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Yellow string of memories

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Yellow string of memories

  • String - Tunng
    "hang my eyes up on a hook swells the panic i cant look inside my own skin i fail to find myself again a million faces look the same and their replies evaporate theres no soul behind these eyes if they"
  • Yellow Rain - Pretty Maids
    "Tears in his eyes The fear, oh it never dies The echoes of the past Are rolling on and on For those who were left back Tomorrow never comes Oh, it never comes And after all these years Something still"
  • Yellow - Kashmir
    "Comming home, throw my leatherjacket on the floor I drink a cup of coffee trough a book Uh there ain't no wonders better on Except the little dirty picture on the wall On the screen it's very hard for"
  • Yellow - Okkervil River
    "You can only talk so much about things that are never, ever going to happen. My brothers at home with his dog and his cat and his wife is at a friends. You can only go on so long about feelings that never,"
  • Sweet Memories - Hank Locklin
    "My world is like a river As dark as it is deep Night after night the past slips in And gathers all my sleep My days are just an endless string Of emptiness to me Filled only by fleeting moments Of her"
  • Yellow Tricycle - Yellow Tricycle
    "Where i'm going where i'm from on my yellow tricycle The nights i've been looking for a way back home The things i am going through the fear just to talk to you The friends i don't understand And you"
  • Memories - Van Morrison
    "Memories All I have is memories All I have is memories Memories of you Now you're gone They linger on, these memories All these precious memories Memories of you How they linger in the twilight In the"
  • Memories - Clinic
    "Memories are the pieces of a puzzle you wanted(?) Memories are your pieces of gold Memories are your wealth and your warmth, you wonder(?) Memories are your pieces of gold Down all the lanes that you"
  • Memories - Gabry Ponte
    "Memories in my dreams Memories of what I've seen Memories every time I hear that magic melody Memories of days gone by Memories of you and I Memories every night Until theres nothing in my mind Memories..."
  • Memories - Elvis Presley
    "Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind Memories, sweetened thru the ages just like wine Quiet thought come floating down And settle softly to the ground Like golden autumn leaves around my feet I"
  • Memories - Promiseland
    "Ahiyahiyahiyaaaaaaa Memories of love You know my world, this is my right You can take my love but not my life I dream of you, inside my mind Love revelations we will find Ahiyahiyahiyaaaaaaa Memories of"
  • Memories - The Temptations
    "verse 1:wish that i could wind/ like a spiral spare through time/ to your body next to mine/ warm and satisfied/ wish that i could catch/ a night train to the past/ climb aboard and hear you ask/ darling"
  • Memories - Within Temptation
    "(Memories, memories Memories, memories) In this world you tried Not leaving me alone behind There's no other way I prayed to the Gods, let him stay The memories ease the pain inside Now I know why All"
  • Memories - Maroon 5
    "here’s to the ones that we got cheers to the wish you were here but you’re not cause the drink bring back all the memories of everything we’ve been through toast to ones here today toast to the ones that"
  • Memories - Maggie Reilly
    "(Memories) (Memories) Falling through the space between our dreams Absence is a way to let us know And never understand what leaving means But some things have to break and let it go Memories won't let"
  • Memories - Earth And Fire
    "If you had been away And left this world behind So far away The problems on your mind Alone again Feeling very sad Left with your memories If you had been away And made a lot of fun No place to stay Always"
  • Memories - Joey Albert
    "Seems like I just touch your hand Feels like I've known you so long Dreams like the ones that we made out of sand Made out of fire, burning strong And it seems like the day has not passed Feels like you've"
  • Memories - Sunny Side Up
    "Turn around and face the crowd, order of the day take the blame and close your eyes, let it slip away where is the shining light, where is the face in the rain faith is like burning sand, think they are"
  • Memories - Warhead
    "(music: breitenbach / lyrics: eilen / arranged by breitenbach) ... during his first hours in the death house he is painfully overcome by the emotional memories of his family and childhood ... I close"
  • Memories - NamNamBulu
    "All the things were going through Let me know when it is over I have never felt this way Im marked with scares that wont recover I have always wanted you Will I ever be returning Now that Im away from"

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