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Yellow Claw - Open

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Yellow Claw - Open

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Yellow Claw - Open
  • Transit Scrape And Claw
    "What a mess this is I Clench my fists and lose my grip. I 'm throwing the towel in. I swear, I'm seeing red again. Fighting on to survive. Every inch feels like a mile. I scrape and claw Cut deep"
  • Motorhead Claw
    "Watching you watching me I was hoping you'd be here tonight Watching him watching you He'd better watch out too 'Coz he keeps getting in my light I think he's going overload Don't know what you're running"
  • Yellow Claw Invitation (feat. Yade Lauren)
    "Say, you wanna spent some time Want someone to do it right Well, baby, I’m free tonight Everybody needs that one good fire in their life And if you wanna burn I got the light Let my body be your guide Watch"
  • Yellow Claw Light Years (feat. Rochelle)
    "Electric nights Like fireflies Time is frozen Velvet skies Like lightening vibes We be floating Cos when you touch me I swear I can’t speak Out of body There ain;t no coming back And when we touch me"
  • Oblivion Yellow 5
    "Wake up salty to the sound of sunlight, And thank you god that youre not alive. Dont supervise the glass in the state room, Give it all for Yellow #5. You walk on byes and hellos as if dancing, But you"
  • Tarnation Yellow Birds
    "The little yellow birds, Do they cry for me, Or do they cry with happiness ? They look down on me with tiny eyes, Do they see my tears? They seem to flutter by so carelessly, Do they hope I have some"
  • Enthroned Daemon's Claw
    "Many scripts i wrote about the way to torture the holy, My soul's still hungry... I cannot turn around... Try to forget it. I came out nowhere, born from ashes. My blood's boiling, inside me, the Demon"
  • April Wine Cat's Claw
    "April Wine Electric Jewels Cat's Claw (myles goodwyn/jim clench) Published by summerlea music, ltd. - bmi She huh, living in a cat's claw mind Hoping you like what you find But you'd better take it real"
  • Tina Turner Steel Claw
  • Kills Cat Claw
    "It's time to stand up our fingers from the bell Tell me sugar how you felt now Come on sugar, tell now Can't stand your face until it took off I wouldn't give a f**k but the love here is such a long walk If"
  • The Kills Cat Claw
    "It's time to stand up our fingers from the bell Tell me sugar how you felt now Come on sugar, tell now Can't stand your face until it took off I wouldn't give a fuck but the love here is such a long walk If"
  • YeLLOW Generation Yellow
    "Warning atari chirase Breaking out! Breaking out! Kuzureru made Genkai nante mada sou dare mo Shiritsukushite nai naa sou darou? Caution ikari chirase kako mo haji mo shobun sumi sa Arigachi na koto nante"
  • Golden Earring Yellow And Blue
    "From the Album: * Golden Earring When I wake up early in the morning and sometimes I really do Then you get up and you do some yawning That's nothing new But then, you know I wonder If the morning, couldn't"
  • Luniz Yellow Brick Road
    "Hahahaha. Eh, eh, eh, yo mama got a long ass throat, when she drink milk, by the time it get to her stomach it's spoiled... ahaha!! Where you get that cream from man?? The Ice Cream Man, man, that"
  • Eminem Yellow Brick Road
    "What we have to do is deal with it when these individuals are young enough. If you wish to be saved, not in a religious sense but not to constitute what this country at times calls if or which over. We"
  • José González Open Book
    "I feel just like an open book, Exposing myself in this neighborhood Talking to people as if I'd knew them well Thinking that everyone has come through different kinds of well Lately I found myself in doubt, Ask"
  • Lemon Demon Atomic Copper Claw
    "You may be friendly looking on the outside, But I know why you only wear long sleeves. And I know why you shake with the wrong hand. Don't try to hide it, cause I do believe that You're out to get me,"
  • Evangelista Paper Kitten Claw
    "Every time you see the word never you must cross it out. Read to me the questions the answers write them in your arm. Let me copy off you let me write it all on your skin just like paper it don't matter."
  • Captain Beefheart Orange Claw Hammer
    "Uh thick cloud caught uh piper cubs tail The match struck blue on uh railroad rail The old puff horse was just pullin' thru 'n uh' man wore uh peg leg forever I'm on the bum where the"
  • Emm Gryner Yellow
    "Can you see the yellow on the road Lying there for quite some time Here my hands shaped like your hold explanation Helps nothing, how dare you make me cry I utter vows left and right and east and west How"

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