. (Chorus: La The Darkman) When I walk these streets, like bamboo, I'm strapped Get your brain tapped by fourty-four caliber gats It ain't"
  • Y Not - Def Squad
    "* erick sermon (of epmd) (e) Uh, and you don't stop yeah yeah Uh huh yeah yeah ha ha (slick rick) You know what I'm sayin so I said (rick d) Uh huh, yeah Big brown uh huh, yeah You ready? (erick"
  • Generation Y? - Thea Gilmore
    "Four o'clock in the morning and my coffee got cold And I've been watching the streetlamps flick off with the dawn So I take a deep breath inwards and my hair's pulled down my throat I look up at the"
  • Wonderin' Y - Slade
    "Here I am, in the same old clothes, looking back on my life Cos I'm here alone. Left out here without a home Take no chance, read between the lines, don't accept a way When she always cries, just try"
  • How Y' Livin' - Amorosi Vanessa
    "Amorosi Vanessa The Power How Y' Livin' I should have seen the signs you showed me So many times, in so many ways On a never ending journey though the cold light of day Cold light of day I spent nearly"
  • Tu y yo - Nina Sky
    "Uh huh, uh uh Uh huh, uh uh Uh huh, uh uh Ohh.... Estoy pensando en ti Always see you in my dreams Solamente quiero tu y yo-o-o-o, papi Estoy pensando en ti I know your da one for me Solamente quiero tu"
  • Concha Y Toro - Wild Strawberries
    "You know everything I'm saying You know long before I speak I saw you at the side of the road with her hands around your neck I saw you at the side of the road and you know I want you back You're my Concho"
  • Tell me y - Blog 27
    "Baby tell me y U left me U wentaway I could be ur Perfect gurl But I'm not... Seems like now I'm fine But somehow still without you I feel like... It's so much we've been through together Sotrue is what"
  • X, Y, & Zee - Pop Will Eat Itself
    "I am he who is X Y and Zee I carry no card my life is cheap Have no worries I do not fret Some may have what I'm yet to get And you may wonder, "Is it how?" A kitten may turn into a cow With bells and"
  • Y I Otta - Dogs With Jobs
    "You come to my house to suck back my beers You weren't invited You never knock, you just stroll right in Hell, you never leave! You take and take all i've got to give You take it all like a fucking sieve You're"
  • Y-U-Smilin - Andre Nickatina
    "Man I'm F-I double L-M-O-E I'm like Seabiscuit baby you can bet on me I like Ben Franklin on bills With cold c-notes on hotdays I chills I don't know why they grinnin, them suckas ain't winnin I can"
  • Y-Tu-Conga - Gloria Estefan
    "Everybody gather 'round now Let your body feel the heat Don't you worry if you can't dance Let the music move your feet It's the rhythm of the island And like the sugarcane so sweet If you want to do the"
  • Y - Yannick Noah
    "Y Mama Y Mama Y Mama Y Ma Y Mama Y Y Y Ma On veut partir, voyager Et puis tout nous manque l-bas On se jure toujours s'aimer Et puis doucement on s'en va. On se croit dur, bien arm, Des soldats en chocolat Des"
  • Cumbia, Polka Y M - Tish Hinojosa
    "Todos vamas a dar Un ritmo para bailar As, as, as el cuento va Vamos a pensar en ms De este mundo y que Vivan todos en paz Toma mi corazón Lo doy sin pedire razón Y mano en mano hemano ven aqu Todo fuera"
  • Y - Ruuska Pekka
    "Kun y otteen saa Kun y otteen saa Vuoret muuttuu suuremmiksi Virrat voimakkaammiksi Nauru muuttuu itkuksi Ja hymy irvistykseksi Kun y otteen saa Kun y on isnt Kun y on isnt Tehdn niinkuin ksky kuuluu Silloin"
  • Y - Luis Miguel
    "Y que hiciste del amor, que me juraste. Y que has hecho de los besos, que te di. Y que excusa puedes darme si fallaste, Y mataste la esperanza que hubo en mi. Y que ingrato es el destino, que"

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