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You're telling me to run

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You're telling me to run

  • Telling What - Sector Seven
    "What do you mean you're telling me? I'm telling you a simple thing, without a word It's what I know, it's what I've heard It's just a way, it's all the same But you're unable to relate To what I know,"
  • Telling You - Jennifer Holliday
    "And I am telling you I'm not going You're best man I've ever known There's no way I can ever go Darling there's no way No no no no way I'm living without you I'm not living without you I don't wanna be"
  • Telling Stories - Chapman Tracy
    "Chapman Tracy Collection Telling Stories There is fiction in the space between The lines on your page of memories Write it down but it doesn't mean You're not just telling stories There is fiction in the"
  • Telling Stories - Tracy Chapman
    "There is fiction in the space between The lines on your page of memories Write it down but it doesn't mean You're not just telling stories There is fiction in the space between You and me There is fiction"
  • Telling Everybody - Human Nature
    "(Tellin' everybody what you're doing to me Tellin' everybody what you're doin') Ain't no doubt about it Girl you drive me wild Seems you're wasting over My punishment befits your crime I can't stop thinkin'"
  • Telling Me To Go - Kaiser Chiefs
    "5 o'clock in the morning Never seen that before Wish you'd given me a warning Stood on a plug on the floor I'll deliver a classic Like nothing you've heard before Please don't force me to rush it It's"
  • Run - Disturbed
    "Run and hide again Don't run away this time Don't wonder why You can't clear this final sin You know the story was over Before it began This is a battle You're not going to win Welcome the end... I've"
  • You're Telling Me Sweet Lies Again - Jean Shepard
    "I thought any fool could be fooled only once that a burn child remembers the pain Yet here I am listening with stars in my eyes you're telling me sweet lies again They're tender and soothing like a kiss"
  • Ain't No Telling - Jimi Hendrix Experience
    "Well, there ain't no, Ain't no Ain't no telling, baby When you will see me again, but I pray It will be tomorrow. Well, the sunrise Sunrise Is burning my eyes, baby I must leave now, but I really hope To"
  • Ain't no telling - Jimi Hendrix
    "Well there ain't no hu Ain't no telling baby When you will see me again But I pray it will be tomorrow. Well the sunrise Is burnin' my eyes baby Well now I must leave now But I really hope to see you tomorrow."
  • Telling Lies - David Bowie
    "Gorgeous girls are bound to meet To talk of stars and kings and feet Through the chromosomes of space and time Me I'm fast like bad infection Gasping for my resurrection Swear to me in times of war and"
  • Telling stories - Greg Brown
    "Yesterday I was a boy running through the woodsMy dog was my buddy, the wind was green and yellowMy dad called me to gather cedar branchesAnd soon we were sitting around the fire telling storiesWe only"
  • Telling You - Shawn Mullins
    "If I take this opportunity to tell you what happened, will it destroy our unity? Will there be nothing left to tap into? I hate to lay this on you, but I've been holding back these tears. This morning"
  • Telling Stories - Brettell
    "she came across, a batch of my photos and invitations to her best friends parties a dressing gown with dirty in-ter-raction from someone else a famous diary, from my early teen hood. when I'm bored, I"
  • Telling Them - Social Distortion
    "Well I love the sound when I smash the glass, If I get caught they're gonna kick my ass. My mommy's worried about the way I drink, My daddy can't deal with the way I think. They wake me up, tell me, "to"
  • Telling Lies - Endanger
    "Strophe 1 Never tear it apart our love will lastI always stay with you without you I am lost kiss my lips and hold me tight it never has to end how many more of these lieswere you able to spend ? Strophe"
  • Telling Lies - Great Northern
    "Step on the tracks Feel you're alive It's not any worse Closer in Time It's like a perfect Picture of Ordinary life You hit the Bottom To see if you're alive... Youll be here some time The choice is in"
  • Run, Run, Run - Tokio Hotel
    "I wonder how your body tastes, Inside of someone elses place, Hide away your eyes, There's nothing left to hear, I'm alone, but i know everything you fear. And you waited on the rain, Their tears my heart"
  • Telling Them - Starsailor
    "We set off that day Shaking all the way Would your mother speak to us again Put away your doubt That won't help us out Just be sure to call before you ground The sun shone The wind cried So long Good"
  • Run, Run, Run - The Who
    "Run, run, run Run, run, run Run, run, run Run, run, run Well baby, better take my advice A black cat crossed your path twice The moon came out next to the 1 Then you opened your umbrella in a room You"

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