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You're beautiful - tekst piosenki

  • Ślizgam się tekst - Zelo PTP
    "Nastał czas surferów Ślizgam się przez to życie cały czas ziom Płynę po bicie Tak jak płynę przez świat I tak Ślizgam się przez to życie ponad 11 lat Raz bywa gorzej a raz bywa lepiej Co ma być ot będzie Żyję"
  • You're Beautiful - James Blunt
    "My life is brilliant. My life is brilliant. My love is pure. I saw an angel. Of that I'm sure. She smiled at me on the subway. She was with another man. But I won't lose no sleep on that, 'Cause I've"
  • You're Beautiful - Our Last Night
    "I know your not blind So open your eyes and make an attempt It's more than you could ever understand And it's because you want to see things differently I could tell you what I'm thinking I could tell"
  • You're beautiful - Shata QS
    "Baby, where are you going? But can’t you tell me where you lend this? Babe who your running from Do you wanna by alone? Baby why you can’t control it Can’t you see it’s all sure… Why you don’t give up"
  • Tekst - Płomień 81
    "To nie jest kiepskie bla bla, to zabije cię jak Kain Abla Klasyczne jak Duck Down rap propaganda Znamy kilka miejsc niebezpiecznych jak Bagdad Znamy wielki stres z nami dobry tekst, dobry panczlajn Ty"
  • Beautiful Accident - You're Pretty
    "A lonely man sits in a bar and waits for a friend but in this bar he meets his future wife instead A couple whose about to separate breaks down in a small town they are stranded but in a $30 room lost"
  • Jesus, You're Beautiful - CeCe Winans
    "Jesus, bright as the morning star Jesus, how can I tell You How beautiful You are to me Jesus, song that the angels sing Jesus, dearer to my heart than anything Sweeter than spring time Purer than sunshine Ever"
  • You're So Beautiful - Dropline
    "They don't know me, Me for who I'm not, Wait until the clock strikes, To make a break for it. And those who came before me, Tell you the real story, From underneath the spell. You're so beautiful And"
  • You're So Beautiful - Donna Summer
    "You're so beautiful You're so, so magical You're so far beyond irresistible Make me feel so invincible You're so beautiful So, so darn mystical My heart feels so unbreakable You're the lover that I've"
  • You're Still Beautiful - The Church
    "It was only seven years ago Your mirror finally broke Your little bunch of followers turned you into a fool The butt of all their vicious jokes, screaming You're still beautiful baby Nobody can take that"
  • You're so beautiful - Def Leppard
    "You say all I do is think about youThat's right, you're the only thing that's on my mindYour light, won't you let it shine on me, yeahAll night, hold me tight and don't let go'Cause I can't help myself,"
  • You're So Beautiful - Engelbert Humperdinck
    "You're So Beautiful Girl, there's a secret in your eyes A look this man can not ignore Girl, I don't know what's on your mind So you must know I want you more Like a trip to paradise You're so beautiful But"
  • When You're Beautiful - By Heart
    "When I say that I am weak you're smiling back at me And every time I sink to deep you're stronger than I'll ever be How hard it is to see you I fear you when you're beautiful You're the other half of"
  • Lord You're Beautiful - Rebecca St. James
    "Lord You're beautiful Your face is all I seek For when your eyes are on this child Your grace abounds to me Lord You're beautiful Your face is all I seek For when your eyes are on this child Your grace"
  • Beautiful - Everything But The Girl
    "You walked into my life The light was shinning brite You were the one I was looking for I looked deep into your eyes Just to see the moon light I thought I'd never love anymore Take my hand and come"
  • Beautiful - H.I.M.
    "Just one look into your eyes One look and I'm crying 'Cause you're so beautiful Just one kiss and I'm alive One kiss and I'm ready to die 'Cause you're so beautiful,yeah Just one touch and I'm on fire One"
  • Beautiful - HIM
    "Just one look into your eyes One look and I'm crying 'Cause you're so beautiful Just one kiss and I'm alive One kiss and I'm ready to die 'Cause you're so beautiful Just one touch and I'm on fire One touch"
  • Beautiful - Gene Simmons
    "(Mark Singh, Nina Addison) Spent your money on silicone honey (Ooooh) (Ooooh) You're somebody beautiful, look at yourself (Ooooh) You're somebody beautiful, like nobody else (Verse) Hey, put on those"
  • Beautiful - Ayo
    "you're looking in teh mirror and you'renot see yourself just seing a reflection of somebody else if you want to see don’t you know you’re beautiful just the way you are you’re beautiful you’re beautiful"
  • Beautiful - Akon & Dulce Maria
    "(AKON) When I see you I run out of words To say I wouldn't leave you Cause your that type of girl make mistakes see the guys tryna holla Girl I don't wanna bother you Cause your independent and you got"

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