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YUNGBLUD - Falling Skies

  • Skies - Pristina
    "A light comes to me through Open fingers scared of reaching Gold against the curtains of my eyes In two starlight beams that Peel back this lucid sadness To free these arms and teach them how to fly And"
  • Rain (Falling From The Skies) - Frank Sinatra
    "Writer(s): Mellin/Finlay Rain falling from the skies Like lonely tears through misty eyes Rain streaming down my face Brings memories my heart cannot erase Here alone in all my sorrows Waiting for the"
  • Falling - Marquess
    "He said: "My girl I've got the Answers here inside You're looking sad maybe Some ?green' will make you happier tonight" All the faith inside was gone, yeah When she chose the easy road All the fear's still"
  • December Skies - Cowboy Junkies
    "September skies, Bodies falling Never again will you catch me admiring Those vast september skies. October skies, Hate is flying. Crimson leaves slowly falling From azure october skies. Time to kill"
  • Southern Skies - Realm
    "doom da da da da doomda doo da doom da da da da doomda dee doom da da da da doomda da da da da da stop everything look up to the sky these cries solstice born thoughts of you doom da da da da doomda"
  • Vacant Skies - Sparta
    "Crumbling around the freefall. This missing air will forever make your nerves crawl. Crumbling. We will assume the worst. Incapsulation, fists clenching and falling. Mistakes make it easy. Incapsulation,"
  • Blue Skies - Jamiroquai
    "So these are the figurines Acting out all the scenes before my eyes I thought I knew them all by name But they started looking much the same And it's no surprise But I don't wanna listen Too much How"
  • Obey with YUNGBLUD - Bring Me The Horizon
    "Another day another post-traumatic order (brainwashed and feeling fine) I bit off more than i could chew when i looked closer So i stabbed a fork in my eye Think i am losing my fucking mind Don’t know"
  • Red skies disappear - The Sisters Of Mercy
    "Out of our hands Something's calling Catch me crying Calling your name Marian Do no more than Watch you try and understand me Well i've found It worth the *** All around me All around me Marian Take my"
  • In Bluer Skies - Echo & The Bunnymen
    "What needs must be I realised I'm walking out From blackened skies You say belief Is in our eyes But how can I believe In blind lies I'm counting On your heavy heart Could it keep me From falling"
  • In Bluer Skies - Echo And The Bunnymen
    "What needs must be I realised I'm walking out From blackened skies You say belief Is in our eyes But how can I believe In blind lies I'm counting On your heavy heart Could it keep me From falling"
  • The Empty Skies - Swallow The Sun
    "The dead walk In the silent world Oh, how the dead talk With empty words Redemption By thought injection And the dead march To the voice of deception This is now a new beginning There will be no creation"
  • Under African Skies - Paul Simon
    "(Paul Simon) Joseph's face was black as night The pale yellow moon shone in his eyes His path was marked By the stars in the Southern Hemisphere And he walked his days Under African skies This is the"
  • Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G) - KSI
    "Little bit, little bit I need a little bit of patience Coz we be going through changes No patience i’ve had enough Spent too much time through these phases It’s just not adding up Felt all alone my"
  • Falling Stars - Wijlen Wij
    "Rotten leaves, naked trees lost light, gone from the sky barren and cold waste an all engulfing darkness my body lays silent yet I'm wandering alone my strength and courage All idle in this world lingering"
  • Falling Out - Kate Alexa
    "I feel a little bit out of place and I've never been like this before, I watch back with no disgrace and I wonder why I fell through this door, I really need some time to figure out just who I am and what"
  • Falling Star - Lonewolf
    "I feel the morning rise, kissin' the night away, drowning in the city lights, swallowin' every ray. Uh.. drag me into your blue sky. I'm flyin' through endless skies, painted in sorrow and tears, I'm"
  • Falling Down - James
    "Baby's on the lamb tonight Her skies all full of stars And love's just something that always goes wrong That looks and smokes like Ava Gardner Baby's gonna blow your lights Adjust your back - lit charm And"
  • Falling Apart - Cadence
    "(Chorus) And I don't know why things seem so strained and lately this has been so hard I'm fallin apart without your love I'm fallin apart And I don't think that things will change Unless we open up our"
  • Friends In The Skies - Franks Enemy
    "Everybody wants to make Friends in the skies Trying to ascend to Planes of existence on high Falling into trances And trying to float away Given up on earth and people Headed for the astral plane Certain"

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