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Yes Angkor Wat

  • Angkor Wat - Yes
    "(Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Jonathan Elias Out of the brightest tree) the moon became the morning sun, And there again reflected on the dreams of everyone. Out of the starlight night the telling of all"
  • Ghosts Of Angkor Wat - Bal-Sagoth
    "(17 October: 1893) Such grim musings as have been occupying my mind of late unfortunately seem to suggest a possible link to the fate of my learned friend and colleague Doctor Ignatius Stone. That brilliant"
  • The Ghosts Of Angkor Wat - Bal-Sagoth
    "(Instrumental) ''From the journal of Professor Caleb Blackthorne III, continued...'' 15 October: 1893 After a sleepless and oppressively feverish night spent pondering the truths which I exhumed amongst"
  • Wat Pomp? - Die Antwoord
    "Ninja Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo-Landi Visser Jack Parow DJ Hi-Tek Die fokken Antwoord Wat pomp julle? Wat pomp julle? Wat pomp, wat pomp, wat pomp julle? Wat pomp julle? Wat pomp julle? Wat pomp, wat pomp, wat pomp"
  • Indestructible: Innocence 1990 - Angkor Wat
    "Angkor Wat Miscellaneous Indestructible: Innocence 1990 It's totally psychological Motherfucker It's totally psychological Motherfucker Hate and war and blind despair Tell me you love"
  • Barracuda - Angkor Wat
    "Angkor Wat Corpus Christi Barracuda So this ain't the end - I saw you again today I had to turn my heart away You smiled like the Sun - kisses for everyone And tales - it never fails! You're lying so low"
  • Birdsong (Earth) - Angkor Wat
    "Angkor Wat Corpus Christi Birdsong (Earth) Bright sky blue Who now fades too Frames birds on the wing Whose sweet songs too sad to sing Now only an echo in my mind As sky fades to black I wonder if he'll"
  • Corpus Christi - Angkor Wat
    "Angkor Wat Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Born into A hazy crossfire The end result of Innocence and ignorance Flesh and blood cure For emotional strife Vision obscured by a Soft skin curtain Torn and ripped Youth"
  • Ordinary Madness - Angkor Wat
    "Angkor Wat Corpus Christi Ordinary Madness Lost in a cold dark garden alone My only company Night blooming dementia Bittersweet blossom bloom of madness The sharp knife in my mind kills the devil in the"
  • Schizophrenic Storm - Angkor Wat
    "Angkor Wat Corpus Christi Schizophrenic Storm Lost in a blur - of psychostatic Electro into - windstorm maniac A philosophy - a way of life Sold in a smile - evangeliphile Soothing pulsation - mindnumbing"
  • Anne Marie - Angkor Wat
    "Angkor Wat Corpus Christi Anne Marie I've got a hot white Burning inside That time only Feeds my minds Only need I add your fuel To my fire My flames burn higher And higher Shaking, Shaking I feel my body"
  • Sinking - Angkor Wat
    "Angkor Wat Corpus Christi Sinking Sinking in a sea of emptiness, alone A solitude, an isolation, to living men unknown Shadows of memories dance across my mind Just beyond reach with the passing of time Searching"
  • Sour Born (Driving Wheel) - Angkor Wat
    "Angkor Wat Corpus Christi Sour Born (Driving Wheel) In between worlds of white and black Lies a world of gray Beneath the sour born showering down Its time on me A thin sharp slice of dime Pushed gently"
  • Turn Of The Screw - Angkor Wat
    "Angkor Wat Corpus Christi Turn Of The Screw Hey I saw your mouth on, another's face It tole me sweet secrets and reminded me of the taste Of your skin upon my lips But it's been so long I reach out but"
  • Golden - Angkor Wat
    "Angkor Wat Corpus Christi Golden Emptiness became my house Black cracked sight my line of life I dream of angels and lightning flash And cool, cool rain to wash my mind Innocence seemed so far from home"
  • Funny Wat Of Laughing - Burl Ives
    "12. FUNNY WAY OF LAUGHING CHORUS: It's just my funny way of laughin' Yes, my funny way of laughin' Your leavin' didn't bother me It's just my funny way of"
  • Wat - Laibach
    "We are no ordinary type of group We are no humble pop musicians We don't seduce with melodies And we are not here to please you We have no answers to your questions Yet we can question your demands We"
  • Wat About Di Working Claas? - Linton Kwesi Johnson
    "From Inglan to Poland every step across di ocean the ruling class is dem in a mess, oh yes di capitalist system are regress but di soviet nah progress so wich one of dem yuh think is best when di two of"
  • Just Wat To Dance With You - George Strait
    "I don't wanna be the kind to hesitate.. be too shy.. wait too late. I don't care what they say other lovers do, I just wanna dance with you. I gotta feelin' that you have a heart like mine, So let it show,"
  • Yes - Angerfist
    "I come over here... for professional reasons, nothing else. On a professional mission. I've gotta get a team together I've gotta hand pick a team I had you in mind for that team. But quite frankly your"

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