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You're on your way

  • On Your Way - We Shot The Moon
    "And I was so alone Then I saw you Across the room Taking in the sound of what was surrounding you You looked around At a lonely crowd Trying everything to drown it out I'm still unsure how you've done"
  • On Your Way - Michael Schenker Group
    "Now you finally got your way And you're comin' home today But you never thought that you could be so lonely And when the feelin's comin' down You can hear the empty sound Crashin' through your head The"
  • On Your Way - Sophie Zelmani
    "You never ask things you wonder You just wait until you wonder no more You're giving up so gently to get what your dreams are keeping you awake for Who hears your heart talking only ears that can do you"
  • You're on your own - Alan Parsons Project
    "Do you know who I amDo you know where you areAre you where you want to beDo you see what you likeDo you like what you seeDo you think a need in youCan fulfill a need in meYou're on your own, you're on"
  • You're On Your Own - Alan Parson Project, The
    "Alan Parson Project, The Freudiana You're On Your Own The mother and son relationship Lead vocal: kiki dee Do you know who i am Do you know where you are Are you where you want to be Do you see what"
  • You're On Your Own - Journey
    "Well try and make up your mind Well try to make up your mind Well try to make up your mind Well try to make up your mind, yeah Now you're on you're own, yeah yeah baby Now you're on you're own, yeah There's"
  • Now You're On Your Own - Dolour
    "Oh! You take the long way home You slam the door, now you're living all alone If you fall asleep at the wheel, how will I know? Will I get a message in the morning that says... Oh, Hey hey now you're"
  • Your Way - B5
    "Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh You can feel it when the beat come on B5, blow the speakers out ya jeep whateva street you on Keep the haters jealous that's fo' sho' Who you know keep the girls screaming backstage asking"
  • On Your Way Down - Helmet
    "You have worked your way up to the top Thought that you would make the whole world stop Up to Venus, Mars and Jupiter Bet your feet don't even touch the Earth On your way On your way down On your way You're"
  • On Your Way Down - Stabbing Westward
    "I hope I see you on your way down I hope you break every bone I hope it kills you on your way down And I hope you die alone All of your hate and all of your lies Will it be worth it When all of your"
  • Slipping On Your Way - Bread And Bones
    "You tell me darling that your love is pure Oh the world would end before you'd ever feel unsure But it hardly seems to matter what you say Cause every day Every day I know you're only slipping on your"
  • On Your Way Down - Elvis Costello
    "(Toussaint) Sunrise Sunset Since the beginning it hasn't changed yet People fly high begin to lose sight You can't see very clearly when you're in flight It's high time that you found The same people"
  • Be On Your Way - Soul Asylum
    "Just like an old man in a candy store, the riots across the street The cold greets the newborn, the neighbors that never meet No one's making plans here, no one knows for sure The way to keep it inside,"
  • Easy On Your Way Out - Eleni Mandell
    "Hey boy, you're lookin' fine You're okay, boy Do you feel all right? You're easy on your out of town Not so easy on your way back around Your kisses were soft and sweet My heart skipped When you put"
  • Easy On Your Way Out - Amanda Shaw
    "Hey, boy Looking fine You're ok boy Do you feel alright You're easy On your way Out the door Not so easy Without one more Your kisses Are soft and sweet My heart skips The way You put Your arm around me You're"
  • On your way up again - Beastie Boys
    "My papa done told me: don't put all your eggs in one basket Because you might be countin' your chickens before they hatch Which brings us to the question: "Why did the chicken cross the road?" If I knew"
  • You're Made That Way - The Doobie Brothers
    "Michael McDonald / Jeffrey Baxter / Keith Knudsen Who are you Where you been How'd you come into my life I just know once you get started Girl, I been throwin' my heart in You're just like walkin'"
  • Way That You're Living - Ernest Tubb
    "In the evening at sundown is when I start to cry When the sweet mem'ries of you keep drifting by I'm alone and forsaken you've torn me apart For the way that your're living is breaking my heart I can't"
  • On Your Way - The Album Leaf
    "You were sewn to the ground, so you cut the wires of lead You swim against the tide, yet you drowned in the sky You whispered to make a sound, and you crawled to reach the ground You held your head up"
  • On Your Way - Eastmountainsouth
    "I hope he never hurts you like I know I hurt you but I was undecided and it was all that I could do but if he says he loves you like I know I loved you then there's a way to trust him, and I'll get over"

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